Makoto's Fantasia

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Title: Makoto's Fantasia
Author: Euri
Date Written: 12/20/2020
Continuity SSEU Earth 1337-A
Time Placement December, 2020
Synopsis After a night out drinking with friends, Makoto is confronted by another series of sexy dreams.
Rating M
Additional Notes Part 2 of Makoto's Nightfalls. Content Warning: Sex and lots of it. TW: Sexual Assault during Senpai dream.

Forty-five year old Makoto Kino, who appeared just as she did when she was 25, looked at herself in her floor length mirror. She bit her lip in consternation as she eyed the two clothing options she held in either hand: her skimpy, sleek, dark red dress, or the forest green halter top with the black, side zipper, ankle-length pants. ‘It’s just a night out with the girls,’ she thought. ‘It shouldn’t be so hard to figure out what to wear.’ She didn’t even realize she made a noise of annoyance after she put up one outfit to her body after another, not knowing which would look best on her.

Motoki passed by the open door to the bedroom and paused when he spotted his scantily clad wife by the foot of their bed, gazing at herself in the mirror. Grinning, he placed his dinner plate full of scraps from the lovingly prepared dinner Makoto had made for him earlier on the couch’s end table and swooped in. In one swift move he crept up behind his wife and cupped her voluminous breasts in his large, heavy hands, and gave her a loving squeeze.

“Motoki!” Makoto cried out in embarrassment, flushing. She turned to look back at her tall, blond, husband and lightly swatted him on his arm. “You’re going to make me late, dear,” she said, mock reproachfully. He gently kneaded her breasts for a moment, eliciting an ever so soft moan from his wife and then chuckled. Makoto composed herself and gripped her husband’s hands, yanking them off of her. Her breasts slapped back down on her chest with a resounding thwack as she locked her emerald green eyes with his olive green ones, frowning cutely.

Motoki took a step back, raising his hands up in a sign of surrender. “Alright, alright, I won’t be a bother.” He eyed his wife, wearing nothing but her dark green hip hugger panties and raised an eyebrow as he said, “I’m surprised you aren’t ready yet, Mako. That’s not like you.”

Makoto sighed as she went to put on her favorite pink push-up bra with its pattern of rose petals, lifting up each breast, one at a time, to nestle them comfortably in each cup. Adjusting her bra once more, she responded with mild annoyance, “I just can’t figure out what to wear.”

Motoki eyed the two outfits that lay on the bed. “Why not go for the pants and shirt combo?” he suggested helpfully. “It’s supposed to be cold out tonight and your dress doesn’t cover your legs all that much.” Makoto eyed the dress in question for the moment and thought to herself, ‘It’s not like I’m trying to look good for anyone but myself.' She smiled at her husband and said “How did I manage to marry such a sensible man?” Motoki grinned that boyish grin of his and leaned down to kiss his wife. Tilting her head up to accept it, she sighed happily. She placed her hands on his broad chest and gently pushed him, “Go on! Leave me be so that I may dress in peace!” He laughed and said, “As you wish, m’lady.” He bowed before exiting the room.

Giggling to herself, Makoto proceeded to finish getting dressed; sexy halter top, tight black pants, and black booties . She grabbed her crossbody purse from the dresser and exited the bedroom, entering the living room of their wing. She twirled in front of her husband as he sat on the sofa, t.v. remote already in hand. “Well? How do I look?” she asked with a smile. “Absolutely stunning, dear.” He got up and walked her to the door of their suite. He reached over to the credenza where a neatly folded, pale green sweater laid upon it. He picked it up and handed it to her. “Here, sweetheart, so you don’t get cold.”

Makoto took the sweater and put it on. As she pulled it down past her bottom, she looked down and saw the embroidered turtles dancing along the bottom hem. She plastered on a bright smile and lied, saying, “It’s so cute! Thank you!” Motoki grinned, his eyes alight with a child-like joy, and said, “When I saw it at the store, I just knew I had to get it for you. It looks so good on you!” Makoto smiled at him and stepped out of their apartment. She gave him one last kiss and headed down the hallway to meet up with Ami in the main lobby of Mori Tower.

Descending from her wing on the 48th floor of Mori Tower in the Mizunomics Labs department, she exited the elevator to the main lobby of the massive, 54 story building. She looked around at the salarymen, journalists, scientists, and common folk alike until she spotted a familiar blue head of hair. She grinned and made her way through the dwindling crowd. Sneaking up behind Ami, she gave her a resounding slap on her back with a jovial, “Hey Ami! Are you ready for tonight?”

Ami stumbled forward with a jerking movement. Her phone slipped from her hands and she fumbled to catch it before it fell to the marble floor with a clatter. “Ah! Sorry about that!” Makoto crouched to go and pick it up, “Let me get that for you,” she said as she looked at the now visible screen. It looked oddly familiar but she couldn’t quite make out what it was without a closer inspection. “No! It’s okay!” Ami said quickly as she snatched the phone up from beneath Makoto’s hand. Makoto blinked in mild confusion at Ami’s unusually curt reaction and straightened. ‘Was that a naked woman?’ she wondered to herself as she curiously looked at her serious friend. The shorter girl hurridly put away her phone in her black fanny pack. Ami was wearing a warm looking, dark gray peacoat, a white, collared button down undershirt beneath a blue, gray, and white argyle patterned woolen vest, and powder blue slacks with dark gray flats. ‘She looks very comfortable,’ Makoto thought to herself. ‘Not very fashionable, but nice.’ Smiling a wry smile, Makoto said, “Looking good, Ami-chan! C’mon, Minako-chan said she’d be waiting for us outside.” She looped her arm with Ami’s and dragged the slightly flushed girl out into the cold of the night.

