Makoto's Melancholy

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Title: Makoto's Melancholy
Author: Euri
Date Written: 11/29/2020
Continuity SSEU Earth 1337-A
Time Placement November, 2020
Synopsis A frustrated Makoto and her deluge of dreams.
Rating M
Additional Notes Part 1 of Makoto's Nightfalls. Content Warning: Sex and lots of it.

In the year 2020 during the month of November, Makoto Kino, the Jovian Sailor Guardian of Love, Courage, and Protection, couldn’t sleep. The 5’6” brunette had had a long day of serving customers and making orders in her bakery-cafe hybrid known as Makoto’s Kitchen. Her husband, Motoki Furuhata, had left the shop earlier in the evening, citing that there had been a family emergency with his sister Unazuki that he needed to attend to. This had left Makoto all alone to finish the rest of the catering orders for the Hotel’s Labor Thanksgiving Day party that was to be celebrated in the upcoming weekend.

Unable to get any sleep in the clinically sterile Mizunomics headquarters, Makoto found herself in its opulent kitchen. She was heavily invested in cooking an incredibly tricky dish whose ancient techniques she had learned when she studied the secret culinary arts in the mountains of China from ancient magical chefs. As much as she loved doing sets of increasingly harder reps at the gym, which had been graciously provided to her, feeling her muscles ache and scream with the pain of making herself stronger, Makoto loved challenging herself in the kitchen even more.

Daunted by the hightech gastrology equipment that pervaded throughout the kitchen, Makoto found solace in doing her cooking old-school style. The heat of the fire searing her toughened skin, the mixing scents of hot metal and spices, the sizzling food on her pan, and the crackling of the flames comforted her like a lullaby. Sweat ran down her well muscled back and soaked her tank top. Her ample bosom was held in check by a double layer of sports bras as she fought the weight and heat of her pan. Cooking this dish took both strength and finesse; it was a challenge she always loved to tackle when she had an excruciatingly rough day.

Unbeknownst to her as she deftly added the correct amount of spices and continued to stir at the proper speeds, completely entranced with cooking her dish, a certain blue-haired woman watched the shapely brunette on her 8k Ultra HD monitor. Makoto was comforted by the joy of cooking, her own musical humming an accompaniment to the symphony of sounds and smells. However, the only sounds that accompanied Ami Mizuno as she watched her live video feed of Makoto was the whir of her computers, the tiny blips and beeps of her android slaves, and the near silent whir of vibrations that was her remote controlled Hello Kitty 21X Personal Massager. The young woman with the genius IQ couldn’t take her eyes off of Makoto. She hungrily watched the brunette as Makoto’s muscles strained under the weight of the cast iron skillet as she continued to move it off and on the dangerous fire.

Makoto grinned triumphantly as she put the finishing touches on her dish. She was very much pleased with herself at her success and began the process of packing up the dish as lunches for herself and Motoki for tomorrow. Once that was done, she cleaned up her work station, put the bento boxes filled with Love into the fridge for tomorrow, and headed back to the wing of the building she lived in with Motoki. Entering the bathing chamber and locking the door behind her, Makoto began to undress. She peeled off her dark green, sweat soaked tank top with a noise of disgust, putting it into the hamper. Then she peeled off her silver, workout booty shorts and disposed of those as well. She caught herself in the reflection of the full length mirror of the shower room antechamber and preened a bit, looking at herself this way and that. She made a cutesy face and laughed, embarrassed for thinking she could look like one of those petite, fashionable, lolita type girls. She flexed her arms and her back, appreciating the hard work that goes into keeping her body so fit and strong. Ami also appreciated the view and bit her lip as she watched Makoto remove the first of her two sports bras. A strangled noise escaped Ami as she sped up her Hello Kitty, watching as Makoto removed her final bra.

Makoto let out a happy sigh of relief. Having had the most Talent since she had been in middle school, her bosom had continued to grow up until she was in her early 20s. Although she was in her mid 40s now, she still appeared to be 25, thanks to the tremendous slow aging powers of being a Sailor Guardian. Makoto massaged her aching, heavy breasts for a moment, so as to ease their pain from having been cooped up all day. She couldn’t help but let out a small moan as she gripped her pillowy breasts. Squeezing them. Massaging them. She ignored her slowly hardening nipples as she focused on massaging the hard worked muscle that lay beneath her chest. After a moment, she felt better. Ami did as well and made a note to herself to get a deep cleaning for her chair. Makoto slipped off her black hip hugger panties, tossing them into the hamper, and made her way into the bathing room. She turned on the water of the shower and as she waited for it to get to the set temperature, she undid her ponytail. Her wavy, auburn hair cascaded down her back as she put her favorite hair tie on her wrist. She looked at herself in the small mirror on the wall and smiled at the rare view of her with her hair down. Makoto stepped into the stream of water and let out a happy sigh as the heat of the water hit her flesh. She stood still in the stream, relishing as it flowed down her supple, taught body.

After a bit, she began the process of washing her hair and cleaning her body. Ami watched eagerly as Makoto cleansed herself, wishing she could be the one to wash Makoto’s back, front, and her most secret of places. Ami suddenly began to swear in a variety of languages as she realized the one camera in the bathroom began to fog up. She tried all manner of fixing it from her end but it was to no avail. Disgusted with her bad planning, she left her desk to start tinkering with a better camera set up. Makoto finished up her rinsing rather quickly and turned off the shower. Stepping out of the room for the moment, she grabbed her head towel and wrapped her long, wet hair up, freeing it from having been plastered onto her body. She eyed the soaking tub with its steamy hot water for a moment and then shook her head forlornly. She knew it was far too late in the night for her to soak for an hour and she didn’t want to endanger herself by falling asleep in the tub. Makoto dried off her body with another towel and then, once dry and squeaky clean, she put on her bathrobe and made her way into the bedroom she shared with Motoki.

