Hotaru: Boss, Birthday Woman, Beauty

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Hotaru Tomoe – Boss, Birthday Woman, Beauty

Hotaru Tomoe – Boss, Birthday Woman, Beauty

Part One


“It’s our boss’s birthday, you know.” The two women were lounging around in the large den of the Aizu estate. One was on the carpet by the fireplace, looking through piles of magazines while the other woman with the long, dark hair with the hint of green lounged about on the sofa, eating from a box of chocolates. “You mean Tina?” replied the woman with the short, light brown hair, wearing the lavender, pink, and dark purple ensemble, continuing to flip through magazines about the latest fashions from San Francisco. “I thought that bitch’s birthday was in August.” Julianne rolled her eyes, “No, idiot. It’s Hotaru’s birthday today.”

Kokayo looked up from her magazines and stared at the green-haired woman dully. “Who?” Julianne closed her box of chocolates and looked at Kokayo with an expression of incredulity. “You know Hotaru. Short black hair with the violet tint, pale skin, likes talking about the end of life as we know it.” Kokayo blinked, still not understanding. Julianne sighed and rubbed her forehead, “You know, Sailor Saturn. The girl with the over-sized can opener.”

“OH HER! Right yeah…I knew that. So how old is she? She’s got be, what, 37 now?”

“Do you EVER bother to listen to yourself when you talk?” Kokayo grinned, “I try not to.” Julianne got up from the couch and moved down the carpet in front of the fireplace, sitting down next to Kokayo. “She’s 25 today.”

Kokayo nodded and closed the magazine she was reading. “So what’d you get her?” The Saturn Satellite Senshi of Illusions looked down at Kokayo, “...As a gift, you mean?” “Obviously, yeah. I mean, what, were you just going to sit her and not get her anything out of spite?” As Julianne looked away from Kokayo, searching for something to say as a response, a slow grin formed on the Saturn Satellite Senshi of Sense’s face. “You forgot, didn’t you! I can’t believe that the British Princess COMPLETELY forgot to get Sailor Saturn a present!” She howled with laughter.

Julianne twitched with anger, “For one thing…I’m not a princess. And as for forgetting, you’re no different. Hell, you forgot who she was!”

Kokayo wiped a tear from her eye, still grinning, “Yeah but it’s not like she cares about us, so why should we care about her?”


“Because it’s…the right thing to do.” Julianne sighed. “So what do you think we should get her?” asked Kokayo as she sat up, running a hand through her short hair to get it out of her face.

Julianne pondered, “Well, it’s true that she doesn’t really know us. And it’s not like we ever met her in our past life.”

“Speak for yourself, woman.”

The green-haired girl blinked and looked at Kokayo, “What do you mean by that? You’re not telling me that you got to see Saturn, right?”

Kokayo smirked. “Yeah, I did. I’m sure you’ve heard of Sailor Titan, right?” Julianne nodded, “Of course I have. The mysterious woman whose only duty was to guard the sleeping Saturn. The ‘Saturn which sleeps until she is called upon to perform her duty of the Cleansing, she is forever guarded in her crystalline coffin by the One known as Sailor Titan.’ So what about her?”

“Don’t you think it was sad how she was stuck there, guarding that coffin every single second of her life?” Julianne thought about this, “I guess it must’ve been a pretty sucky duty. But don’t Sailors Pluto and Charon and others had..have?...duties similar to hers?”

Kokayo nodded. “Yeah, but listen to this! I, as the glorious Sailor Iapetus, visited Sailor Titan every day. I gave her news and gossip about the outside world.” A soft, genuine smile formed on her face, “I was her only friend.”

Julianne looked at Kokayo with a quiet and pensive expression on her face. “Is that so…” There was a silence. Kokayo was remembering her past life whilst Julianne was thinking about the newly learned information.

“So anyway, what are we going to do about Mistress Hotaru?” Kokayo looked at Julianne, “When’d you start calling her ‘Mistress Hotaru’?” Julianne smiled, “Just now!”

Kokayo rolled her eyes, “Anyway, there probably isn’t much we can give her. I fucking suck at cooking and baking, and you’re no Golden Chef either.”


“How about making her something? Or buying her a book?” Julianne thought a moment, wondering how to respond.

“We’re honestly not that rich, you know. And she probably has all the books she could ever want.”


The two of them sat there, thinking.


“I KNOW!” Julianne loudly and suddenly blurt out, causing Kokayo to fall over from the utter shock. “We can give her a vacation!”


“…a vacation?”