Before them, parked on the side of the street, idled a very fancy looking limousine. A white cat was weeping on the roof of the car as a buxom blonde stood next to the open back door, scolding him. “I’ve already told you a million times, Artemis! You can’t come with us tonight!” “But Minaaaaaaaa! I'm so aloooone!’ the white cat cried drunkenly as he wept. Minako groaned audibly, her face in her hands, her face starting to turn red from either frustration or from the cold, Makoto couldn’t tell.

“Aww, c’mon ‘Nako! Don’t be so hard on him,” pleaded an accented voice from within the limo. As Makoto reached to pick up the trembling Artemis off of the roof of the car, Ami bent to make her way into the car. Makoto brought the whimpering Artemis to her eye level and said, “I don’t know, Minako. He doesn’t look too good…” Minako “harrumphed” and said, “That’s what I was saying! He’s in no condition to be out.” “Minaaaaa--eurgh--” Makoto swiftly held Artemis as far from her as possible as he upchucked.

“Eeewwww” was the chorus of voices as Artemis sobbed. Makoto checked to see that, thankfully, none of his technicolor rainbow landed on her. ‘Motoki would be so upset if the new sweater he got me was ruined...’

Minako sighed and took her cat. She turned to the girls and brightly said, “I’ll be right back in two shakes of a jiffy!” Makoto watched as Minako who was wearing a very form fitting, bright orange dress that went down to her mid thigh, with plenty of boob window slits, matching orange pumps and white fishnet stockings with a warm, white, faux fur coat, quickly strode back into Mori tower. Shaking her head with a wry chuckle, Makoto bent and entered the limo.

One side of the long limo had an extravagant bar, lit in a rosy, romantic color. It was as opulent as the rest of the limousine. ‘Wow,’ Makoto thought as she slid onto the row of seats in the back of the limousine. She found herself beside Ami who sat in the corner of the seats as they rounded the other side of the limousine. Further down the row of seats were Rei and Matsumi who greeted her warmly. Makoto leaned down to whisper in Ami’s ear, “What’s going on with those two?” Ami whispered back, “Matsumi keeps wanting to try all of the alcohol but Rei keeps stopping her. She said that if Matsumi drinks too much too soon, she would get sick and doesn’t want Minako to deal with the cleaning bill.” Makoto nodded and simply said, “That makes sense.”

After a while of watching Matsumi and Rei bicker good naturedly, Rei explaining what each type of alcohol was and how messed up Matsumi would be if she downed each bottle, Makoto grinned, feeling excitement for the night welling up inside of her. Ami’s close up, studious view of Makoto’s mammaries, which Makoto was very much oblivious to, was cut short as Minako came back. Minako slid hastily onto the row of seats, bumping into Makoto which caused her to mush into Ami, much to the shorter girl’s delight as Makoto’s bosom pressed into her just for a moment.

“Let’s roll and rock!!” Minako shouted through the intercom to the hidden driver up front. The limousine started to move as “C’est la Vie” started to play through the sound system. Rei groaned audibly as Minako and Matsumi began to sing along. Their ride to Shinjuku was filled with laughs, bad singing, and even a couple of drinks of sparkling champagne as Minako toasted to their friendship! The girls’ spirits were definitely in good humor as the limousine rolled to a stop in Ni-chome street. The door opened and the girls all clambered out, revealing them to be in a middle of a dark, fairly busy, street. Minako pointed to a building on the corner and said, “There it is!!” They had arrived at a bar called Midas, its name spelled out in rainbow gradient letters on a black flag as it waved in the frigid wind.

Entering, they made their way through a throng of women to a rounded booth at the back end of the building. Makoto found herself bumped by several women, offering many apologies as she tried to make her way through as obsequiously as possible. Once they arrived to their table, Minako handing the reservation placard to the cute waitress that had guided them to their spot after Minako had told them who she was, they climbed into the booth.

“Minako-chan, take off your coat, it’s suffocating me,” Matsumi complained as she sat between Minako and Ami. “Moh! You all can’t appreciate sophisticated beauty!” Minako responded with a sniff as she shrugged off her coat. Rei rolled her eyes, sitting on the outer edge of the booth beside Minako, and she unzipped her sleek, black, trench coat, revealing herself to be wearing a tight, sexy black dress belted at the waist with a silver chain sparkling with rubies and a long sleeved, shoulder baring, thin red undershirt. Matsumi, on the other hand, continued to wear her comfortable denim jacket, which matched her jeans, over her long t-shirt.

Makoto watched them all, feeling a bit envious. ‘They’re all so beautiful and glamorous and I’m just a lumbering oaf…’ She looked down at her hands clasped together on her lap, the dancing turtles on the hem of her long sweater smiling brightly up at her. She cringed. She looked over at her friends as they perused the drink and appetizer menus in the dim light of the bar, string lights along the ceiling molding giving a golden glow to the dark wood paneling of the bar.

