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It had been two months, twenty-one days, some number of hours. So long ago it seemed, so cryptic. Well, to Indigo it was, like it had been two thousand years. The woman never wanted to remember that night, the night her cousin, Kagami…

Oh, and the murder she had preformed. A mysterious serial-murder that no one could explain, as if a mythological little tale that everyone assumed was just ‘poetic justice’. She shook her head, her long black hair flowing in the wind. Gray eyes were looking up at the concrete as she stepped off the train, headed up the stairs toward the actual city of Tokyo. It hadn’t been her first time going, and it most likely wouldn’t be her last. Idly, she shoved her hands in her pockets, and began to walk, already knowing that she was headed toward her Aunt and Uncle’s house. It would take an hour’s walk, but she decided that an hour of walking would be better than twenty minutes on a train. She stared up at the sky, the moon held high.

When she had committed that crime on that lonely night, Indigo had made a promise. She would never take that form again. The form of a murderer, a serial killer. No, that was not Indigo…that was some other strange, deformed woman. Twisted, murderous, downright evil. That was not Kazan Indigo. Kazan Indigo was a good person. Kind, sweet, and suffering inside.

She continued walking, staring up at the sky. It was actually a pretty clear night, and as she watched the sky, she soon realized that there were an awful lot of shooting stars suddenly appearing. Most people didn’t seem to notice, but she did. It was her nature to just stop, and well…enjoy the nature. She let out a sigh, and stopped, letting herself admire the sky for once. It had been a long time since she had let herself do something like this. Not since winter had started, and now it was well into spring, and still she hadn’t even bothered to look at the sky aside to see if it was rainy or sunny. She shrugged, a sign of her suffering, perhaps. Now it just was time to move on…

Well, her admiration was short lived; as soon people were stopping to groan about some unexplainable cut they had received. She looked around, noticing at least half the crowd was complaining now. Chills ran down her spine, and she turned quickly, seeing that out of nowhere, large crystals had suddenly appeared, shattering to become mirror demon-people, all giggling oddly.

People saw this and began to run away, leaving Indigo in a mass of panic, yet the mirror demon-people seemed to only lunge at her, leaving Indigo only seconds to duck as they missed her. She made a run for it, dashing down the street toward where she began, the train station. Just as she was within a few yards, she jumped, managing to land on the sign, before jumping off again, and continuing to take off down the sidewalk. She made a turn at an alleyway, realizing that it was a dead end, and cursed beneath her breath. This was bad; this was very bad.

She heard the sound of the deformed giggling, and turned. There was the pack of about five demonic mirror figures. She stepped away slowly, realizing that there was a trash can right next to her. She grinned, and picked it up, hurling it at them, and watching them all shatter into pieces. She let out a sigh of relief, mentally claiming victory, as she walked down the street, but stopped after a few seconds, as all the figures reformed, causing Indigo to be surrounded by this mass of…well, mirrors. Now there was no escape, and it seemed that physical attacks weren’t going to help, either.

So what was she supposed to do? Pray to some god? Nuh-uh. Not her style. It looked like she’d have to fight to the end, and probably be killed in the process. Well, if that was how it was supposed to end, then may she go down fighting.

Just as she got into a fighting stance, when something whispered in the back of her mind. Chills absently ran down her spine, and she heard a voice begin to rise. The want, the need to succumb to the other side, the murderer, the bloodthirsty serial killer…

She ran at the demons, and gave a roundhouse kick, sending one into a wall, and watched it shatter. She then grabbed the leg of another, and swung it into two other of the mirror demons, watching them all break, and she finally ran up to the last one, and threw it into the pile of the others, and watched it shatter with the rest. No, she didn’t need that side; this would be just fine. There would be no need for a murderous being to awaken in Tokyo.

The beings began to reform, and she sighed, preparing again. They’d fall eventually, and then not get up. That’s what she hoped, at least.

And as two hours of this onslaught passed, it was not helping to prove her right.

The voice had risen from a whisper, to speaking, to now booming in her mind, and as she punched the demon with a now very bloody fist, she let out a sigh, but refused to give in. There was no way that she would let herself surrender to such a cruel being. Again, the beings reformed, and she ran to attack again, feeling the fatigue of this fighting was taking a toll.

She slammed her fist into the first one’s chest, watching it shatter, and her entire arm was dripping with blood as the fragments cut away at her, but did not embed themselves in her flesh. She stepped back, watching the other four approach, and she let out a scream as they grabbed at her arm, ripping the sharp, yet glassy claws into her flesh, blood splattering all over the demonic mirrors, as they seemed to giggle madly. Indigo let out a gasp, as they seemed to continue, bringing her into a highly fatigued state.

‘It looks like I may have to face death after all.’ She thought to herself, finally closing her eyes to slip away into an eternal sleep, and the booming in her head overcame her senses.

A few fluid motions, and one single phrase, and Indigo was gone, Sailor Io in her place, a lack of fear, or any sort of emotion in her eyes, as she pointed her fingers at the four-and now reforming to make it five-mirror demons, and she smirked.

“Lava Wall,” She said coldly, watching the boiling attack completely burn the mirror demons, turning them into puddles of hot glassy goo, then to dust, until there was nothing left for her to attack with. Io brushed a hair off of her face, eyes closed.


There was no way for Indigo to now deny it; this was her fate, and she had to embrace it. To be this…serial killer, a murderer, a woman with her hands painted red.

She was a Satellite Senshi, a guardian of all that was right, and yet a murderer, someone who had performed the ultimate crime. This was the fate Kazan Indigo had to embrace; whether she liked it or not.