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Title: Escape
Author: Matt Bjorkman
Date Written: 12/24/16
Continuity SSEU Earth 1337-A/Earth 1337-B
Time Placement The Silver Millenium (Selenity X era)
Synopsis The young princesses of Uranus, Neptune and Quinox learn a valuable lesson
Rating G
Additional Notes

The three sat huddled in the small space within the cavern, the rubble strewn around them with not a shred of light to illuminate their faces.

“You know this is all your fault” Minerva said finally, looking at Varuna with a frown.

“Why is it my fault!?” the blond haired girl yelled then just as quickly covered her mouth as pieces of gravel began to softly rain down. It was very obvious the space wasn’t all that stable at the moment and any loud noise would be enough to bring it down onto them. “Why is it my fault?” she repeated, this time in a whisper.

“Well if you hadn’t suggested we “play vigilante”, we wouldn’t be in this trouble” Minerva hissed, trying to move herself carefully to turn away from Varuna to show her displeasure.

“You would say that, wouldn’t you” Thetis said, tossing some of her hair.

“Now what is that suppose to mean?” Minerva said, turning back to look at the girl.

“What I mean is if you weren’t such a follower, then you wouldn’t find yourself in any trouble. You really don’t have an original thought in your mind, do you? You’re like all the rest of your people. Even your culture is just a mock copy of the rest” She gave a smirk, seeing (or at least imagining that she saw) Minerva seething at these words.

“Well, it’s not like your opinon matters anyway. Nobody really likes you” Minerva retorted.

“Now that is a lie!” Thetis said and then wincing as her attempt to stand up simply caused her to hit her head against the low rock ceiling.

“Nah she’s right” Varuna said, matter of factly.

“Why would anyone hate me? I’m perfectly kind, I’m proper, I’m smart..”

“You’re bossy, you’re gosspy, you treat everyone like trash” Varuna stated, shrugging her shoulders a bit as if these were the most obvious things in the world.

“Not to mention you keep talking about how oh so great your kingdom is” Minerva said, a bit of mean spirited chuckle at the end of her example.

Thetis glowered for a moment then lunged forward at Minerva, trying to grab at her throat. The girl managed to grab her fellow’s arms, holding them with all her immense strength, but her opponent’s own was almost as strong. They threw each other at the small walls, each yelling at the other in frantic angry tones. Each moment caused pieces of stone to slightly slide forward, small tremors threatening to close them up in a solid rock tomb.

“Hey hey that’s enough!!” Varuna said, finally shoving the two apart. Minerva breathed heavily, glowering and spitting some blood from her lip. Thetis glared just as hard but after a moment she began to sniffle before falling apart into a series of sobs.

“I try…I try so hard to fit…I just…can’t” Thetis buried her face in her hands, her voice cracked with each tear. “I’m just….” Minerva sighed and wordlessy pulled Thetis into a hug.

“Sorry…I’m just frustrated, that’s all. Keep getting told how we’re nothing but copy cats and barbarians and…I guess sometimes I wonder if it’s true. “

“Sorry about dragging you guys into this. I thought being heroes would be exciting and fun. It’s all my fault” Varuna said, slumping down slightly.

“It has been fun, Varuna!” Minerva said, “we’ve done a lot of good!”

“She’s right!” Thetis said, wiping the tears from her eyes “We can’t give up! We’re Paladins! There has to be something we can do.”

“Hold on a second” Varuna paused and closed her eyes. She allowed her race’s sacred bloodline to take over and opened her senses to the space around her. She had been so upset and angry that she hadn’t thought of doing it before.

“There’s wind! There’s wind running through here somewhere!”

“I can feel it too” Minerva said, closing her own eyes. “Air is seeping in from somewhere!”

“There was water here once” Thetis said, doing the same as her companions, “I think” She opened her eyes and felt around, “I’ve found it! Here! There’s a small hole!”

“Minerva, think you can pry it open a bit wider with your flute?” Varuna said, moving a bit to give the girl some room.

“I can try but we’ll only have a short amount of time to run through.” “I’m willing to risk it” Thetis said, getting herself ready Minerva carefully put one end of her flute through the hole and taking a deep breath, pushed it upwards, forcing the space a bit wider. As she did this the ceiling began to crumble and collapse. However, the two girls had been prepared for this and darted through, at the last second, pulling Minerva along with them. As they crawled upwards through the dark tunnel, they could hear the sounds of rocks collapsing behind them. After what seemed like a painful few minutes, they finally reached the surface and collapsed onto the ground, catching their breath.



“…Thanks for being my friend”

“…you’re good too”


“Yeah, Varuna”

“What is it, Varuna?”

“You’re both great”

The girls smiled and looked up at the stars in the sky silently.