Suburban Senshi: Revenge of Selenity X! Episode 6 - The Final War

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The Edge of Reality

"T..this isn't working" Veruka said, leaning on her sword. She looked at the others. Those that remained were battered and bloodied. Jenn stood resolutely against their foe, her brother cradeling his injured wife. As brave as she seemed, Veruka knew the fear they all felt. Even Inanna, the very manifestation of love, looked scared shitless. She couldn't blame her. They were facing off against a foe they thought dead, resurrected by the science of a mad zealous mercurian tyrant.

" Is there a reason your mother had to be such a bitch?" Minerva muttered, gripping what remained of

"Please don't remind me" Maia grumbled.

"Using your own daughter as a blind screen for your ambitions!?" Thetis roared, coughing up blood, " what kind of mother are you!?"

The thing that was once Selenity X gave an inhuman chuckle.

"Children are the tools of their parents. Speaking of." Selenything grinned, "I have a gift for you all from Maia's" there was a sickening crunch as its jaws widened. Out from its mouth poured forth a dark swarm. At the sight of this, jenn's eyes grew wide.

"The nanites!" Jenn had been dreading these machines ever since her first encounter with them years back. She had warned Maia about their possible return but had always been ignored. Now reality had set in. Thetis rushed forward with her shield but it was of little use. The swarm consumed them.

Oblivian was thankfully quick.

MKN Ship Dauntless

Devyen's face went pale. Gaverson called out an order to the undead crew, as on the screen they could see the very roots of reality slowly tearing free.

"They're gone" Devyen whispered.

The Other World

"What do you mean gone!?" Marii bellowed, grabbing Grim by the robe.

"Much of their souls have been consumed. They're is little to salvage" the reaper said, in a strangley sad manner. Marii removed her hands, stumbling back. Leah walked over, trying to steady the queen of zepherius.

Eis stood there, numb. Her mind raced, thinking back to everything that had happened, all the new experiences good and bad. She felt her hands being squeezed and turned, looking into the face of her son. He gave a quiet nod and she turned to face Grim

"There has to be something we can do" she said.

MKN Ship Dauntless

The vessal rocked as the severed timelines began to coelescet around the abomination. They were out of time, Gaverson thought to himself, they were out of options. He balled up his fists and took a deep breath.

"Gentlemen. It's been a pleasure to serve with you. Ramming Speed" Cassandra squeezed her husband's shoulder as the ship slowly turned towards its target.

The Other World

"There a possibility." Grimm intoned, "due to recent events, fragments of their souls are scattered through the ages. It is possible that they may be able to be gathered together, their souls reforged to resurrect them. HOWEVER.” The reaper turned and pointed a bony finger at the women “There is a price to pay.”

“What price!? Tell us!” Leah said, pleadingly.

“To re-forge a soul requires a bargain. A soul for a soul. However, if you take this agreement, your fate will be forever linked to them.” The women went silent at these final words.

“That means that we won’t rest until they do and if they’re immortal…” Eis looked to Grimm who simply nodded. Her stomach sank. As much as she wanted to help them, she had finally found her precious son again, after all this time. To know that she may never have this one chance again…

“She’ll do it!” Eis turned back to Kenzo, shocked. “Mother, they need you more then you need me. If she isn’t stopped, then everything will end and if there is a chance you can help” He gave his mother’s hands another squeeze, “I can always keep waiting.”

“I’ll do it too!” Marii shouted, having regained her composure. Leah took a step forward as well, as did several other of the women. Eis gave a sad look at her son and then back at the reaper, before nodding. Grimm gave a chuckle and held open his hand.

“Let the bargain be struck”

The Edge of Reality

Selenthing reached out and grabbed hold of another timeline, seeping it’s very being into the passing events. Soon the mistakes would be fixed. Soon the great empire of the Moon would rise, not just here but everywhere. Soon all would be Selenity. It grew a singular eye at the top of it’s head and looked. It had been quite aware of the sound of the approaching engine from the ship. Such arrogant little gnats. Something must be done about them. It’s skull cracked open and once more it poured out the swarm, which flew quickly towards the vessel. It need not be interrupted now.

“That’s enough!” Selenthing stopped and turned it’s head, looking down. Jenn stood there, holding her glaive in front of her, pointed towards the creature. “It seems we have unfinished business”

“You…I killed you!” It snarled.

