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Title: Eclipse
Author: Tuxedo Rainbow
Date Written: 6/15/2005
Continuity SSEU Earth 1337-B
Time Placement The Modern Day, February 1991
Synopsis Terra and Tux Rainbow look for answers in what seems in ordinary town.
Additional Notes


By: Tuxedo Rainbow

June 15, 2005

Time Frame: Modern Day, February, 1991

Synopsis: Terra and Tux Rainbow look for answers in what seems in ordinary town.

There are many ways of changing history… and all of them are right.

Dedicated to all those who are trying to keep the dream and the Miracle Romance alive..

In the name of the Moon… we shall continue.

I am Sailor Terra, a sailor soldier of another world, who controls the power of light. I am 26 years old, and was born in Maryland. My husband is a Knight, by the name of Tuxedo Rainbow. We usually travel trough history, to watch events, not change them. This is an event that we can not change…

And the moon was dark that day, as if a light had been extinguished…

In Azabu-Juban, it was quiet. No magical girls saving the day, no monsters, no cardians, no daimon, no dreams of horses, no aliens stealing energy… just a normal day. People were going to school, going to work, ignoring the usual bustle of the town.

The Crown Game Center was closed that day. The Ice Cream Parlor above was just opening for business.

This seemed like a normal town, but there are many secrets among the walls…

Terra and I, Tuxedo Rainbow, have walked amongst these same roads, as normal people, and today, we were just normal people. There were no monsters, no UFOs, no weird characters trying to steal people’s dreams, no Animamates trying to steal Star Seeds, it was just a normal, cold day.

We heard from people that there was a Shinto Priestess in mourning at the Cherry Hill Shrine. Others talked about a normally bouncy girl not trying her best at volleyball practice. Still others remarked about a girl absorbing herself in her studies and cram schools, while others talked about a tall girl cooking up a storm.

It seemed all typical, yet something was amiss…

Tokyo tower still stood, and we passed by an apartment. The resident there was in tears. He told us nothing. Every house we passed told us that he was in a depressed mood.

Things were not adding up. There were no talking cats running around, no people mysteriously looking for Talismans, no people posing as singers looking for a lost princess, nothing.

We passed through the Minato Ward, towards another house. All was quiet, too quiet. No little girl trying to make friends, no mysterious person trying to take people to a gate, nothing.

We checked the future: In this timeline, there would be no Crystal Tokyo, no Nemesis, just peace.

We had to know why.

We passed by another house, home of a mother, a father, and a brother, all in tears.

“Where is she? the mother asked, “she should have been home by now.

“I don’t know, The father responded.

The brother was crying.

This was not a happy home, one where girls would gather together at times, where a little child would stay.

No, a pall of darkness was cast over them, as if…

“Someone is missing, Terra responded.

“Or worse, I added.

We knew our answers were not here. We moved towards the OSA-P Jewelry store, and found no portal, no way to the point, no talking coded arcade machine. We saw the traces of Sailor V, but that is where it all stopped. We noted the presence of a Queen Beryl, but not much more.

The traces of the latent energy were there, we detected them, but not much else. Could she have been cast back to her past?

There was no data that suggested that.

The only place we could check was the point.

It was a simple matter to move ourselves to that location. The signs of a struggle were there: The traps, the bindings, the destruction… but things did not look right. We moved towards the Pole… and saw that indeed a battle, nay, a war had taken place, and four traps had been sprung, perhaps by accident.

We knew what had happened, it was all part of the story, but something felt wrong.

We entered an abandoned chamber. She was not there, nor was he. Queen Beryl was also gone, as was Metallia. All we saw was a frozen form, still trying to break free.

“Jedite, I commented.

Terra smashed the ice block.

“Talk, She responded.

“She’s dead, Jedite responded, “Queen Beryl, Metallia, all dead.

“We know, I responded, “But what of her?

“Her? Jedite responded.

“Usagi Tsukino… Sailor Moon, Terra responded.

Jedite chuckled.

“You don’t know? he responded. He began to laugh.

“Talk, I responded.

“You’ll find her back in Minato, Knight. Jedite responded, “and I think I will rebuild the Dark Kingdom.

“Try it and die, Terra responded.

“Or, I could just go into business for myself< Jedite responded.

I shrugged. We were out of options.

“We will be watching you, I responded.

We returned to Minato, and his apartment.

“I don’t recall much, he responded, “but from what a spirit told me, she died trying to wish the world back to normal. She wanted a normal life… for herself and her friends. The Ginzuishou granted her request…”

He stopped.

We looked at each other and nodded.

“We are sorry, Mamoru-san, I responded.

“That will be all. Terra replied.

The moon was still dark, as if it had lost its shine… but we had our answers…

We found her the next day. A simple grave, with roses upon it. He knew, but chose to forget.

We placed roses on her grave. Upon it was written:

Here lies Usagi Serena Tsukino

Loving Daughter, trusted friend

June 30, 1978 - February 20, 1993


We sighed. We knew he answer now.

“Some heroes are forgotten because no one knows what they did, I replied, “but this one, this one will be recalled.

He appeared. Just like he should, as Tuxedo Kamen.

“She will be, not by me, but by us all. The others are mourning like I am, but they are glad they have their lives back. I will try to make her dreams, whatever they were, come true. He stated.

“Here is the dreamer. Let us kill her, and see what happens to her dreams, Terra replied, how apt.

No, there may not be a Crystal Tokyo, there may not be a little girl who could destroy a planet, or a madman looking for a chalice, there is a story here, a new story, just starting.

We sighed.

“Keep her in your heart, I responded.

“I will,:Tuxedo Kamen responded.

He left into the night. We knew the others would return, somehow, as senshi, but her… but Sailor Moon, but Usagi, she was gone.

The moon slowly returned, a crescent a first, but then, its full glow returned, as if to tell us that the darkness had ebbed, and a new light on a familiar tale had started.

We did not know where this tale would lead, only that the Moon would not lead them there.