Doing her best to be as quiet as possible so as not to wake him, which she really shouldn’t have bothered with since he was such a heavy sleeper, Makoto fumbled in the darkness of the room to change into her sleepwear. Hanging up her wet towels on the hook on the back of their bedroom door, Makoto brushed out her damp hair and then put it in a light bun so it wouldn’t get so tangled whilst she slept. Rifling through the drawers of her dresser, she pulled out a pair of gray, silk pajama shorts and a well worn, loose, pink and white striped tank top. Makoto padded over to the queen sized bed where Motoki, clad in his hibiscus and turtle patterned pajamas and clutching his Kamekichi-kun plushie, was already sound asleep. Lifting up the woolen coverlet and the fleece sheets, Makoto slipped in beside her husband.

Laying down on her back in the soft, plush bed, Makoto let out a small sigh as she looked over at her husband. ‘I wish he would hold me as tightly as he does that turtle,’ she thought bitterly to herself. She reached out and lightly stroked Motoki’s messy blond hair. His only response was to murmur something about schildkröten, whatever that was, and curl up with his plush even tighter; like a child. Makoto sighed again, feeling a little bit of frustration welling up inside of her once more as she gazed at the sparsely furnished room, dimly lit by the moonlight streaming through the curtains. She had done her best to bring in a few potted houseplants and some tchotchkes and knicknacks here and there to liven up the clinically sparse room but it just wasn’t the same. She missed the home she had shared with Motoki. It had been her first, real, home. She had paid for it all by herself. It was different from the apartment she had lived in when she was younger, paid for by the inheritance she had received after her parents had tragically died in that plane crash. Makoto tried to persuade herself for the thousandth time that moving in with Ami was best for Motoki to deal with his crippling fauna addiction. Ami had promised her that she would do all in her power to help him overcome his repulsive hobbies and Makoto believed her. She had felt like she had hit rock bottom, that time she had found Motoki in the 150 year old tortoise enclosure at the zoo.

Turning onto her side, her back facing her husband, Makoto did her best to clear her mind of any turmoil and distracting thoughts. She did her counting exercises to bring her back to her usual, zenlike calm, and closed her eyes. After a long while, Makoto finally found herself drifting off into a deep slumber.

Makoto finds herself in a peaceful forest clad in a simple, light, white, flowing dress. The sound of the wind rustling through the trees, the chirping and whistling of birds, the crickcrackof little mammals eating nuts, and the gurgling of the creek nearby calms her. She is at peace in this tranquil, quiet forest, devoid of any human life but her own as she wanders through it, barefoot. She feels as one with nature as she could possibly be.

Makoto sits on a boulder in the middle of a raging river. The roar of the waterfall behind her fills her ears. She is a well of peace in such a turbulent life as the water and wind rush by. She is calm in the face of hardship.

Makoto runs up the steep mountain path. Her breath heavy, sweat trickling down her forehead, her lungs aching, she continues to push herself to reach the top. Rounding the final bend of the sparsely traverse running path, she comes to the hilltop clearing. Slowing her pace to a slow walk so as to not cramp up, she walks towards the edge of the cliff to gaze down at the enthralling view of the forest below.

“The view is amazing from up here, isn’t it?” a voice softly asks from nearby. Makoto jumps with a start and turns to see none other than Haruka Tenou sitting on a flat outcropping of rock. Bewildered, Makoto asks, “W-what are you doing up here?” Haruka turns to Makoto with a soft smile on her handsome face and responds, “I often come up here to take in the view. I feel as close to the sky as I could possibly be.” Haruka untangles her long legs from her seated position and stands. She’s wearing nearabouts the same kind of running clothes as Makoto, though Haruka’s seem to be just a bit more… expensive. Makoto turns from Haruka, accepting that even famous celebrities want their solace from time to time, and gazes out at the expansive forest below.

“Breathtaking, isn’t it?” Haruka quietly asks as she walks up to stand beside Makoto. Makoto nods, responding in awed tones, “It’s absolutely beautiful. I could gaze at this all day.” Haruka chuckles to herself and says, “I wasn’t talking about the forest, Makoto.”

Makoto’s eyes open wide as she hears what Haruka just said. She turns to see Haruka gazing directly at her, blue-green eyes meeting deep green ones. A faint blush works its way onto Makoto’s creamy cheeks as she gulps, taken aback by how close Haruka is.

Makoto stands in the middle of Eudial’s Mountaintop Training Camp dojo, clad in her judo gi. Before her is the similarly garbed Haruka, ready in a fighting stance.

They battle.

Makoto is swiftly taken down.

Her friends quickly come to her side to defend her. Nothing hurts worse than her pride.

Haruka stalks away, as if she has better things to do with her time.

Makoto can’t let go of this feeling of anger and disappointment within her. Her friends do their best to cheer her up. A trip to the onsen, a fancy meal at the inn, and nighttime games to try and take Makoto’s mind off of her loss. Makoto appreciates their attempts and tells them she’s fine, feeling better than ever. They believe her words and, one by one, drift off to sleep, leaving Makoto alone with her frustration.

Unable to sleep, she quietly gets up and changes back from her pajamas into her training gi. Sliding open the door, she quietly shuts it behind her as she ventures into the deep night of the training camp. She decides to go for a run around the edge of the lake, her only light coming from the full moon and twinkling stars.

Breathing in the nighttime air, fresh and clean with the scent of pine and earth, Makoto begins to feel her heart relax. The movement of her body as she runs falls into a rhythmic nature. She finally starts to feel at peace as she continues her run, plodding along barefoot on the well worn, grassy riverbank. Her mind begins to clear as she finally let her frustrations ebb. As she continues onward, going out of sight of the main camp as the curve of the lake takes her out of its view, she begins to hear a noise other than her heavy breathing and the soft padding of her feet on the cold earth. The noises start to become a bit clearer as she gets closer to whatever is making it. Grunts and soft thuds. At first she thinks it might have been an animal of some kind and her fear spikes but, as she gets closer to it, she realizes it is human made. ‘I guess someone else can’t sleep,’ she thinks to herself as her path opens onto a small clearing. She sees the figure in the middle of the clearing as she comes closer and she stops. Once again, standing before her is Haruka Tenou.