‘Rei-chan has that sleek, mysterious, ancient Japanese maturity and nobility to her. I could never be so graceful.’ Makoto thought as she watched Rei pull a strand of her silky, black as night hair behind her ear.

‘Minako-chan radiates beauty off of her like a perfume. I could never match up to her divine beauty,’ Makoto thought as Minako explained what certain drinks were on the menu to Matsumi.

‘Matsumi-chan has that exotic, American beauty about her. I could never compete with her good looks,’ Makoto thought as she watched Matsumi brightly exclaim that she wanted to try a martini!

‘And Ami-chan is just cuteness personified. She’s the ultimate Japanese woman; demure, sweet, kind, intelligent, and petite.’ Makoto thought as she sat on the other outer edge of the rounded booth, looking over Ami’s shoulder at the menu she held in her dainty hands.

Makoto let out a little sigh, her shoulders slumping. She didn’t think anyone had heard her over the thump of the pleasant 80s synthwave music that played throughout the speakers but she was clearly proven wrong as Ami looked up at Makoto and asked softly, “Are you okay, Mako-chan?” Makoto shook her head, a smile on her face, and responded, “Yeah, Ami-chan, I’m fine.”

Their conversation was cut short as a cute waitress walked up to them, her pink, sparkling eyeshadow matching her bright pink, undercut hair. She grinned at the girls, introduced herself as Ayeka, and took their orders, after a bit of last minute confusion as to what to order on Makoto and Matsumi’s parts, who hadn’t yet made their decisions. With a flirtatious wink to Minako, she walked back behind the bar to get the order in motion.

Matsumi gripped Minako’s forearm and drew close and in a hushed, accusatory voice, she said, “Nako!! You winked back at her!!” Smiling at Matsumi, Minako responded, “Yeah, so?” Matsumi looked around conspiratorially before asking, “Do you like her?” Minako shrugged with a grin. “Who knows? Half the fun is finding out if I do or not.”

“Don’t be so old fashioned, Matsumi-san,” Rei said, her slender hands atop one another on the table’s surface. “People these days are all about getting to know each other between the sheets before they get to know one another’s minds’.”

“Well, I don’t know about that,” Matsumi began.

Ami broke in, her voice a bitter, “What would you know? You’re married. You haven’t had to figure out dating anyone for a long time.” Makoto looked at Ami, surprised by the tone in her voice.

“Ami-chan, that’s not true! I have a girlfriend now, too!” Matsumi said in defense of Ami’s statement.

Rei scoffed. “Sounds greedy to me. A husband and a girlfriend? I’m surprised you don’t have more.”

Minako scowled at Rei and said, “There’s nothing wrong with having so much love that you have to share it with more than one person, you know!”

As Rei rolled her eyes Makoto said, “Oh yeah, that’s right Matsumi-chan, you’re dating Euri, aren’t you?”

“Who’s Euri?” asked Rei, curious. “Kizoku Inochi was the former Sailor Guardian of Europa and is my current Champion of Mercury as Neo Sailor Mercury,” Ami stated matter of factly. Rei made a knowing sound of acknowledgment.

Matsumi nodded, her face beaming as she said, “I am dating Euri, yeah!"

“Didn’t she have a husband?” Ami asked. Makoto shrugged, saying, “I heard he died in some sort of space war.”

Matsumi shook her head and said, “She told me they went their separate ways. It just didn’t work out for some reason. Haak’s still out there fighting the good fight, or so she says."

Minako leaned in close to Matsumi and leered, asking, “Have you had a threeway yet?”

Matsumi flushed and responded quickly, “No! Euri isn’t into my Hideki like that!” Minako giggled and asked mischievously, “I bet you wish she was, ne~?”

Matsumi was thankfully spared from answering as Ayeka chose that moment to arrive with their drinks and finger foods!

As the girls got their respective drinks, dark & stormy for Rei, sex on the beach for Minako, Tom Collins for Minako, blueberry mule for Ami, and blushing ginger rose cocktail for Makoto, Minako raised her glass high and said aloud, “A toast for us girls! Stronger together through thick and thin until the end of time!”

“Kanpai!” they chorused as they all attempted to clink their glasses with one another’s. Makoto had to lean over the table a bit to reach Rei and found herself pressing into Ami a bit. “Ah, gomen, Ami-chan! I didn’t mean to smoosh you there,” Makoto said a bit sheepishly, embarrassed as she had bodily pressed against the smaller girl’s side.

Ami adjusted her glasses and promptly responded, her face a bit pink, “It’s quite alright, Mako-chan. I didn’t mind your melocotones in my face.”

Makoto blinked and looked at Ami in confusion. “My what?”

Ami looked up at the taller woman sitting beside her and responded, “Your peaches.”

Makoto looked blankly back at her, not comprehending. Ami merely smiled a secret smile and took another sip of her drink.

The night wore on as the girls ate their finger foods and had drink after drink. Makoto tried to pace herself as she saw how much both Minako and Matsumi were drinking. She looked over at Rei across the table and thought, ‘She looks like she hasn’t even touched a drop!’

As another order of kara-age arrived for them to snack on, Matsumi found herself asking, "So what was it like fighting Nehelenia? Hotaru-chan told me she managed to go directly to the real Nehelenia to save Chibiusa, but that you all had to fight clones?"