“It seems you didn’t do a good enough job!” The creature’s fury quickly melted to amusement.

“You think a little woman like you can stop me? We’ve been through this already before.” This time it was Jenn’s turn to smile.

“No” she said simply, “not just me alone” She wasn’t wrong. The creature could see Jenn was at the head of a group, not just made up of the ones that had earlier perished at her hand, but a nine more as well. “Now then. Let’s go!”


The woman quietly opened the door to her apartment and stopped. The little girl next door stood there, staring up at her. She seemed surprised to see her outside of her room.

“Are you going out?” The girl asked innocently. The woman gave a soft smile to the child.

“I have to. I am needed.” Without another word, the woman walked away.

The Edge of Reality

Veruka ran and sent out a slash, which rippled through space, opening up a hole in the fabric of the surface of the creature, just long enough for Thetis to send a blast of sea water into the wound. At the same time, Jenn dodged one of the lashing tentacles, giving her brother enough time to set it on fire. Eis and Maia combined their ice and snow, freezing the base of creature as the others focused all their attacks on one spot of the thing.

“ENOUGH!!!!” It roared, bringing down one of it’s arms towards the attacking crowd, only for it suddenly to be sliced off at the elbow. Grim twirled it’s scythe, it’s eyes glowing menacingly.

“You should not exist, abomination”

Selenthing snarled, baring it’s teeth. At the same time, the dispatched limb seeped itself into the ground, mixing with the dirt around it, which then burst forth into a mass of tentacles, each grabbing hold of a target. The team struggled but the more they did so, the more limbs tightened.

“I’m getting really tired of this!” Minerva growled, before getting a tentacle shoved in her mouth. For her part, Inanna seemed to be the only one who wasn’t fighting against the sensation.

“I’ll just have to break your treasonous little necks!”

“Wonderful” Nike muttered.

MKN Ship Dauntless

“SIR, SHIELDS ARE DOWN AT 30%!” On board the ship, displays exploded in a shower of Star Trek like effects. Devyen moved quickly to the side, trying to keep away from the destruction but he knew it was only a matter of time. Gaverson and Cassandra stared forward as the nanites ate away the front hull. Cassandra leaned against her husband, muttering in lunarnian some words of hope for her children and grandchildren.

“10%!” There was a sudden blaring sound across the room. “SIR, AN ENERGY SIGNATURE HAS-“ Before the helms officer could finish, a burst of white piercing light exploded across the screen, blinding almost everyone in the room. The shaking stopped. The alarms silenced. As Devyen slowly opened his eyes, he blinked in surprise. Almost all the damage that had occurred was now gone, There was no sign of the nanites either. There was one other thing as well.

They had stopped.

Edge of Reality

The white light burst forth, causing the Selenthing to scream in pain. The tentacles shattered, turning to dust, dropping their prisoners. Nike paused and looked, her normally placid look turning to one of surprise. The others followed suit, a mix of surprise, silence and shock. The Creature sprouted several eyes all of which widened in surprise. From the white light, a figure approached, her silvery purple hair trailing behind in two long twin tails, a crescent moon shining on her forehead.

“Serenity…” Maia said quietly. Minerva looked like she was about to burst in tears. Inanna smiled cheerfully, while Eis and the other newcomers were utterly speechless.

“YOU..YOU CAN’T BE…IT’S IMPOSSIBLE!” The thing roared, sending out several piercing limbs towards her, only for them miss her completely. Serenity sighed and frowned, then held out her hand, a glowing light appearing before it.

“Let us finish this. Awaken, my friends” At these words, something seemed occur. Each of the queens began to glow, a strange aura surrounding them, as energy seemed to resonate through the air. Words seemed to echo through reality, though not spoken by any of them.

“Mercury Divine Power!

“Mars Divine Power!”

“Venus Divine Power!”

“Saturn Divine Power!”

“Uranus Divine Power!”

“Neptune Divine Power!”

“Pluto Divine Power!”

“Quinox Divine Power!”

“Moonlight Divine Power. Make. Up.”