Anger spikes in Makoto as she clearly makes out the taller woman lit by the moonlight. ‘Hey,’ she calls out not all that softly. Haruka, clad in the same training gi as Makoto, jumps, startled, and is thrown off of the pattern of her kata. She stumbles for a moment but doesn’t fall. Makoto would have smiled to see the cool and suave Haruka off her game at any other time but right now she is too angry and frustrated. Haruka asks in a commanding voice, “Who’s there?” as she quickly regains her composure. Makoto quickly stalks over to Haruka, hands clenched into fists. A look of realization flies onto Haruka’s face as she makes out Makoto’s advancing form once the brunette steps out of the shade of the forest and into the moonlight. As Makoto arrives in front of a bewildered Haruka, she glares up at the slightly taller woman and says, demandingly, “I want a rematch.”

Haruka blinks in surprise and quietly asks, “Right now?”

Makoto nods, her green eyes filled with determination. “Now. I won’t let you use that cheap move on me again.”

Haruka’s expression is unreadable as she looks over the clearly upset Makoto. She takes in Makoto’s disheveled appearance, her cheeks flushed, her emerald green eyes sparkling with anger, her chest heaving with indignation. ‘She really needs this,’ Haruka thinks to herself, startled by how much she actually wants to help the younger girl. Haruka nods and responds with a simple and quiet, “Alright.”

The two face off once in the clearing. Just the two of them in the moonlit night, a cool breeze with the scent of pine sap wafting over them. Makoto feels clear headed, at ease like never before. Anticipation for the fight begins to build deep beneath her breastbone and she grins, determination filling her. She shakes out her arms and legs as Haruka stretches. No one else around for miles, Makoto feels perfectly at ease. Getting into a fighting stance, she waits for Haruka to be ready. Haruka takes a deep breath before slowly letting it out and looks over at Makoto. Getting into a fighting stance of her own, Haruka nods, and as a nearby owl takes off in flight, their fight begins.

Haruka tries to end the fight as soon as it begins, using the same move she had used earlier that day. Makoto sneers, seeing it coming a mile away, and easily deflects it, moving out of Haruka’s grasp. ‘How predictable,’ she thinks to herself as she counters with her own move but that is swiftly blocked.

They begin to trade blows, easily blocking another’s punches and kicks, countering with their own quick moves, each of them trying to gain the upper hand. They are evenly matched. Makoto feels the thrill of the fight consume her down to her core. She thrives in the exertion of trying to best Haruka and yet still not finding a good opening. ‘Finally,’ Makoto thinks to herself as she ducks Haruka’s roundhouse kick, dodging to the side, ‘I’m fighting with someone who actually knows what they’re doing.’ Training with the girls was well enough but they never took it as seriously as she did. They didn’t love the training, the fighting. It was like second nature to Makoto and she loved every second of this match with Haruka. This is what she was born to do: To fight. To protect the ones she loves. Makoto clips Haruka’s cheekbone with her fist. Haruka manages to get in a good kidney shot. They’re clearly starting to tire as sweat streaks down their bodies, chest heaving from exertion. Makoto wipes her forehead and growls.

‘Enough with the niceties,’ Makoto thinks to herself as she suddenly rushes forward, getting in under Haruka’s reach. Bending low, Makoto wraps her arms around Haruka’s thighs, grabbing hold of her tightly, and lifting her up. ‘Time to get dirty,’ she thinks, gritting her teeth at the effort to hold onto the surprised, struggling woman. Haruka lets out a surprised “Shit!” before being slammed onto the ground. Haruka grunts at the impact, losing her breath as she lays there, dazed.

Panting from the effort it took to bring Haruka down, Makoto rests for a moment on top of the blonde. Makoto hears Haruka’s groan and she blushes when she realizes the compromised position she’s in. “H-haruka, I’m so sorry,” Makoto stammers out as she struggles to sit up, removing her face from the vicinity of Haruka’s crotch. Haruka manages to prop herself up on her elbows and she gives Makoto a lopsided grin, an odd light in her eyes.


Makoto pauses in trying to stand and looks up at Haruka. “Y-yes?”

Haruka, sitting up, grins that silly grin again. Makoto blushes at the closeness between them. “You did really well,” Haruka says coyly, “but you forgot one thing.”

Makoto blinks. “What did I forget?”

“Never let your guard down.”

Suddenly, Haruka reaches out, grabbing Makoto by the front of her training gi, digging in so that she even grabs Makoto’s sports bra. With a smooth, brisk movement, as Makoto lets out an “Eep!” of surprise, Haruka draws Makoto down towards her. A quick twist and turn later and Makoto finds herself pinned beneath Haruka.

Makoto stares up at Haruka, absolutely flustered. “H-hey, waitaminute,” Makoto says breathlessly. Haruka holds onto Makoto’s wrists, pulling the prone woman’s hands far out on either side of her. Makoto tries to tug out of her hold but to no avail; Haruka has her in her grasp. Haruka grins again, a dangerous glint in her eyes, as she bares down on Makoto, sliding one leg up between Makoto’s legs to make contact with her crotch. Makoto gasps, her breath hitching in her throat. She stares up at Haruka, eyes wide, face beet red.

Haruka presses down onto Makoto, feeling the younger woman’s taut body, her soft breasts, molding themselves to her. Makoto’s body begins to tremble. Whether it’s in exhaustion, anticipation, excitement, or fear, she isn’t sure. She closes her eyes and shivers as she feels Haruka’s devilish chuckle near her ear. A soft cry rings out in the stillness of the night as Haruka bites down on Makoto’s breast.

Makoto had been having a rough day. Walking home from school, she and Usagi nearly got run over by Haruka’s wild motorcycling. In protecting Usagi, Makoto had gotten hurt. Her hand, which she uses in cooking and baking and sewing and fighting and countless other things had been damaged. Haruka had been gracious enough to tie her scarf around Makoto’s wound as a makeshift bandage. Having Sailor Guardian healing factor meant that she wouldn’t have needed a bandage, of course, but she had to pretend to be a regular human and accept Haruka’s kind offer to help. She had been taken aback by Haruka’s closeness at the time, her heart skipping a beat. Usagi had eyed Makoto’s reaction suspiciously but Makoto had just brushed it off.