"She felt real enough to me," Makoto answered as she leaned back in the booth. "We were all split up during our teleport and I was lucky enough to find Usagi-chan right away." She pursed her lips for a moment, her gaze going far away as she recalled the memory. "I had found her in the most beautiful field of flowers I have ever seen. She was going to be slaughtered by Nehelenia right there in front of me like a newborn lamb. I rushed in to save her." Makoto smiled a small smile, "I even managed to get a throe and a couple of hits on Nehelenia but then the bitch floated away from me. I tried pleading with her to not kill Usagi but of course she didn't listen and blasted out this terrible black lightning…" Makoto frowned, her voice going softer, "It hurt like a pain I had never felt before. It hurt worse than when I died at Point D or when my Dream Mirror and Heart Crystal and Star Seed were taken away from me. Combined all of those together and it still wasn't as bad as Nehelenia's attacks." Makoto began to tremble a bit and Ami put her hand on Makoto's arm. Makoto looked down at Ami to see her reassuring smile and she smiled back weakly. "I took blast after blast, protecting Usagi-chan with my whole body but then, in the end, it was too much for me and I passed out. I don't know how Usagi survived…"

There was a hushed silence from the group as Makoto finished her story. Matsumi broke it with a reverent "Wow…"

Minako chugged her drink and slammed it onto the table, the loud sound causing the other girls to jump. "If you think that's bad," she said vehemently, "at least you weren't settled with a USELESS Sailor Pluto!"

"Oho?" Matsumi asked as a grin flew onto her face. Minako always told the most energetic of stories. Makoto used her free hand to give Ami's hand that was still on her arm a gentle squeeze. She whispered, "Thanks Ami-chan," and let go. After a moment of reluctant hesitation, Ami took her hand from Makoto's arm and turned to listen to Minako's version of events.

Signaling to Ayeka for another round of drinks, Minako continued. "There we were at the edge of this canyon. We had been chased for miles by Nehelenia's mirror clones through a maze-like cave system, that I so expertly guided us out of, and Sailor Pluto was exhausted. There was a rickety old looking bridge in front of us and she was all like," Minako dropped the pitch of her voice to mimic Setsuna's and said, "Go on ahead, Venus! I'll hold them off!" Minako scoffed, "If I hadn't gone back to save her, she would've died! She could barely hold off one, let alone hundreds." She rolled her eyes as Rei shook her head incredulously.

"And do ya know what the worse part was?" Minako asked like a story teller feeling in her captive audience.

"What??" chorused both Matsumi and Makoto, enthralled.

"Her time key is So Heavy that when we ran across, the bridg broke into a million pieces! I had to use my Love Me Chain to grab onto the cliffside in an attempt to save us from falling to our dooms." She sighed melodramatically, trailing off in her story but clearly there was more to be said.

"What happened next??" Matsumi asked eagerly.

Glancing at Matsumi through her bangs, pausing for just a beat, Minako then said, "Pluto's staff was So Heavy that the strain she put on me and my Chain as she held onto my ankle caused the chain to break and we fell into the darkness. Next thing I knew we came to in that chamber with everyone else."

"Sailor Pluto really is useless, isn't she," Ami said knowingly, not really asking.

"Tell me about it!" was Minako's exasperated agreement.

"if you think that's bad, you should've seen how useless Neptune was," Rei began after she took another sip of her drink.

For some reason, Makoto found herself very interested in what Rei had to say.

"We were lost in a dark forest and first we argued about which way to go. She used her mirror to guide her way while I used my spirit sense. And you know how accurate my psychic powers are." The girls, except Matsumi, all nodded.

"Well, we go her way and, what a surprise, Nehelenia shows up. She attacked us with her hair and I leapt out of the way and Of Course Neptune gets all wrapped up, unable to move."

Minako interjected, "Weren't Uranus and Neptune also wrapped up by Mistress Nine's hair, too? Isn't that what Usagi-chan told us?"

"Sounds like they're into some kinky BDSM," Ami remarked coolly. Makoto found herself wondering what it would be like to be bound by Haruka, subjected to her every desire. She felt a warmth coming to her cheeks that wasn't just from her drinking.

"So I managed to shoot my fire arrow through Nehelenia which made her release Neptune. I didn't see where Nehelenia ran off to because Neptune stumbled over to me, knocked me down into a puddle of water, and next thing I knew I awoke with everyone else." Rei once more rolled her eyes as Matsumi and Minako offered their sympathies for having been teamed up with someone so useless.

"What about you, Ami-chan?" Matsumi wanted to know.

Ami finished off her drink and then said, a bit bitterly, "Uranus nearly died for me."

"What?" Makoto heard herself ask.

Ami adjusted her glasses before she went on, saying, "We were lost in an ancient, ruined labyrinth. Sailor Uranus was impatient and kept running away, trying to find an exit. Once we had discovered that we were in a never ending maze, Nehelenia appeared and taunted us." She paused in her story to take a small sip of her drink.

"Sailor Uranus is the most impatient and stubborn woman I have ever met. And yet, even with her endless, futile attacks against Nehelenia causing her to be blasted away over and over, she still had the strength left to persevere. She knew I needed time to decipher how to break the illusion and so she used her body as a human shield and took the brunt of Nehelenia's attacks with nary a yelp of pain." Ami looked up from her glass and saw everyone staring at her with wide eyes. She sighed and quickly finished her monologue, "We broke the illusion and easily defeated Nehelenia, who turned out to be a mirror clone. As we were celebrating, we were immediately snuck up on and captured." She shrugged, having ended her story rather abruptly.

