Sally's Conundrum

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Title: Sally's Conundrum
Author: Euri
Date Written: 12/7/2016
Continuity SSEU Earth 1337-A
Time Placement 21st Century
Synopsis Sally soon discovers a new chapter in her life is about to begin!
Additional Notes

It had been an incredible three months of traveling the world. The Hex Girls had been touring all over the world and after performing in 39 states of the United States of America, they were finally on the last leg of their tour. Throughout the tour, the 3-women goth-rock band performed with bands like Black Stones, Trapnest, Clasky:Klasky, and even Apple Musume, just to name a few. The final concert was going to be an ultimate culmination of extreme girl power. The Hex Girls would be joined by Josie and the Pussycats, Jem & the Holograms, StarStruck LoveBeam, and even DISCOTHEQUE. Yet even with one of the biggest nights of her career looming on the horizon, Thorn, leader of the Hex Girls, had something more worrisome on her mind.

She stared at herself in the vanity mirror of her dressing room. Head tilted down, she held up her pajama shirt with her chin so she could stare at her exposed stomach. Pat pat. Have I been gaining weight? She once again pat the pooch of fat on her normally flat stomach, frowning at the apparent bloatedness. She righted herself, letting her loose, collared, pale green shirt fall back to cover her stomach, and headed out of the dressing room to the main living suite of the hotel she was staying in.

“Hey girls. Do I look fat to you?”

The two girls looked up from their spots on the sofas. Dusk, the pale skinned young woman wearing a long, loose, grey, sleeveless shirt and matching black, green, and grey checkered boxers was brushing out her long blonde and red-streaked hair. She looked over from doing her nightly stretches, cracked a grin as her black eyes glinted mischievously, and replied, “Yeah, as big as a barge.”

Luna, the dark skinned woman with the pale pink hair clad in a red tank top and matching long red pants glanced over, her green eyes leaving the book she’d been reading. She gave Thorn a once over and turned back to her book. “You look fine, Thorn.” She turned a page in her book and continued, “You’ve barely been eating as it is.”

Thorn frowned as she sat in a large, plush, armchair.

Dusk turned back to reaching past her toes, her voice slightly muffled, “Remember that cafe in Amsterdam? She turned green when she had a brownie and up-chucked all over the table.”

Luna snickered quietly, “Or that time in China where she couldn’t get enough of those Century Eggs? She had six of them!” Dusk shuddered, holding in a gag at the memory of Thorn downing 6 decomposing, jelly-like poultry eggs.

Thorn scowled at her friends. “I can’t help it. My stomach’s been really upset lately.” She recalled how, at the beginning of their tour, the smell of her favorite foods would twist her belly in knots. She leaned back in the arm chair, sighing to herself as her two bandmates went back to their activities. I can’t wait for this tour to be over. I’ve been so exhausted lately. We’ve done tours before but never something like this. She yawned, loudly.

“Tired already?,” Luna asked, “It’s only nine.”

Thorn shook her head and got up from the armchair. “Yeah, I know, right?” She slipped on her outer robe and put on her house shoes. “I’ll be right back.”

“Huh?” Dusk looked up from working on another series of stretches. “Where’re you going?”

Thorn avoided both girl’s gazes, “Just to the convenience store in the hotel lobby. I ran out of my headache pills.”

Luna frowned, “You can borrow some of mine, you know.”

Thorn smiled and shook her head, “You know I only like my brand.”

“Can you bring me back a tray of chocolate ice cubes?” Dusk asked as she finished off her stretches and moved herself onto the floor to begin her work out nightly training session.

Thorn laughed, “I doubt they’ll have it but I’ll check.”

The black and red-tinted haired woman with her tanned skin patted the pockets of her robe to make sure her phone, wallet, and room key cards were there before heading out of their shared suite.

Mercifully, she passed only a few people on her way to the convenience store. A sleepy, middle-aged clerk sat behind the counter, flipping through a tabloid magazine. The older man looked up as Thorn entered the store and then went back to his magazine, “If you need any help, don’t feel afraid to ask.”

Thorn uttered a small “Thanks” and walked down the aisle to look for some pain medicine. She grabbed her favorite brand and she found herself walking down another aisle.

She stopped and quickly looked over the shelves, seeing that no one else was in the store. Nervously biting her lip, she quickly picked up a small box and dashed on over to the candy aisle to grab a chocolate for Dusk.

Her tanned face was red as she placed her items on the counter to pay. The old man sighed loudly and rang her up with only a slight raise of his bushy eyebrow in reaction to what she bought.

She quickly paid, told him to keep the change, and headed back to her suite. Thank god this hotel keeps out the paparazzi.

Entering the common area of the suite, Thorn tossed Dusk’s chocolate bar onto the spry woman’s stomach. With an “Oof,” Dusk collapsed from her pose and quickly latched onto her chocolate like a rabid raccoon.

“Where’s Luna?” Thorn asked. “She went to her room. Said she was gonna work on her memoir,” Dusk replied, her mouth full.

Thorn nodded. “Okay. I’m going to take my pills and head to bed. Goodnight Dusk.” “Night Thorn.”

She walked into her bedroom and then into her connecting bathroom. Placing the plastic shopping bag onto the counter, she took out the small box.

Her face was pale, sweat beading on her brow. Her shoulders were slumped as she re-read the little window on the stick held in her trembling hand for the billionth time as she sat on the toilet.

I’m pregnant…

She grew cold as a strange mixture of excitement and trepidation went through her as she looked at her cellphone sitting on the rim of the sink.

I need to tell Matsuo…