Later that evening, alone in her apartment as usual, Makoto is in the middle of changing out of her school uniform. Having already taken off her schoolgirl top, she works on taking off the scarf to see if her wound has healed. As she expects, there is nary a bruise nor a scar to show that she had been injured. Makoto realizes that the scarf has a scent, Haruka’s scent, still lingering. She breathes it in and blushes deeply at doing such a perverted act. She bites her lip as she’s filled with a sudden, unexpected desire.

Going to bed later that night, she doesn’t feel so alone as she imagines the older woman beside her on her bed. Touching her. Teasing her. Kissing her. Fucking her. Makoto muffles her moans into the scarf as she imagines that Haruka is the one pleasing her that night.

The next morning, after washing and drying Haruka’s scarf, since she had dirtied it during the night, Makoto accompanies Usagi and Ami on their walk to school. With Usagi’s suspicious questioning about why Makoto wants to know where Haruka lives, Makoto doesn’t fully focus on holding it as tightly as she can and it’s blown away in the wind. “No! That’s my excuse to see Haruka!” she cries out as she chases after it into the nearby school employee parking lot. Thinking she’s found it, she gets attacked by a daimon instead! Makoto freaks the hell out and backs away. Thankfully, Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury immediately arrive to thwart the daimon’s attempts to steal Makoto’s pure heart crystal, though the daimon escapes, rather than staying around to be killed.

As if being attacked wasn’t bad enough, Makoto fails her pop quiz in math class. Her mood continues to sour throughout the day and as school finally ends, she’s in the foulest of tempers. After school she tries her best to find the lost scarf and is dejected that she can’t seem to find it anywhere. Usagi’s persistent accusations of Makoto being interested in someone who already has a girlfriend bothers her deep down. She does her best to brush off Usagi’s words, lying that she doesn’t feel “that way” about Haruka.

They come to a crosswalk. As they wait for the light to turn so they can cross the street, a yellow convertible sports car pulls to a stop in front of them.

“Hey!” Haruka calls out, a handsome smile on her face. “Nice to see you again. You’re looking better than ever.” Makoto blushes, realizing that Haruka’s actually complimenting her. She stammers out a small “H-hello.”

“Hiya Haruka!” Usagi calls out a bit too loudly for societal norms’ sake. “We were just talking about you!”

“Oh?” Haruka raises an eyebrow, grinning. “Were you, now? All good things, I hope.” She chuckles that smooth, husky chuckle again. Makoto feels her heart skip a beat, just like it had done before. “Of course!” Usagi replied energetically, oblivious to Makoto’s reaction to Haruka.

Haruka turns to Makoto and pointedly asks her, “If you’re not doing anything right now, would you wanna come along for a ride?”

“Uhm, with me?” She gulps before nodding enthusiastically, an emphatic “Sure!” bursting from her lips.

Usagi watches as Makoto goes to the front passenger door, opening it, before collecting herself and saying anxiously, “Wait, Mako!! I really don’t think this is a good idea!”

Haruka smiles a warm smile at Makoto slides into the seat next to her. She turns back to Usagi, grinning, and asks, “Oh? You think it’s wrong for girls to go out on a drive together?”

She revs the engine, drowning out Usagi’s response. As soon as Makoto buckles her seatbelt, the two of them take off, leaving Usagi to choke on Haruka’s exhaust. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Usagi says sourly at the quickly receding car.

The wind tears at Makoto’s long, billowing brown hair, as they speed down the secluded road. The setting sun glimmers off of the water of Tokyo Bay as classical piano music can barely be heard over the roar of both the wind and the car engine. Gazing off into the distance at the dreamy water before her, Makoto snaps out of her reverie as Haruka’s hand brushes her bare, well toned thigh; her brown schoolgirl skirt has been hiked up from the wind. Makoto whirls to look at Haruka, her heart leaping into the back of her throat to get stuck there. Haruka chuckles huskily, her eyes glinting with mirth, as she apologies. “Sorry about that. I missed my stick shift.” The grin on her face as she grabs hold onto her stick shift to change gears, and the coy tone in her voice, makes Makoto think that it hadn’t been an accident at all. Makoto bites her lip, feeling anxious.

Haruka slows down to park in a secluded area of Kaiozu Park. She turns off the car as they unbuckle their seatbelts and the two of them gaze out at the golden hued water before them. Makoto stares at the beautiful scene, feeling peaceful. She sees movement out of the corner of her eye and turns to see Haruka looking at her. Her heart speeds up as their eyes lock on one another's.

“Haruka?” she asks, “What is i--mmf!”

Makoto’s brain melts away as Haruka kisses her. All she can pay attention to is the feeling of Haruka’s soft, hungry lips on her own. She is enveloped by Haruka’s scent of clean linen and jasmine as a soft moan threatens to escape from the back of her throat. When Haruka touches her bare skin beneath her schoolgirl blouse, Makoto feels like she’s been electrified. A shiver of excitement rushes through her body, her nipples hardening at the warm, strong, callused hand on her waist.

Makoto moans into Haruka’s increasingly needy kisses. She finds herself clinging to Haruka’s blazer with one hand, the other reaching up to wrap around Haruka’s neck, trying to draw her even closer. Makoto lets out a very cute gasp, breaking their kiss, as Haruka moves her hand upwards to grasp Makoto’s breast, squeezing it lightly.

Haruka’s voice is hoarse, if not a bit strained, as she chuckles in Makoto’s ear. “You’ve been keeping quite the secret from me, haven’t you,” she says dangerously. She pinches Makoto’s hardened nipple, causing the girl to cry out and cling to Haruka even tighter.

“I don’t..” Makoto shudders as Haruka grips her breast tightly, “I don’t know what you mean,” she manages to gasp out. Her head is a whirlwind of nothing but emotion. The ache in her loins is painfully obvious as she does her best to try and look Haruka in the eye.

Haruka is taken aback momentarily at the sight of the flushed, lust filled Makoto gazing at her in such a pleading manner. She licks her lips, quickly collecting herself. She grins but before she can respond, a loud crash resounds from the hood of her car.