Matsumi let out a low whistle. "Wow… sounds like you guys really managed to handle them well! I have 'ta hand it to you, you guys really are amazing."

"AWww Matsumi!!!" Minako squealed in delight as she glommed onto her friend, hugging her tightly. Matsumi giggled tipsily as she hugged her back happily.

As Makoto watched her friends chat, she thought on what Ami had said. 'Haruka is so amazing… She's so fearless and strong and noble. She's willing to sacrifice herself for the ones she loves. Just like me!' She let out a happy, wistful sigh as she daydreamed about being saved by the handsome Prince Haruka on a grandiose horse.

"You know after about the third time he got dumped I slapped Artemis on the back and said, 'nee, Artemis, don't you think it's time you stopped being a pussy?!" Minako turned to her friends, a wide grin on her face. "Get it?? Because he's a cat!!"

Matsumi groaned loudly, her face in her hands, "Oh my God, Mina, that was so bad…"

Rei opened her mouth to chide Minako’s bad joke but then, suddenly, the lights dimmed and a hush grew over the patrons of the bar. A small stage in the corner had been lit and one of the servers announced the beginning of Karaoke Night. Knocked out of her daydreaming by the sudden change in atmosphere, Makoto looked around.

"Oh no," Makoto heard Rei whisper, the onyx haired woman's face growing pale.

Minako let out an ear piercing screech. “I LOVE karaoke!! C’mon, Matsumi!! Let’s go!!” Matsumi, her face flushed from booze, eyes shining, responded equally as shrill with a resounding "OKAY!!”

As Minako bodily shoved Rei out of her way/climbed over her, Rei crying out, “Hey, watch it, Mina!”, Matsumi crawled out from beneath the table. Ami was jostled into Makoto as Matsumi clambered out.

“Sorry, Mako-chan,” Ami said softly. Makoto looked down at Ami who was lightly holding onto her buff arm, their thighs touching, and grinned at seeing the redness on the smaller girl’s cheeks. “Hey, it’s okay. Are you having a good time?” Ami smiled happily up at Makoto and nodded with a hearty and cute, “Yes! I haven’t had such a nice and relaxing time in so long.” After a moment, Ami let go of Makoto’s arm, though she made no movement to move down the booth. Instead, she leaned her head on Makoto’s arm and sighed dreamily. Makoto blushed faintly at the unexpected affection. A tapping sound caught her attention and she looked over to see a frowning Rei sitting at the booth, glaring daggers at Minako and Matsumi as the two girls drunkenly sang “C’est la Vie” for all of the patrons in the bar.

“It’s bad enough that they sang it in the car ride here nonstop! Now they’re going to ruin everyone else’s ears with it, too?” Her face was a full on glower but, as Makoto noticed, Rei seemed to like the song; the tapping sound was her fingers tapping the tabletop in time with the song.

As the song wound towards the end, Ami suggested, “Why don’t you join them, Rei-chan?” Rei scoffed, “Yeah right, you would never catch me dead up there.” “Why not?” Makoto wanted to know. “You have a great singing voice!”

Rei looked down at her empty drink glasses, her face also slightly flushed. “I’ve had to give up that part of my life. I’ve been so focused on running Hikawa Shrine, I haven’t really had much time to myself.” She let out a wry smile and continued, saying, “This is the first night I’ve taken off in a long time.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that, Rei-chan,” Ami said sympathetically. “You don’t get to do any singing at all?” Makoto asked. “Well… I’ll sing when we have fundraisers,” Rei answered. Then she smiled, saying, “I like to sing in the shower. Good acoustics.”

Makoto grinned and said, “Well, it looks like you’ll get to show us how rusty you’ve gotten.” “Huh?” was Rei’s confused response before she was descended upon by Minako and Matsumi.

Rei was dragged out of the booth, a yelp escaping her normally poised and calm face. “Mina! Matsumi! Stop, no!” She was dragged onto the stage, her face bright red, but she didn’t make any move to go back to the table.

Makoto was laughing uproariously as Ami giggled cutely beside her. Ayeka came by just then to leave another round of drinks for all of them and clear their empty glasses. She paused for a moment to watch the two blondes and the raven haired woman sing “Kakumei wa Night and Day” together. “They have quite the pipes on them, don’t they?” she said admiringly. The pink haired woman turned to smile at Makoto and winked at Ami before heading back out of sight.

“You know…” Makoto began a bit slowly, having seen the flirtatious wink.

“Hm?” was Ami’s lazy, mildly drunk response.

“When Minako first told us she was taking us to a Women’s Only bar, I wasn’t expecting anything like this. It’s really fun and lively. I would be surprised if Michiru and Haruka never came here." Makoto sighed wistfully as one exceptionally beautiful woman walked by, her long, coppery hair shining in the dim lights. "There are so many beautiful women here too…" She trailed off for the moment, lapsing into silence. Gazing at the crowd of women cheering on her friends as they sang, she thought to herself, 'I wish I could be as gorgeous as all of these women are.’

