Star Paladins The Movie: Great Ariel Operation

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Title: Star Paladins The Movie: Great Ariel Operation
Author: UltraMatt
Date Written: 10/24/2018
Continuity SSEU Earth 1337-A
Time Placement Unknown (Silver Millenium)
Synopsis When Veruka gets her hands on a mysterious map, the Star Paladins find themselves on a race to find a fabulous treasure, while trying to outsmart the "Phantom Master" thief, Zisella!
Rating PG
Additional Notes First "movie" adaptation of Star Paladins.

Star Paladin the Movie: Great Ariel Operation

Veruka walks through the street of Uranus’ capitol, looking absolutely bored. However, she soon hears an old man calling for help and rushes to investigate. She finds the man sprawled on the ground, calling out for someone to stop. Veruka asks what happened and the man proclaims that he had something valuable of his stolen. Tightening her head band, Veruka tells him that she’ll get it back for him and rushes after the culprit. Turning a corner, she is nearly struck an iron harpoon. She looks up and sees a masked woman along with two other costumed figures trying to escape using a strange inflatable device. Veruka shouts at them to stop but is answered by another harpoon, which forces her to duck away. The three thieves laugh about getting away and about how they finally have the key to eternal riches. However, their glee is soon interrupted as Paladin U leaps towards them, slicing at the inflatable device and causing the three to suddenly zoom off into the distance, but not before she is able to grab away the item that they had stolen. Returning to the old man, once more as Princess Veruka, she returns the object, which is some sort of scroll. However, the old man insists she take it and tells her it’s the key to a treasure, forgotten by the Uranus kingdom and will bring eternal happiness to whoever finds it!

Thetis doesn’t believe Veruka when she tells her and Minerva about the whole thing, with Minerva wondering though how much she thinks they might find if they follow it. Thetis is shocked that Minerva would even buy into it, while Minerva points out that if Thetis wasn’t interested, then she wouldn’t be here, something which causes Thetis to pout angrily. Veruka, however, is still curious about the whole thing and thinks they should check it out. Minerva asks where the treasure is, with Veruka noting that it seems to be on the moon of Ariel. Thetis still thinks it’s nonsense and prepares to leave, but stops when Minerva points out that Thetis could use the riches to try and catch the eye of that one guy she’s into, something which causes Thetis to fly into a rage at the princess of Quinox, turning into a shouting match. Veruka then decides it’s settled and that they will leave the next day.

Meanwhile, the three thieves are working on repairing their vehicle. The two henchmen bemoan their fate and the fact that they lost the map, but their leader tells them not to fear, as she memorized it’s contents and soon the great Phantom Master Ziselle will get her hands on the riches hidden on Ariel!

The three princesses set off using a public transport ship, heading to the small moon. Once there, Veruka manages to use her title to get them some transport in the direction of where the treasure is supposedly hidden. The entire way, Ziselle and their henchmen follow the three, several times nearly being seen but always Veruka’s attention is taken by something else, either Thetis and Minerva getting into another fight or some issue befalling their transport.

The three finally arrive at the location of where the treasure is suppose to be, only to find a massive rock instead. Thetis proclaims she knew this was going to happen, while Minerva wonders if she could just punch the rock and if the treasure is hidden inside it. Veruka though is sure the treasure has to be around here somewhere, something which causes Thetis to grow angry at her for. However at that very moment, the ground beneath them collapse, causing the three to fall below. Unknown to them, three other individuals hop down after them.