Makoto shrieks as the daimon leers at them from the crushed hood of Haruka’s car. “My car!!” Haruka cries out, all thoughts of leading Makoto on flying out of her head.

The daimon quickly reaches down and tightly grabs onto Makoto by the front of her school uniform, lifting her up out of the car.

“Makoto!!” Haruka cries out as she jumps up to try and pull Makoto free of the daimon’s hold. Haruka is swiftly backhanded and goes flying into the bushes at the edge of the parking lot. “Haruka!” Makoto cries out, worried for her friend’s safety rather than her own. With quick thinking, she manages to click the emergency homing beacon on her communicator, alerting the others of her whereabouts, before

The daimon wraps Makoto in the fabric of her red dress, completely and utterly immobilizing her. The creature rips open her top, revealing the black star on her breast, and the dark energy hits Makoto like a bullet train. In what feels like an eternity, but is only a matter of moments, Makoto is violated by the monster and her pure heart crystal is stolen. All alone and unable to defend herself, the pain is worse than anything she has ever felt. It’s worse than the time she actually died at D Point. At least then she had the endorphins of being victorious to ease her suffering as she had passed away. Now, feeling utterly broken and useless, a gaping hole is left in her soul as she’s dropped onto the asphalt like a discarded apple core.

Barely conscious of what’s going on around her, she sees Sailor Uranus fighting the daimon on her own, taking her heart crystal from the monster. ‘She was waiting… just so she could get my pure heart.’ She struggled to breathe. ‘Did she just stand by and watch while Haruka and I were attacked?’ ‘Damn her…’’ Her thoughts didn’t seem to make much sense as tears stream down her face. ‘I’ll never forgive her...for this…’

The rest of the Sailor Guardians arrive and distract the daimon for the moment. Sailor Moon pleads with Sailor Uranus to return the girl’s heart crystal to her. A sense of guilty relief floods Sailor Uranus as she realizes that Makoto’s crystal doesn’t have a talisman. She tosses the crystal back to Sailor Moon before dodging another attack by the daimon. ‘I need to get out of here,’ she thinks as she hastily blocks an attack, ‘these girls can handle this on their own.’

Makoto comes back to full consciousness as Sailor Moon returns her heart crystal to her. Anger fuels her and rather than resting from her traumatic ordeal, Makoto transforms into Sailor Jupiter and joins the fight.

The rest of the fight passes by in a blur until, finally, Sailor Moon defeats the daimon once and for all. Angered by Sailor Uranus’ apathetic treatment of her, Sailor Jupiter rushes at her in an attack, her emotions getting the better of her. Taken momentarily by surprise, Sailor Uranus manages to deflect Sailor Jupiter’s punch and counters with a strong blow to her solar plexus. Sailor Jupiter drops to the ground, the wind knocked out of her, as her friends crowd around her to make sure she’s okay. Sailor Uranus quickly leaves the scene of their fight, rushing back to where she had been thrown in her civilian form. She holds her hand as she de-transforms, hissing in pain. ‘She’s strong,’ Haruka thinks to herself as she lays down on the ground, mussing up her clothes and hair with her good hand. ‘I need to watch out for her in the future.

Sailor Jupiter tells her friends that she’s okay. “Really, I’m fine. Seriously. Go on and I’ll call you later, okay?” The girls nod in understanding and head out. Sailor Jupiter rushes over to where she saw Haruka fly off into the shrubbery and destransforms. She comes across the seemingly unconscious Haruka and her heart squeezes in dismay.

“Haruka!” she cries out softly, her voice filled with worry as she kneels down beside the older woman. Haruka pretends to come to with a groan. “Makoto?” she groggily asks and turns to sit up. As Haruka looks at Makoto, lit by the setting sun, Haruka goes speechless. Makoto’s tear filled eyes sparkle like the stars in the night sky. With a quiet sob of relief, Makoto flings herself at Haruka, hugging the taller girl tightly about her waist, nearly knocking the two of them to the ground. She says simply, as a way of explanation, “The Sailor Guardians saved me. I thought… I thought the worst had happened to you,” she cries as she clings to Haruka tightly. Haruka gulps. At first, Haruka had only been toying with the younger girl. Now, however, as Haruka feels Makoto’s warm, soft body pressed tightly against her, she feels at a loss as to what to do. The brunette trembles in Haruka’s arms as she tries not to let the tears of relief fall down her cheeks. Haruka finds herself breathing in Makoto’s scent of spices, damp earth, exotic flowers and it’s all too much for her to handle.

Haruka wraps her arms tightly around Makoto, wishing that this moment would never end.

After Makoto’s trembling subsides, she tries to pull away. Haruka squeezes Makoto tighter to her, pressing their bodies, their breasts, every inch of them, together. Makoto lets out a soft gasp at the tightness. Haruka blushes faintly, realizing she had been squeezing too hard, and loosens her grip. Makoto leans back just a bit, though not enough to escape Haruka’s warm and comforting hold on her, and looks up at her, face blushing at their closeness. She reaches up to gently move Haruka’s bangs out of her eyes. As Haruka reaches up to take Makoto’s hand in hers, kissing her palm, Makoto gasps. “You’re hurt!” she exclaims as she takes Haruka’s hand in both of her own. Haruka pretends to wince from the pain and says, “I’ll be alright. Don’t you worry about me.” Makoto gives Haruka a stern look as she pulls something from the pocket of her skirt, “I could never not worry about you,” she says definitively.

With much practiced ease, Makoto bandages Haruka’s wrist with Haruka’s own scarf. “Oy, that’s my scarf!” Makoto, blushing, sheepishly responds with, “I have been meaning to give it back to you for a couple of days now…” She bites her lip, looking up at Haruka once more, a confident look in her eyes, and says, “Really, I just wanted to see you again.”

Haruka grins a lopsided grin, feeling her heart skip a beat. She reaches up, cupping the back of Makoto’s neck in her hand, and says, “And I’ve been wanting to get to know you better as well.”

