Ami X Mercurius: Promises

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The Move-In

Mercurius blinked a bit, glancing around at the room. It was extremely large and well furnished. It was everything you would expect from one of the leading giants of technological industries and yet there was something about it which was rather domestic in nature. It was rather like the typical Japanese home if placed through the eyes of someone who happened to have an immense amount of money behind them. Ami walked over and placed her hand against a small pad in the wall and as she did so, the lights slowly changed, bathing the room in comforting shadows. Oh yes, Mercurius thought to himself, and with a ton of technology incorporated in it as well.

“I think you will find this location suitable for our habitation” Ami said, adjusting her glasses, the light shining off the lenses.

“Our habitation?” Mercurius stumbled over his words a bit. She gave the slightest frown at that question.

“I assumed by your proposal earlier that you were prepared for this,” she said, annoyed. Mercurius smiled a little and scratched at his cheek, a bit embarrassed.

“Well yes of course, I guess I’m just a little surprised, that’s all.” Mercurius blinked as he felt the little hand holding his suddenly loosen. “Emi???”

The little girl had run towards one of the other rooms. Mercurius quickly followed after her, Ami slowly walking after the two, her eyes still hidden by the lighted glasses. Peeking into the room, he saw Emi marveling at what appeared to be a bedroom, decked out for a little girl such as herself, but with little touches that seemed specifically catered to her. There was a small shelf with a number of books, many that Mercurius recognized as being her favorites, as well as a chess set set up on a table in the corner. Emi herself seemed had quickly made it to the bed, sitting there and testing its bounciness. Mercurius paused and looked back at Ami, who adjusted her glasses. He could have sworn he saw the barest hint of a smile on her face.

“I would have thought you’d know by now, Mercurius. I am always prepared.”

The Makeout

The lab was an utter ruins. Smoke poured forth from broken machinery. A robotic arm twitched. Amid the chaos, here were two figures. One, a man, lay prone on his back, bruised and scratched. The other, a woman, straddled his torso. She was staring down at him, her eyes wide, ignoring the call she had been waiting for all day. She was well aware of his extraterrestrial nature, but the same time scientifically speaking, the sheer amount of pressure... The amount of force...she looked back down to him. He was breathing hard.

"So," he said, smiling, "round two?"

She felt something wet in her illogical response, but...she slowly began to grin a very wide grin.

Orlando Timberlake stared up at the ceiling from his bed. He glanced over to Mina, who was sound asleep, her arms draped around him. There was another loud THUD and a large crack splintered across the ceiling.

He really hated new neighbors.

The Make-Over

Mercurius stumbled back into a chair and immediately felt a pair of clamps wrap around his wrists. Before he could say anything else, he was plunged backwards, the top of his head drenched into a foul smelling liquid of some sort. He could just about see Ami looking down at him, her eyes narrowed and studying him.

“Is this really necessary!?” he tried to say, but the sound of whatever machinery was in the vat drowned him out. After what seemed to be an eternity, he was finally set right side up, the clamps suddenly removing themselves. He paused for a moment before getting to his feet and wandered over to a nearby mirror. He blinked, running his hands through his now green hair.

“Green? Really?” He glanced over, only to have a pair of glasses thrust onto his face.

“It’s necessary, Mercurius. You don’t simply want to be a copy, do you? Besides…” She looked at the man before her, his slightly scruffy green hair, his swirly square glasses. She grinned, trying not to get herself too excited. “It..completes you..”

“I don’t need glasses, though. I can see perfectly fine.” Ami walked over to Mercurius and reached over, tapping the side of the glasses. Instantly, he stumbled back a bit as a display appeared on the lenses in front of him.

“They are directly tied into the Mizunomic mainframe. Any information you wish to gain access to, is yours,” she said, rather proud of what she had accomplished.

“This is amazing!” Mercurius said as he watched information pass over his very eyes, “…What’s Project Legion?” Ami quickly reached over and tapped the glasses again, the data quickly vanishing.

“Nothing you need to concern yourself with. The glasses also have a built in psychic field controller. They will help keep your powers at a manageable level,” Ami said, Mercurius looking over at her with wide eyes, before smiling.

“I’d say this makes me a new man then?” he said, about to put his arms around her waist, but she simply stopped him before grabbing him by the collar and pulling him along. “We’ll see how much of a new man you are, then.”

