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  1. Star Paladins The Movie: Great Ariel Operation
  2. Matsuo Shin File 1: On the Subject of Martian Civilization
  3. Under the Tearful Sky
  4. A Very Shin Christmas
  5. Escape
  6. Sally's Conundrum
  7. Character Permissions Guide
  8. Saki's Symphony
  9. Where it all Starts
  10. Q ~ Beautiful Dreamer~

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  1. Mugen Gakuen Shorts‏‎ (49,826 views)
  2. A Shadowed Childhood‏‎ (12,844 views)
  3. Revelation‏‎ (12,053 views)
  4. Doctor Who: Kingdom of The Moon‏‎ (11,720 views)
  5. Upload Guide‏‎ (11,427 views)
  6. Q ~ Beautiful Dreamer~‏‎ (9,195 views)
  7. The Light of Hope‏‎ (8,562 views)
  8. Night of the Betrayer‏‎ (8,390 views)
  9. Character Permissions Guide‏‎ (7,974 views)
  10. Sporehunt!‏‎ (7,839 views)

Interested in writing a story using other player's characters? Be sure to check the Character Permissions Guide first!

There is now a rough Upload Guide available for your use to format stories consistently in the wiki.

If you put in new stories that are not SSEU for now please add links to Uncategorized Stories until we can sort them, so they can be found.