Makoto’s heart pounds in her chest, her face flushing as she closes her eyes, seeing Haruka lean down towards her. As their lips meet once again in the sweetest of kisses, Haruka begins to lean Makoto down onto the ground. Makoto finds herself clinging to Haruka's school jacket as their kissing intensifies. As Haruka leaves a trail of kisses from Makoto's lips, down her long, slender neck, past her collarbone, Haruka’s cellphone rings in her pocket.

The two break apart like scalded cats at the sudden interruption of the quiet twilight evening. Haruka smiles an apologetic smile as she sits up and gets to her feet, taking out her phone. “Sorry. I’ve gotta take this.”

As Makoto tries to calm her beating heart, she hears Haruka answer the phone. “Hey, Michiru,” Haruka says as she walks towards her mildly damaged car. “You wouldn’t believe what happened to my car!”

Makoto’s heart sinks to the pit of her stomach as she gets to her feet, brushing off her skirt, feeling ashamed. ‘What was I thinking?’ Makoto thinks as she gazes forlornly at Haruka leaning on the side of her car, her heart tearing in two. ‘She has a girlfriend…’

The Protectress of Jupiter, the Guardian of Courage and Protection, Sailor Jupiter, gazes through the stained glass window that depicts the ascension of Neo Queen Serenity. Down below, she watches the mass of tourists thronging to buy the latest Limited Editon Super Max Ultra Rare Sailor Guardian NAUGHTY collectible blind boxes.

She shakes her head, feeling sick to her stomach. She can't take it anymore. She wants to, needs to, go back to a simpler time. As she turns her back to the carnage below, a stoic, glowing figure stands before her.

Blue-green eyes filled with love, golden blonde hair shining with a soft light, their warm, strong, callused hand outstretched towards her. As Sailor Jupiter reaches out to grab Sailor Uranus's hand, she blinks, and the image is gone, leaving her alone in the suffocatingly sterile room.

Makoto is holding a piping bag filled with pink and orange buttercream. She smiles as she focuses on putting the finishing floral touches on her Grand Opening cake. She steps back to admire the gorgeous, multi-tiered cake in front of her, proud of all of the hard work she’s put into creating it. She’s pleased with how it has turned out, ready just in time for tomorrow’s first day of being open to the public.

The chime of the entry door being opened catches her attention. “Ah! Sorry, we’re closed right now!” she calls out from the kitchen in the back of her hybrid bakery-cafe shop and makes her way to the front, saying, “We won’t be opening until tomorrow, so please come again then.” She stops short with a small, “Oh!” as she sees who’s entered her business.

A very handsome Haruka clad in a navy blue blazer jacket, a white button down shirt, tight, navy blue pants, and black shoes, stands there, one hand hidden behind her back. “Hey,” Haruka says, greeting her warmly. She pulls out a bouquet of roses and sasanqua camellias from behind her back and presents it to Makoto. “Congratulations.”

Makoto blushes at seeing the beautiful bouquet of flowers. As she reaches out to take the bouquet from Haruka, she looks up at her and asks, “How did you know these camellias are my favorite?” Haruka grins, loftily responding, “I have my ways,” and winks at her. Makoto smiles the brightest of smiles and goes to get a vase for her new flowers. “Please, make yourself comfortable!” she suggests to Haruka brightly. Taking a vase out of one of her high cabinets, she fills it with water, and brings it over to the side counter of the shop. She places the vase there and starts arranging the bouquet just perfectly.

Haruka walks over to Makoto as she busies herself with the floral arrangement and quietly tells her, “You’re the prettiest flower here, Makoto.” Makoto looks up at Haruka, startled by her words. She flushes as she sees just how close Haruka is standing next to her, the heat off of the taller woman’s body is palpable. Makoto’s heart starts to beat faster as Haruka leans down to her. The brunette quickly turns and flees towards the kitchen. “I’ll get you something to eat and drink as a thank you, okay?” she says, trying to calm herself down in the solitude of her kitchen.

Haruka chuckles and asks if Makoto’s got any beer. When Makoto responds that she does, saying she’ll bring her a can, Haruka nods and shucks off her jacket, placing it on the chair of one of the cafe tables. She rolls up the sleeves of her button down shirt and looks about her. She smiles as she sees the floral decor of the shop. Little plants and cute, decorative items line the shelves and tables and dangling fairy lights. It has a very cute and homey feel that is all Makoto Kino.

After taking off her apron, freeing her ample bosom from their confines, Makoto returns with two cans of Yebisu beer and two slices of her favorite cherry pie. She had originally wanted to give it to Motoki but she had ended up burning half of it in the oven. She managed to salvage the edible parts, not wanting to attempt to sell a less than perfect pastry to her customers.

Haruka can’t help but enjoy the view of Makoto walking towards her in her form fitting t-shirt dress. Makoto is oblivious to the appraising look Haruka gives her as she sets the beer and pie down on the table. Makoto’s white dress with its blue, floral damask pattern, shows off her curves very nicely. Her buxom chest strains at the tight fabric as the hem of the dress hangs midway down her thighs, showing off her long, well toned legs. Haruka is momentarily taken aback by just how sexy Makoto looks in the rosy, dim light of the night time cafe.

Opening the cans of beer, they toast to Makoto’s future as a small business owner. Makoto laughs happily, pleased at Haruka’s words, and they begin to talk of simple things like love, work, their past, and even pro wrestling. Makoto responds that she’s seen a bit of pro wrestling here and there but she prefers actually doing the fighting instead of merely watching it. Haruka jokingly suggests they should have another sparring match sometime and Makoto laughs at the memory from so many years ago. There’s a rosy glow to Makoto’s face as she finishes off her can of beer, nearly choking on her drink at the funny story Haruka tells her about what Jedite did to Helios this one time.

“Oh my gosh, I can’t believe he did that!” Makoto exclaims, laughing so hard that tears leak out of her eyes. Haruka finds herself staring, entranced by Makoto’s chest as it jiggles with every laugh. She coughs and says, “This was absolutely delicious, Makoto. Thanks so much.”

Makoto grins happily and gets to her feet. “I’m so glad you like it! It’s one of my favorite recipes to make.” She begins to gather their dirty plates, forks, and empty beer cans and says, “I absolutely adore cherry pie.” Haruka stands as well and says, “Oh, hey, let me help you with that.” Makoto shakes her head, smiling gratefully at Haruka and responds, “No, it’s alright, I can take care of it myself.” She turns and heads back to the kitchen.