The Experiment

This was so irritating, Shinobu Tanahashi thought to herself. She had only been hired recently for Mizunomics Corporation out of university, one of the most prestigious companies ever in the field of technology. She had a major in computer development and was the top of her class in almost everything she had put her thoughts to. So why, she thought to herself, was she now acting like a glorified errand girl? She had spent all morning trying to gather the necessary paperwork for the CEO of the company, something about the positions of the numerous satellites which they had helped to develop. They apparently were going to be used in some special project, something related to GingaTV, but whenever she asked for further information, she had been told to keep her mouth shut. Things were getting weird around here, especially ever since that one man had shown up at the building. There were all sorts of rumors about him, that he had been a robot in disguise, that he was a childhood friend of the boss, but most agreed that he was rather…impressive, to say the least. There had apparently been some sort of commotion in the board room on the first day that he had appeared. Still, that’s not why she was here. She tried to remember where she had been told her boss had been, one of the lower laboratories. It was known that she had her own private workshops which were for her use only. Most of the time they were off limits from the rest of the staff, but this assignment seemed important enough that she had been giving permission to interrupt her. It didn’t take her too long to find the door. She took a deep breath and gave the door a knock.

“Miss Mizuno? I have the data you want.” There was no answer. She gave another knock and called out once more. Still no answer. This was getting irritating, she had so much more that she had to do that day. She reached down and tried the door knob and much to her surprise, she found it to be unlocked. Without a second thought, she opened it and began to enter the room.

“Is this all that necessary?” Mercurius said, straddled to a large contraption, a strange silver helmet placed onto of his skull and hooked up through several cords to nearby computers.

“It’s vital to my work,” Ami said, not even looking up from her tablet.

“Do I really need to be naked, though?” Mercurius said, shivering just a little. “It’s really cold in here.”

“I told you it was important,” Ami replied, wiping the blood from her nose. “Now, let’s begin with-”

Ami stopped as the sound of papers falling broke her concentration. She glanced in the direction of it, Mercurius looking as well. Shinobu Tanahashi stood there for a moment before slowly backing away and closing the door once more.

She decided that day it might have been a good idea to take a vacation.

The Encounter

Mercurius walked along the ______’s lobby. He hadn’t had much time to see it and since Ami was busy with that large scale project of hers, and Emi was currently taking a nap, he thought it might as well be as good a time as any to take a look around. It was really something impressive. Apparently this was not simply their home, but also the location of Minako Aino’s place of work. There was the temptation to see it for himself, but after everything that had happened, he was more than a little careful when it came to the media. He was about to turn and move on when he suddenly bumped into a man who was on his way in the other direction.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” Mercurius said, and then stopped. Orlando Timberlake looked back at Mercurius, the other sharing his gaze. They stood there, staring at each other for what seemed like an eternity.

They nodded before turning away and walking off without another word.

The Plan Part 1

“Look, I’d be more then happy if you came along,” Mercurius said, trying to adjust his tie. “I mean, my mother would love to see you! I mean my mother currently who was his mother but is also mine?” Mercurius stopped for a moment, trying to think this over.

“It is irrelevant, Mercurius,” Ami said, adjusting her glasses so the light glinted off them. “Your family asked you there, I am not needed for it.” Mercurius tried to hide his hurt expression. “Besides,” she continued, “I have work to do tonight. You should enjoy the time with your family.”

“I suppose. You’ll call me if something goes wrong with Emi?” Mercurius asked, glancing in the directly of Emi’s room.

“Yes, yes of course. The robots can handle it,” Ami said calmly, if a tad coldly.

“Oh well then, I be off!” Mercurius went to give Ami a kiss, but she simply raised a finger to his lips. He understood. While they were…quite active, there was an understanding of strict emotional control between them outside of the bedroom. It made him a little sad, but if it made her happy...

She watched as he left the building and then it wasn’t long before more people seemed to exit, till it was almost a flood of employees. They had been given the evening off. A small loss of profits were acceptable for what was to come. Leaving her personal quarters, she entered a small elevator and descended towards her destiny.

The Plan Part 2

Ami looked over the multitude of screens in front of her, their glowing light illuminating the lenses of her glasses. She listened as the computer intoned the final countdown and grinned a wild grin to herself. It wouldn’t be long now. All the sweat and hard work over the many years, everything she toiled for was about to become a reality. “Ten Minutes until Debut,” the robotic voice said. She almost felt sorry about using Minako like this. However, when you had the tools, it was best not to waste them. The only thing holding her back from a mad laugh at that point was her own force of will. Still, she could indulge herself a little. After all, the world was about to be hers. She let herself go at that point.