The three get to their feet, with Thetis complaining on how she’s gotten dirt in her hair, and Minerva wondering how they’ll get back up. Veruka manages to find a piece of wood and lights it, which leads them to learning that they’re in the middle of a tunnel system. With no other choice and against the advice of Thetis, the girls head down the darken space. After awhile, Veruka pauses and notices a carving against the wall. illuminating it, the girls discover it to be some sort of frieze, showing a hidden door, where a light seems to come out and people seem to be bowing before it. Minerva states that this proves that there is a hidden treasure after all, while Veruka realizes that there’s something about the picture that makes her feel uneasy. Thetis feels this is justification to leave, while Minerva reminds her they can’t get out again. Veruka thinks that they should keep going at least to find out if there is a treasure but Minerva says she’s had enough of Thetis and begins to walk the other way. As she does, her foot hits a hidden switch. The three freeze as the entire room shakes and watch in horror as a huge boulder starts to roll in their direction, forcing them to flee the other way. Minerva shouts this isn’t her fault as they try to out run the rock, while Thetis suggests that they transform, but Veruka says there isn’t time. As they keep running through the tunnel, they discover an opening up ahead of them, which Thetis states that perhaps they can use to get out the way of the rock. However, their excitement soon turns to horror as they get closer, revealing a massive chasm in front of them. With no choice, Veruka tells the others to follow her lead and starts to run faster. Thetis wonders if she’s lost her mind, while Minerva just tells her to stop complaining and follows along. Just as they’re about to reach the edge, the three girls skid to a halt and duck, the boulder bouncing against the ground and falling deep into the abyss below. Thetis is glad that’s over while Minerva wonders if this is a dead end. Veruka quickly spots a cliff higher up, which seems to lead to another cavern and that with their additional powers, they should be able to reach it. The teenagers are about to transform, when loud laughter fills the room. They turn, only to find Ziselle and her cohorts at the controls of a strange metallic vehicle. Ziselle thanks of them for their help in finding the way and before the girls can do anything, she uses her machine to throw the three into the chasm below. Ziselle is sure that they will never see them again and that now is the time for them to get the treasure they so desire.

As the three fall, they are able to summon their magic items, transforming into the Star Paladins. Managing to grab onto the edge of the stone wall, the three are able to use their powers to leap back up, landing onto the cliff edge and run off into the tunnel.

Inside a large chamber, Ziselle and her henchmen stand before a huge pair of doors. Ziselle is angrly ordering her men to open it, who are having no such luck. Just as she’s about to use her machine to try and break it down, she’s interrupted by the three Paladins, who warn her against her evil deeds in a short speech before jumping down to confront her. Ziselle tells them that she will not go down easy, activating her machine’s weapons, just as the Paladins draw theirs as well. However, before they can fight, the two men manage to hit a hidden latch, causing the doors to begin to slowly open. The Paladins and Ziselle watch in wonder and then are dismayed only to find what looks like a rusted old helmet within. Ziselle is furious, while Paladin Q is disappointed that it’s nothing special. Paladin U, however, is curious about why an object like that would be hidden away behind such a large door, only for a deep laugh to answer her. From the shadows, the old man steps out, thanking them for getting past the traps for him and walking over to claim the helmet. Putting it on, the treasure hunters watch in horror as he swells and transforms into a gigantic and terrible monster. Ziselle demands the helmet, if it’s so powerful and tries to attack the monster, but is swatting through the roof with her men and flung far into the distance. The monster reveals itself to have once been a terrible demon that terrorized the moon of Ariel, but the Arielians with the help of the Uranian royals managed to seal away his power, forcing him to find others to get it back for him. Now that he has regained it, he plans to once again take his revenge against the people who had forced him into such a weakened state. Paladin U refuses to let him hurt anyone and that she won’t let him get past her, even though Paladin N reminds her that this was sort of her fault for buying into the whole treasure thing, Q trying to tell N off in the process. The monster mocks them and attacks and while the girls at first are able to hold their own, dodging and blocking several of his attacks, they soon find themselves overpowered by the sheer strength that he has. Trying to hold back a blast of energy coming from the Monster’s mouth, Paladin U suddenly notices a jewel at the top of the helmet. Realizing that must be the source of the thing’s power, she tells the others to concentrate on the gem. Using her Aqua Shield, Paladin N is able to reflect some of the blast back at the monster’s eyes, blinding it, while Paladin Q uses her Rhapsody Blade to catch one of the monster’s hands, cutting it and forcing it back. Wildly attacking, Paladine U rushes forward and with the help of U and N, combining their energies into her blade, U is able to slice through the monster’s helmet, destroying it completely. The monster screams in pain as his energies flare wildly out of control. Realizing they might be killed in the creature’s death throes, the three manage to use the hole from which Ziselle and her companions had been flung out to make their way out. Running as fast they can, they are just far enough to avoid the massive explosion resulting from the creature’s death. Exhausted, Paladin Q is upset that there really was no treasure in the end, though U is glad that at least they managed to stop a villain from threatening the kingdom. Paladin N doesn’t see any point in talking about this, then gets angry when Q starts to tease her about her wanting the treasure to impress the guy she likes. This turns into yet another argument between the two, with U trying hard to get them to stop fighting.

Meanwhile, Ziselle and her henchmen find themselves stuck up half way a mountain and are desperately wondering how they’re going to get down.

The End