Haruka licks her lips as she watches Makoto’s retreading form, her backside barely hidden by the hem of the dress. She finds herself quickly following Makoto into the kitchen.

Makoto notices Haruka entering her homey kitchen and she smiles at her. She tosses the cans into the recycling before beginning to wash the cutlery and plates. Haruka watches her, leaning on the counter. “Seriously, Makoto, this is an amazing kitchen. I don’t even know what most of those utensils are for.” She straightens a bit, hands resting in the pockets of her pants and jokingly says, “I’m a pro at the microwave, though.” Makoto laughs lightly and says, “I could always come over one day to teach you how to cook, if you’d like.”

Haruka grins. “I would like that very much,” she says as she steps over to her. As Makoto works on washing the last plate, Haruka softly says, “You know something?” “Hm?” was Makoto’s distracted reply, focused as she was on cleaning. “You are the most beautiful and Talented woman I’ve ever known. Whoever marries you would be luckier than winning the jackpot.”

Makoto fumbles the soapy, slippery dish, startled by Haruka’s words. As she catches the plate, the angle in which she holds it causes the torrent of water from the faucet to bounce off of it and blast her square in the face. She yelps, dropping the dish into sink, and steps back.

Immediately, Haruka turns off the water and grabs a nearby towel. Standing closely beside her, Haruka grins at the view of the soaked Makoto before handing her the towel.

Makoto, blushing in embarrassment, offers a muffled word of thanks as she begins wiping her face with the towel in an attempt to dry herself off. “I’m usually not so clumsy,” she mutters.

“You missed a spot,” Haruka responds with a wicked tone in her voice. When Makoto looks questioningly at her, Haruka looks pointedly downwards. Makoto looks and finally notices that her white dress had been soaked through, revealing the rose patterned brassiere that her breasts tried to escape.

She blushes beet red and turns away to hide the view of her pillowy breasts but is stopped as Haruka gently reaches out and lightly grasps Makoto’s wrist, turning her back towards her. “I’ll take care of that for you,” Haruka tells her, her voice husky and smooth, and takes the towel out of Makoto’s weak grasp.

Makoto feels as though she can’t breathe. She can feel the heat between them as Haruka stands mere inches from her. Her cool, wet skin tingles beneath Haruka’s hot, predatory gaze. A shiver runs through her like a bolt of electricity. Makoto finds herself unable, not wanting, to get away from the situation she finds herself in.

Haruka begins to, ever so slowly, rub Makoto’s chest with the towel. She very much notices the evident hardening of Makoto’s nipples through her wet layers of fabric. Makoto’s breath hitches for a moment and she closes her eyes. Her face flushing with both embarrassment and excitement, as her breathing gets more haggard. Her knees start to tremble.

Haruka softly whispers, a bit of hoarseness in her voice, “This just won’t do, Makoto. You’re going to have to take this whole thing off before you catch a cold.”

Makoto’s eyes fly open, widening in surprise. Haruka locks her gaze with Makoto’s and smiles the sexiest smile in all of mankind. Makoto whimpers, longing filling every note, as her green eyes sparkle with want.

Haruka leans down, closing her eyes, and kisses her. Makoto nearly falls as her knees give way. Thankfully, Haruka is quick to wrap one arm around Makoto’s waist and the other around her lower back, pulling her towards her, keeping her upright. Makoto positively melts as a small moan escapes her, her lips trapped in the sweetest of kisses.

A small grunt of surprise is emitted from the back of Haruka’s throat as she presses Makoto's body to her. Makoto’s dress deceives just how large and soft her breasts are and Haruka is very pleased by how well the tall, muscled, buxom woman molds against her body. She begins to greedily, hungrily devour Makoto’s mouth with increasingly fervent kisses, their tongues dancing in a tango for two.

After a long moment of passionate, steamy kisses, Makoto finally pulls away to gasp for air. Her chest heaves, her wet breasts still pressed against Haruka. Haruka chuckles as she looks down to where their bodies are pressed so well against one another’s. Her shirt has become as thoroughly soaked as Makoto’s.

“Looks like we both need to change now.”

Haruka comes back from the store and immediately smells the aroma of Makoto’s good cooking. “I’m home,” she calls out as changes her outdoor shoes for her inside slippers. “Oh good!” Makoto responds from the kitchen, “Dinner is almost ready!” Making her way to the kitchen, Haruka says, “I picked up your favorite ice cream, too!” She pushes open the door to the kitchen as Makoto responds, “You can have some cherry pie ala mode, then!”

Haruka stops dead in the doorway of the kitchen, dropping the bag of groceries to the floor. The sight of Makoto wearing only the skimpiest of aprons is too much for Haruka to handle. Makoto grins, clearly enjoying the effect she’s having on Haruka. To Makoto’s utter delight, Haruka growls, saying, “I want my cherry pie now, damnit.” Makoto squeals happily as Haruka rushes forward and picks her up. Haruka leans Makoto down on the dining room table, heedless of the uneaten dinner awaiting them, and spreads her legs open wide. With a quick “Itadakimasu,” Haruka bends down, holding tightly onto Makoto’s shapely thighs, and begins to devour her dessert.

Two naked bodies, wet and slick, rub against one another. The stream of hot water from the shower head bounces off of Haruka’s broad, muscled back as she presses Makoto against the cool, tiled wall. Her lips are locked onto Makoto’s, nibbling and sucking.

With one thigh raised to wrap around Haruka’s waist, Makoto clings tightly to her, her arms wrapped around her neck. The steamy heat of the shower only seems to get more stifling as Haruka’s long, pianist fingers deftly thrust themselves deeply inside Makoto’s throbbing, aching love garden; her nectar pools out of her onto Haruka’s hand, mixing with the hot water of the shower. Makoto breaks their kiss to gasp for air as her body begins to tremble, her moans of ecstacy getting more and more high pitched as her breathing quickens. “Ha..Haruka,” Makoto cries out as her pleasure builds to its peak. Haruka thrusts even deeper with three of her fingers, her thumb circling the wet, sensitive rosebud, as she bites down on Makoto’s neck.

