MOON: Fruits of Labor

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Title: MOON: Fruits of Labor
Author: Matt Bjorkman
Date Written: 10/11/15
Continuity SSEU Earth 1337-A
Time Placement 9060 AD
Synopsis On a lone planet, ten sisters try to figure out the best way to pick a piece of fruit from a tree.
Rating G
Additional Notes Part of the MOON: Rebirth series of fics.

The sisters quietly stared up at the large tree in front of them. It was an old tree and had been there for quite a long time. During the spring months it had been known to bloom with beautiful pink flowers and then later, with luscious shining fruits. When that occurred, they would try and pick as many as they could with the help of their mother but now the season was passing quickly and all of the wonderful round spheres of flavor had been removed. All apart from one, this now hung at the highest point of the tree, far away from the children’s grasp. They looked at one another, and then looked at the fruit, before looking at each other again. They slowly nodded in agreement.

Plan A

Sumi winced as she felt her younger sister’s feet press into her shoulder. Mina was smaller than her but the movement was making it difficult for her to stay straight, even if she was holding onto her ankles.

“Stop moving, Suna! We’re almost there!” The slightly older girl winced, trying to blow her long green hair out of her face and keep hold of her younger sister’s legs at the same time. She looked up slightly and could see Mina reaching out towards the sky, trying desperately to reach for the fruit high above their heads. “You got it, Mina??” Mina reached her hands as far as she could, but the little girl found herself just a bit too short and shook her head. Sumi took a deep breath and began to stand on her tippy toes, causing her old sister to grimace in pain.

Suna blinked after a moment and looked down slowly. On her right leg, she could see the small blue familiar body of a buu-bug beginning to crawl it up. Her normally dark skin drained and she started to tremble. Her two sisters began to wobble with her at the same time, Mina beginning to shout in panic.

“Suni! Stop moving! We’re gonna-“ At that moment, the little tower finally tipped over and crashed into the grass. Sumi and Mina layed there, staring at the sky, as Suni ran down the hill screaming.

Plan B

Lei and Chiru slowly pushed the wagon up the hill towards the tree, the makeshift ladder bouncing a bit inside it. Mai skipped alongside before signaling them to stop. The sisters always knew that they could relily on Mai to come up with some sort of plan to solve their problems. She was the clever one after all.

“Ok! Just right!!!!” Mai beamed in pride. She had spent that afternoon putting together that ladder with left over wood and what pieces of rope she could find. It was to be her greatest work yet! With that she was sure to be able to get the fruit with no problem what so ever!

“Um…Mai?” Mai turned to look at Lei and Chiru who were both frowning slightly and pointing back towards the ladder. Looking back, Mai sighed in defeat. The ladder barely made it up to the middle point of the tree.

Plan C

Usa and Taru glanced back at Ruka, who was slowly backing up, one of the hard metal bowls attached to her head. Ruka glanced at the two, Usa giving two thumbs up, while Taru just watched the older girl curiously. Scraping her feet against the ground like she had seen animals do in the fields, Ruka charged at full speed towards the tree and just as quickly, she ran right past it, barreling down the other end of the field and crashing into some nearby bushes.

The ten sisters sighed together. Their plan had failed and they were no closer to the reward which they sought. Besides it was getting late and soon they would have to return home. As they began to walk down the grassy hill, they paused as they heard the sound of a branch rustling. Looking up their eyes began to widen in astonishment then they slowly began to smile in joy. Near the branch which held the fruit, a woman floated in mid-air, her long blackish-brown hair flowing through an invisible wind, her blue eyes glowing with a gentle yet strong flame. She studied the fruit for a moment, before moving her hand with a swift, slashing, causing the plump fruit to land into her waiting palms. Floating gently to the floor, she looked down at the ten girls and then with the same quiet slashing motion, cut the fruit into ten even pieces.

As the sun began to set and the blue sky gave way to stars and the gentle glow of a moon, ten girls sat in the grass, happily eating the fruit slices that their mother had provided for them. For her part, she needed no sustenance. She simply gazed up at the far away worlds which she knew by heart and listened to the lone sound of a passing nightbird.