Ami murmured something that Makoto didn’t catch. “What was that?” Ami turned her sleepy head from its resting place on Makoto’s arm/side boob and looked up at her tall friend. With a drunken smile, she said confidently, “Your beauty is incomparable, Mako-chan. If I wrote an equation to quantify it the result would be an infinity." Makoto blushed as Ami’s hand fell onto Makoto’s well toned thigh, the blue haired woman’s pink, flushed face looking so cute in the dim light of the bar. Makoto felt her heart skip a beat.

Makoto gulped and said, a bit too loudly, “Oh, Ami-chan, that’s so sweet!” She reached for her drink and as she picked up her yet full glass, she stiffened; Ami’s hand had squeezed her upper thigh. “A-ami-chan!” Makoto cried out softly, startled.

Suddenly, Matsumi attempted to slide into the booth. However, she came from Makoto's side and just ended up bumping her entire body into Makoto before crumpling to the floor.

Unfortunately, the collision caused Makoto to spill her drink all over her chest and the table. "Oh shit!" Makoto exclaimed as grabbed some napkins to try and clean the mess on the table. Using Makoto's momentary distractedness, Ami began to wipe down Makoto's bosom with her own handful of napkins.

Makoto shuddered at Ami's touch and, her face blushing, she quickly got out of the booth, removing her body from Ami's hold and leaving the table a mess. She stumbled over Matsumi as the blonde tried to sit up but eventually made her way through the throng of women to the bathroom.

Makoto locked the door behind her as she entered the private room. Hands resting on the granite countertop, she breathed in deeply, trying to regain control of herself. She looked at herself in the mirror and grimaced at the large, dark and stinky stain that took up most of the front of her sweater. "Tch," she said in annoyance. She tried to pat it dry with a paper towel, to no avail. Trying to rub the stain off of her chest made her remember what it felt like when Ami had done it to her just a few moments before. Blushing, Makoto shook her head to try and clear it of the confusing emotions and her mild drunkenness. 'Ami-chan is just my dear friend. She was trying to help me, is all,' she told herself before yanking off the ruined sweater. She made a small noise of disgust as a portion of the damp sweater hit her face. "Blegh…"

She began to try and wash out the stain in the sink as she scrubbed furiously in the hot water with pink hand soap. After a while she wringed out the sweater and examined her work.

"Well… this didn't help much…" she said softly to herself, annoyed. "Motoki's going to be so upset…."

She sighed, feeling defeated. She grabbed an empty plastic bag from beneath the counter and threw her soaked and filthy sweater into it with several handfuls of paper towels in an attempt to soak up the excess water.

Unlocking the bathroom door, she exited into the long, dark, and narrow hallway. At the end of the hallway, bathed in a plethora of ever changing lights, leaned Rei against the entryway. Her gaze was locked on Minako who was singing with a trio of girls. Rei's hair was unkempt, her face flushed, and her eyes sparkling with mirth; it had been so long since Makoto had seen such genuine joy on the miko's face that she felt her own smile broaden.

"Hey Rei-chan. Done singing already?"

Rei said, a bit defeatedly, "I tried my best but no one can keep up with Mina when she's on her A game." She turned to see Makoto standing next to her and looked her up and down. She grinned and asked, "Are you trying to put on a show, Mako-chan? Don't let Ami-chan see you like that~"

Makoto flushed. "Matsumi-chan made me spill my drink and ruined my sweater." She held up her plastic bag with the sweater in it to show her. Rei shook her head with a wry chuckle.

"Minna-san!! Thank you for letting me entertain you once again!! If you enjoyed it hashtag #CestlaV on Social Media!! Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu!!!" Minako struck her signature Sailor V pose before stepping down from the stage. Immediately, she was bombarded by a gaggle of fangirls, each of them asking to take selfies with her, wanting her autograph, and pretty much confessing their still undying love for her.

As Makoto and Rei passed by the group, Makoto's ears and cheeks reddened in embarrassment as she overheard one rambunctious woman's exceptionally lewd proposal to Minako. As the two of them made it back to their table, a slender, pale, tall woman with short cropped black hair and a lotus tattoo on her left shoulder began to sing a song full of sadness and hurt, her throaty, husky voice bringing an aura of somber calmness over the patrons of the bar.

"Matsumi-chan, are you alright?" Rei asked as she and Makoto slid into the rounded booth on opposite ends. Matsumi looked at Rei with teary eyes and said mournfully, "No…" Matsumi sniffled and said, "Why's she singing such a sad song anyways??? This is supposed to be a happy fun time place!"

Makoto said, "Matsumi-chan, it's Open Karaoke Night. Everyone's allowed to sing whatever they want."

"That's right," Ami agreed. She turned to smile at Makoto and her eyes widened, her face turning red. Makoto didn't notice Ami's reaction as she looked down at the cleaned table, her wet sweater bag on the floor by her feet.

"Did Ayeka get me a new drink?" Makoto asked. Ami licked her lips, enjoying the view of Makoto's bosom straining against the thin fabric of her halter top.

"Yes," was the strangled response. "She felt bad so she had an extra special drink made just for you."

Ami watched as Makoto lifted her glass to sniff the drink. The tall brunette made a face, the smell of the alcohol making her stomach lurch. "I think I've had enough for one night. My head already feels like it's swimming. If I drink anymore, I'll drown." She laughed at her joke, missing Ami's frown.

"What time is it?" Matsumi blearily asked. She had laid her head down on the table, her folded arms and her large breasts were acting like a pillow.