The creature screamed. It had seen these forms before. Just once but that had been enough. It had been at the time of it’s first defeat. It’s first loss. Burned forever in it’s brain. It let loose the timelines it had been corrupting and scrambled back with great effort but the figures only stood there. What had been Serenity put a hand on Saturn’s shoulder and nodded to her, the other woman pointing her glaive towards the creature. Putting her hand on top of Saturns, the other women held hands, linking with each other.


 Each of their colored auras swirled around them, until the combined into a perfect glowing white, which seemed to arc across the blade of the glaive. Saturn raised the glaive above her head. Normally this would be a moment where a phrase would be called out or a name of an attack would be shouted such as “moonlight glorious revolution” or something of that sort. There was none of that here. Just a brutal quick movement. A flash of white light and then.


In a white void, a woman curled up in a fetal position. Her purple hair, normally fashioned in horn like odongos, was undone, leaving a messy almost animalistic appearance. She sobbed, trembling. She looked up and drew in a breath of fright at the woman in a sailor fuku looking down upon her.

“Please…Please…just leave me…” she whispered, whimpering like a frightened child. The other woman knelt down gently and brushed some of the messy hair away. Her focused expression gave way to sadness and she pulled the other woman into a hug. This move seemed to shock the other, who kept her hands out to her sides but then gradually, she moved them back and returned the embrace. She trembled and sobbed a little as the other woman gently stroked her hair.

“It’s over, sister. You can rest now. No more. No more.” The whimpering stopped as the woman drew a breath and then seemed to vanishing in an invisible breeze. She paused and turned, noticing the staring looks of her friends and colleagues as well as those who had fought on the ship. She smiled gently and as she did so, she began to fade away.

“No, wait don’t!” Minerva tried to take a step forward but was pulled back by Millina. “Please, not again…” Serenity attempted to say something but the words were silenced before they could come out. As the others watched, she vanished into nothing, as the white void flared up around them.


“I WAS SO WORRIED, YOU DIDN’T CALL ME YOU DIDN’T TEXT ME” Naoko had glomped Melioppe hard enough that she nearly sent the woman falling to the ground. Melioppe tried not to laugh a little but quickly gave Naoko a peck on the lips, quickly silencing her.

“I think maybe we should see to Yui before I explain anything that happened.” Melioppe said, carefully freeing herself from the grip of her lover.

“I will murder you all!!!!!” Shara exclaimed angrily “Your blood will paint these walls, false queen!!! As soon as I get this stupid..thing…off me” She struggled to pull at the collar around her neck but the small grey cat seemed to be having no luck with her newly acquired paws. “Once I get my real body back I’ll…..kill……yo…” Her eyes widened as she darted across the room, nearly tripping over Devyen, following the small red dot of the laser pointer being held by Jenn.

“I’m not sure why I never thought of this before.” Marii frowned, adjusting her glasses as she looked over the sliding door which has been installed for the newly renamed “Satellite House”.

“What are these things again, Eis?”

“They’re called Shoji I have been told, they are very fragile, so it is best to be car-“ There was the sound of a rip, as the former Queen of Nix walked right through them. She paused and then looked back behind her.

“I see what you mean” Marii said, sarcastically.

Gaverson looked across the rows of graves which had been set up. All noble soldiers, temporarily resurrected to save the day, all now once more laid to rest. Cassandra stood by her husband’s side, holding his hand. Together, they raised a final salute towards the honored dead.

Minerva sat quietly in a chair on the roof of the Royale, gazing up at the stars.

“A penny for your thoughts as they say” Minerva turned and looked back at Nike. “What is on your mind?”

“It’s about Serenity.” Nike nodded and sat next to her.

“Did Grim summon her from the dead to protect us or did she…come of her power?” Nike gave a slight shrug then looked back at Minerva.

“You miss her, don’t you” Nike said, quietly. Minerva nodded silently. Nike moved closer to the other woman and put an arm around her, Minerva leaning against her.

“I miss her a great deal too but I’m sure wherever she is, she is happy to know that we are together.”

In a small apartment, the woman walked in and sighed, closing the door behind her. She was very tired and it had taken a great deal out of her to do what she had just did. She was about to sit down at her table to rest herself a bit when her eyes locked on an open window. Gazing out, she looked up at the sky and at the stars above, just barely visible in the lights of the city. She smiled to herself.

She was happy.

The End