“Yeah! It’ll be perfect!” Julianne was grinning ecstatically, so thus, Kokayo was just a bit creeped out. “What’re you talking about? I thought we just agreed that we’re broke poor.”


“Well listen here. I figured that, since Mistress Hotaru is living in such a hectic place, why not give her a chance to relax and go someplace whenever she wanted?” Julianne smiled brightly.

“Oh really. And how are we supposed to manage that, hm?” Kokayo didn’t really seem to be liking where this was heading.

“Kokayo, think for a second. What are we?”


“Mercenaries?” Julianne sweatdropped a little, “Yes, but what kind?”


Kokayo paused for a moment, trying to think of the answer. Eventually she winced and groaned, having hurt her brain from too much thinking. “Man, I don’t know the answer. What the fuck, Jules.”

Julianne once again rolled her eyes. “Kokayo, we’re Satellite Senshi. Saturn Satellite Senshi.”

“Oh. Yeah so what’s your point?”


“….Okay look. This would be a joint present, obviously. She would tell us where she wanted to go and what she wanted to do to relax. I would create the illusion, and you would work her senses accordingly.” Julianne paused for a moment to let it all sink in. As Kokayo opened her mouth to say something, Julianne continued, “Now honestly I could just do it all by myself, but it’d be so much easier if you helped. So. What do you say?”


Kokayo grinned broadly, “I say you’ve got yourself a deal.” She stood up and stretched, her outfit showing the wrinkles where she was laying down. “If you ask me, we should head on over to Hotaru’s place to give her this wondrous gift.”


Julianne smiled and nodded, also getting up. “Alright, let’s go.”

Hotaru Tomoe – Boss, Birthday Woman, Beauty

Part Two


Maeko Nakano was quietly sitting in her two room apartment. Things hadn’t been going well at the hospital she worked at. Granted, she wasn’t a full surgeon yet, so her pay wasn’t all that grand. Still, she continued to hope to become such a success as she was back home.

She put down her textbook on Human Anatomy And Their Inner Workings and sighed in disgust. “Why does it have to be so difficult. Scalpels, scissors, gas. Ugh, it’s annoying.” She drew up her legs and held the close to her bosom as she sat on her couch, her hands clasped in front of her. She rested her chin on her knees and stared down at the barren carpet in front of her. “Why did I ever leave?”

“Maybe because you wanted to live in a different world?” Maeko looked up with a gasp, not realizing someone had come into the room. She stood up as a 5’7” woman walked in. She wore a dark beige trench coat with a matching, round-brimmed hat. “You really should lock your door, you know.” The woman grinned and took off her hat to reveal long, hazel-brown locks which curled at the end and ended several inches below her collarbone.

Taking off her coat and neatly tossing it onto the armrest of the sofa, the Great Pirate Lantune, Queen of the Emerald Seas in the Realms of Tortall and Emelan, smiled wickedly, “Mae, it’s really nice to see you again. I’m saddened that I lost my best Healer Mage because she wanted to come to this place.” Maeko grinned lopsidedly, a slight blush on her face. She looked at the Pirate and noticed an unusual metal chain-collar on the taller woman’s neck. “What is that?”

“It’s a long story, Mae, and I’ll tell you it another time.” Pirate Lantune sat down beside Maeko, her expression becoming a tad bit more serious. “Mae, tell me something. Why do you deny it?”

Maeko looked at the pirate and frowned, “You mean…Hotaru, right?” The Pirate nodded. “I don’t want that duty, Lantune. I admit it, yes, I’m Sailor Telesto, the Saturn Satellite Senshi of Healing, but I don’t WANT that title!”

She looked down at her lap, clasping her hands tightly and biting her lip, “I don’t want to be forced to help people like that. I can see it now, ‘Telesto! Help us! We’re BLEEDING and we can’t do anything to save out own necks!’” She looked at the Pirate, a small look of anger forming on her face, “Or they’ll say, “Damn you, Telesto, you can’t do jack shit against the enemy. Why don’t you go run home to your ambient mages.’”

“Ambient mages…? No, I won’t ask. This isn’t the time for it.” Lantune placed her hands on Maeko’s shoulders and turned the smaller girl to her, “Mae, listen to me. You have to make yourself known to her. You need to show her what you can do to help her and the future of this world.” A small smile formed on Lantune’s face, “Now that you’re living here, you might as well add to it as best as you can.”

Maeko stood up and squared her shoulders, stuck out her chin, and took a breath. “I can do this.” She turned back to the Pirate and smiled. “Thank you.”




The End