Rei checked her watch in the dim light of the bar. "It's two thirty."

“It’s two thirty in the morning?!” Makoto exclaimed loudly, stunned by how so much time has passed by.

“Yeah, Mako-chan!" Minako cried as she returned to their booth, sliding in beside Rei, "And the party is only getting started!”

“I don’t know if that’s such a good idea, Minako-chan,” Ami said as she rubbed Matsumi’s back. The blonde woman was now steadily crying softly. Ami hiccoughed and finished off her glass of water with her free hand. "Matsumi is in no shape to continue."

“Mooooh! It’s too early to go to bed, you guys!” Minako pleaded with them. “The night is still young!”

Makoto looked at all of her friend’s faces, at the variety of redness and swaying and being barely able to hold a pair of chopsticks to pick up the all but forgotten appetizers. Makoto shook her own swimming head and said, “Ami-chan’s right, Minako-chan. It’s getting pretty late.”

Rei smiled at Minako and said, “Don’t worry. There’s always next time.”

“Next time?!” Minako squealed and clutched Rei’s hands in her own, grinning broadly.

‘Oh no,’ Makoto thought to herself, feeling worn out already. ‘I can’t take another night of this.’

Matsumi lifted her head up and said, “I want more gingeraaaaaaaaale!”

Minako laughed, shaking her head as she took out her company credit card. She waved Ayeka over and smiled broadly. As Minako went about flirting with Ayeka once more, Makoto slid out of the booth. As Rei worked on cajoling Matsumi out of the booth, Ami exited as well.

She smiled up at Makoto, a dark glimmer in her eyes. "It's been so much fun, being here with you."

Makoto smiled back before grabbing her bag. "Yeah, it's been a great night."

As Minako returned, Rei, who had already put her coat back on, held out Minako's faux fur coat to her. Minako shrugged it on and then, grinning happily, led their group back outside.

Waiting out front was her limousine. Minako's stoic butler/chauffeur/boyfriend was standing at attention and had opened the back door for them. Makoto and Rei, the two who were the least wasted, helped Matsumi into the vehicle. Ami followed right behind and, once Minako blew kisses to the fangirls that had followed them out, entered her limo once more.

Minako called her driver through the intercom, "Be a dear, Timberlake-kun, and drop off Matsumi-chan first, won't you?"

As Orlando Timberlake Esq. confirmed her request, the vehicle set into motion. Minako leaned back into her plush seat with a loud and happy sigh. Matsumi, her head lolling from side to side, mumbled something incoherently about balloon animals.

Ami and Rei giggled cutely and Makoto smiled tiredly. Minako pressed a button and soothing jazz music began to play. "This is really nice, Minako-chan," Makoto commented sleepily. Minako smiled back, her eyes closed as she answered, "It's Yusuke Amade's new album, 'Enclosure.' I got it before it officially released," she said before covering a yawn with her hand.

The girls lapsed into a pleasant, sleepy silence as the ride wore on. The car pulled to a stop outside of Matsumi's home. Orlando helped the drunk girl out and escorted her to her front door, who was then welcomed back into her home by her husband.

After Orlando returned, they drove on towards the Hikawa Shrine. Makoto felt a pressure on her arm and looked down to see Ami's head resting on it. Realizing her companion had fallen asleep, she smiled fondly.

As the limousine rolled to a stop at the entrance to the shrine grounds, Minako and Makoto softly called their goodbyes to Rei as she exited the vehicle. Makoto watched as Rei walked onto the dark, serene grounds as they pulled away.

Makoto turned and saw Minako giving her an impish smile. Makoto blinked and asked tiredly, "What is it?"

"You look like a very comfortable pillow," Minako responded and gestured to Ami.

Makoto looked down and saw that Ami had made herself even more comfortable, snuggling up against Makoto's side, using her squishy breast as a pillow, clinging lightly to her arm. She chuckled softly and said, "Yeah, I guess I am."

After a while of soothing silence, the limousine came to a stop in front of Mori tower. Orlando opened Minako's door and offered to help her out. Makoto missed the salacious grin Minako had on her face as she glanced back at the two of them before exiting the car.

"Ne, Ami-chan," Makoto cooed softly as she gently stroked the shorter woman's cheek, "It's time to wake up. We're home."

"Mmmmm… " was Ami's murmured response as she rubbed her head against Makoto.

Blushing faintly at the unusual show of affection, Makoto gently shook Ami's free arm, "Hey, Ami-chan, c'mon. Wake up a bit and I'll help you inside."

Ami fidgeted and lifted her heavy head. She looked up at Makoto, her glasses askew, and her face red from having drank too much. She whispered something that Makoto didn't catch. Makoto leaned in and asked, "What was that?"

"I love you," was the very soft response Makoto heard before her mind went very very blank.

All she could focus on was Ami's lips that were now pressed against her own. Makoto's body stiffened in shock as Ami clung to the thin fabric covering her waist.

After what felt like an eternity, Makoto found herself kissing Ami back, her eyes closing as she fell into a void of pure bliss.

Ami's carnal moan of delight brought Makoto back to her senses. Her eyes flew open and she gently grabbed Ami by her shoulders and jerked her away. Makoto's big chest was heaving as the adrenaline surged through her.