“What’s going on?”

She stopped mid cackle. That was impossible! She had had all Mizonomic personal removed from the building. She had been told he had had a meeting with his parents. She turned around and looked directly at the very confused features of Mercurius.

“I thought you were at your parents,” Ami said, trying her best to control herself once more.

“I left early. What’s happening here? Where are all the staff?” he said, looking at the vast array of monitors around him.

“They are no longer needed at the moment,” she said coldly. “Since you are here, though, you may witness my final triumph.”

“Five minutes until Debut,” the robotic voice once again said.

“What are you doing?” Mercurius said with a voice of concern.

“I am about to make the Earth mine!” She knew it was foolish to give away her plan, but she couldn’t help herself. She had to gloat just a little. “Since the creation of this company, I have strived to put my technology on the shelves all over this globe, and why? Within each is a chip that when a specific signal is played, will override the will power of every consumer on the planet. I will have total control over them! They won’t just be working for me, THEY WILL BE ME!” She once again gave a mad giggle. “It just needs to bounce off a specific signal, such as the broadcast from a popular streaming site.” Mercurius followed Ami’s gaze towards a small monitor, where Minako Aino was quickly adjusting a headset in front of her laptop.

“You don’t have to do this…” Mercurius said in a pleading voice. Ami turned around, her angry face covered in shadow.

“DON’T I!? For YEARS I’ve been ignored! The WEAKEST Senshi! The poor little smart girl, left behind in the shadows, never given a second thought while everyone else gets the spotlight! Forced to babysit IDIOTS and MORONIC CHILDREN! Well no. more. Now I’m the one who will be in control!” She picked up a small remote like device. “And with a simple press of a button at the end of this countdown I will be, because after all…” she looked back at Mercurius, a wide grin on her face, “Mizunomics knows what’s best for the world!”

“Three minutes until Debut.” Ami turned to face the monitor again, her hands gripping the control. She chuckled, her eyes madly wide behind her glasses. She could half hear Mercurius behind her begging her to stop, but it didn’t matter. Soon even he would understand, they all would!

“Two minutes until Debut.”


The voice seemed to cut through the sounds around her like a knife. She felt two hands move over hers on the remote, as someone moved behind her.


Ami slowly looked behind her and found herself gazing at Mercurius. He had removed his glasses, his soft blue green eyes looking back at hers, a soft sad smile on his face. Her hands shook, but he kept them steady. “Ami…let it go…” Ami could feel herself breathing a bit harder and then she slowly gazed towards one of the darkened monitors. For a moment, she thought she saw what appeared to be a shadow of herself, bathed in blue and purple, a dark parody before it seemed to dissipate, leaving herself only gazing at her own reflection.

“It’s alright,” he said softly, holding onto her hands gently. The coldness that Ami sometimes seemed to carry with her seemed to fade, a warmness coming back to her skin, he thought, but he didn’t stop holding her hands.

“Ten seconds to debut…ten……six..five…four..three…two..o-”

A hand slammed down on the abort mechanism. All at once the monitors went dead and silence filled the room. Ami Mizuno breathed hard, her fist clenched against the button, sweat dripping down her face. Slowly she sank to her knees on the floor, utterly silent. Mercurius slowly walked over and without another word, knelt down and pulled her into a tight hug, the woman resting her face against his chest. There were no tears, no cries but she gripped onto his shirt with every bit of strength she could muster.

“MOH! WHY IS STREAMLABS DOWN AGAIN!? ORLANDOOOO DO SOMETHING!!!!” Minako whined, pressing every button she could think to try and get her computer running again.

Mercurius walked over to where Ami was sitting, a mug of tea in her hands.

“Emi’s finally asleep” he said, sitting next to her. “Thankfully she didn’t even notice what was going on.”

“I accept your proposal,” Ami said quietly. Mercurius blinked for a moment and glanced over to the woman.

“Pardon?” he said, trying to clumsy adjust his glasses. She pushed up her own glasses calmly.

“On behalf of the board of Mizunomics Corporation, I accept your proposal.” She bent up and gave Mercurius a quick kiss on the lips, causing his glasses to slightly steam up. Mercurius coughed a little. He wanted to say something, say anything at this point, but his mind was completely and utterly blank. Quite the thing for a psychic, he thought to himself. He said nothing, but turned back to look out across the city.

As Ami leaned up against him and his put his arm around her, they both watched as the Mizunomics Brand Robot rocket punched a gigantic kaiju into a nearby empty building.