Makoto cries out Haruka’s name over and over as her waves of pleasure start the crash through her, her cries of ecstasy echoing in the bathroom like a concert hall.

The moonlight streams through the window as Makoto squirms on the cool bedsheets. Between Makoto’s shapely thighs, Haruka does her best to drink up as much of Makoto’s sweet, sticky nectar as she can. Makoto’s cute, sweet, embarrassed gasps and moans are too much for Haruka to handle. “Never stop being so cute,” Haruka tells her. Makoto nods weakly, biting her knuckle with barely contained excitement as she watches Haruka stand up at the foot of the bed.

Earlier in the evening, Makoto had noticed something odd sticking out of Haruka’s satchel. She had asked her what it was and Haruka pulled it out, revealing it to be a rather large strap-on dildo. “It’s Mr. Frankenboner!” she had proudly exclaimed. Makoto had eyed the thing and asked, incredulously, “Why do you have this on you?” Haruka merely shrugged and had said, “Why not? I take it everywhere. You never know when you might need one.” Makoto had simply stared at her.

Seemingly, Makoto needed it now. Haruka cajoles Makoto into getting onto all fours as she works on lubing up the dildo. Pulling Makoto to the edge of the bed, lightly pressing down on Makoto’s upper back, and raising up her ass high into the air, Haruka makes sure she had the perfect angle.

Makoto makes a little noise as she quivers in anticipation. Her exceptionally large breasts are squashed beneath her like a soft cushion as she tries to support herself on her forearms.

“Are you ready?” Haruka asks in her soft, husky voice, thick with lust. Makoto nods, letting out a soft, “Yes, Haruka. Please give me Mr. Frankenboner.”

Haruka grins, loving hearing Makoto callung it that, and gently slides the dildo into Makoto’s waiting opening. Makoto lets out a low moan as she’s filled with Mr. Frankenboner to the hilt. “It’s too big,” she cries out, clutching at the sheets beneath her. Haruka leans forward to kiss Makoto’s back. She reaches underneath Makoto to grip her overflowing breast tightly in her hand. She pulls Mr. Frankenboner out a bit and, as she pinches Makoto’s hardened nipple tightly, she harshly thrusts the dildo back in, causing Makoto’s squeak to turn into moan filled animalistic growl.

Haruka holds onto Makoto’s hip with her other hand, giving herself leverage as she begins to thrust faster and deeper. Makoto’s soft, mewling cries are a symphony to Haruka’s ears. ‘Kami-sama,’ Haruka thought as she tried to pace herself, ‘Who knew Makoto could sound so cute.’

Makoto cries out incoherently as she’s fucked senseless by Haruka. All she can think about, all she can focus on, is how deeply she’s filled. Her body trembles beneath Haruka’s rough handling of her, unable to take it any longer.

Haruka grins a sadistic grin, her own pleasure mounting. She suddenly pulls Mr. Frankenboner out of Makoto so only its bulbous head remains inside of her. Makoto lets out an anguished wail at Haruka stopping so suddenly. She turns to look back at Haruka over her shoulder, her green eyes filled with nothing but lust, and asks pleadingly, “Why?”

Haruka reaches down to the base of Mr. Frankenboner and as she hits a cleverly concealed switch, the dildo starts to vibrate at an excruciatingly fast speed. Makoto let’s out a surprised gasp as Haruka slams back into her. She begins to babble incoherently as she loses all control; all she can think about is how good Haruka is making her feel.

Haruka’s smiling face. Haruka’s long, slender, pianist fingers. Her warm, strong, callused hands so secure in everything they touch. Her bright, handsome, mischievous Perfection Field smile. Her boyishly cute, windswept, golden hair. Her mysterious, dreamy blue-green eyes. Her long body, well toned, each muscle sculpted to perfection.

A soft cry pierces through the stillness of the deep, dark, night.

Ami stirred in her sleep beneath her computer desk, having gotten distracted with trying to fiddle with some last minute upgrades, and didn’t catch Makoto’s cry of ecstasy. Her computer chimed to alert her to it but she was fast asleep.

Makoto awoke, her chest heaving as her rapidly beating heart began to slow. There was a throbbing, pleasant ache in her loins that went well with the stickiness she felt between her thighs. She squeaked in embarrassment as she clasped her hands to her face. She knew exactly what had happened and why she had awoken from her slumber.

She was embarrassed of the memories of her dream, her face hot beneath her hands. Fully awake, she began to notice the differences between what had actually happened in real life and what had been an absolutely amazing, fantastical fantasy.

Makoto had never gotten that rematch with Haruka at the training camp.

She knew that Michiru had joined them in that car ride, the events having played out differently.

Sure, her time in Crystal Tokyo had been suffocatingly awful, but she had never seen an image of a Godly Haruka, beckoning to her to return to a simpler time.

And on that night before her big opening of Makoto’s Kitchen, it hadn’t been Haruka that had visited her but Motoki. He had given her a messy bouquet of hastily picked flowers and even though it had been really nice to see him, and he even walked her home, but he didn’t come up to her apartment which had left her feeling a little sad and insecure.

With an increasing horror, her heart sinking into the pit of her stomach, she realized that one of her dreams hadn’t been a fantasy but had actually been a real memory. She groaned, utterly and embarrassed and ashamed. She had forgotten how she had pleasured herself the night Haruka had given her her scarf, imagining Haruka beside her, on top of her, inside of her, the scarf clenched tightly in her free hand. She bit her lip as the memory resurfaced again, feeling dirty.

A snort beside Makoto broke her out of her reverie. She turned to see the blond Motoki soundly asleep beside her, snoring quietly. Her face paled as realization hit her like an out of control shinkansen; one of the reasons she had married Motoki was because he had looked so much like Haruka.

Makoto turned to stare up at the ceiling. After a moment, she quietly admitted to herself in such a hushed whisper that not even Ami’s recording could pick it up, “Oh Kami-sama… I still like Haruka.”