"A-ami-chan, you're drunk! I can't let you do this!" Makoto said, feeling a mixture of guilt and excitement toil within her.

Ami bit her lip in a seductive manner, her eyes glinting with lust. She leaned towards Makoto and said, "But I love you, Mako-chan. I want to please you."

Makoto blushed at the declaration and noped on out of the car. She made a dash for the front entrance of the building, barely feeling the cold night air on her too hot skin.

Ami watched as Makoto ran away from her. She swore to herself. All pretense of being drunk vanished as she re-calculated her plan in her head, getting out of the car.

She glanced at the forgotten bag that housed Makoto's ruined sweater and a cold grin spread on her face. A new scheme began to formulate itself in her mind.

Makoto's mind was a whirlwind as she burst open the door to her suite. She didn't even notice as Motoki, lit aglow by the blue light of the tv as he sat on the sofa, fumbled to change the channel and used a throw pillow to precariously hide his throbbing manhood.

"H-hey Makoto-chan! Did you have a fun night with the girls?" Motoki asked falsely cheerful, hoping that Makoto didn't notice what he had been doing while watching a National Geographic special on sea turtles.

Makoto hadn't noticed. She merely rushed by him and mumbled something as a response. As she entered their bedroom, she threw herself onto the bed face first.

She clung to an extra pillow, her heart pounding in her chest. She shut her eyes tightly, trying to crowd out the memory of Ami's kiss.

As much as she tried to relax and forget, the ache in her loins kept bringing her back to the memory of Ami's soft lips hungrily, greedily pressing against her own. Ami's cute, soft body pressing into Makoto's as the blue haired woman clung to her like a koala on an eucalyptus tree.

She flushed with embarrassment as she buried her face into her pillow. Her hand, the one which wasn't trying to smother her to put her out of her misery, had made its way down her body and was currently unzipping her pants.

She reached her hand beneath her panties, chagrined at finding it already soaked from the excitement that had built from Ami's fervent kisses, and began to pleasure herself.

As Makoto thrust her middle and index fingers into her moist vagina, her throbbing and aching lips caressing her fingers, the palm of her hand rubbed and pressed against her hardened clit.

She gasped loudly, breaking free of her pillow prison, as her now free hand reached under her tight bra and grasped her large breast, squeezing it unbearably tightly.

Makoto began to lose herself to her bodily desires. The world around her, whether it was the ticking of her clock on the wall, the low hum of her essential oil diffuser-humidifier, or the quiet squeaking and low grunts coming from the living room, faded away from her attention. All she wanted was her release as her ecstasy built to a raging inferno.

Makoto clenched her thighs together onto her hand as she furiously pumped her fingers. She rolled onto her side as her whole body began to tremble, her mind falling apart into a haze ecstasy.

Makoto cried out softly before quickly clamping her free hand over her mouth to stifle herself. Her body shook as waves of pleasure began to crash through her like a tsunami. She cupped her aching, sticky loins with her hand, basking in the glow of aftershocks as they flowed through her like a gurgling river. An exhausted sigh escaped her as her addled mind, dizzy with both a pleasure high and the last remnants of her drunken escapades with her friends. Feeling content, her mind and body completely at ease, Makoto finally fell into a deep sleep.

Makoto stood on the rooftop of her high school, hands holding onto the chain link fence as she gazed at the setting sun down below.

She sighed.

"Something on your mind?" a deep voice asked.

Makoto jumped, startled, and whirled around to see Haruka standing there, hands in the pockets of her male school uniform.

“Haruka-san! What’re you doing up here?” Makoto asked, breathless.

Haruka strode up to Makoto and answered, “I could ask you the same thing.” She stood beside her and gazed down at the view below. After a moment, she explained, her voice going soft, “I saw you from the courtyard and knew I had to come see you.”

Makoto blushed at that admission. She looked down at her clasped hands, fighting the urge to fidget. “Well, I…” she began, unsure of how to explain what she was feeling.

Haruka turned her back to the view below and looked at Makoto. She smiled charmingly and said jovially, “You know you can tell me anything, right?”

Makoto looked up at Haruka and seeing that smile, she felt her heart melt into a puddle of happiness. ‘Oh what I would give to have her smile at me like that everyday,’ she dreamily thought to herself.

Smiling, feeling giddy, Makoto said, “I know it might sound silly, but I’m at a bit of a crossroads with what I should be doing?”

“Oh?” was Haruka’s interested response.

Makoto nodded and went on, “The girls and I were figuring out which clubs to join and I… got scouted for the track and field team.” She hung her head, feeling dejected.

“Oh hey now, that’s not bad,” Haruka said, trying her best to sound amiable. “What’s wrong with that? I was on the track team for several years. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to stay in shape.”

“I know that,” Makoto said. “They only want me because of how tall and strong I am. And I…” she trailed off.

“Yes?” was Haruka’s quiet question as she moved closer to Makoto to hear her better.

Makoto glanced upwards and saw just how close Haruka was standing to her. She felt her heartbeat quicken a bit. She licked her lips and said hesitantly, “I’d rather join the gardening club.. Or the cooking club.” She blushed a little, feeling embarrassed for wanting to do such traditionally girly things.

Haruka raised her eyebrows in mild surprise. “Oh yeah? Well how about that…”

Makoto averted her gaze, feeling suddenly shy for having exposed herself like that to Haruka, having revealed her inner self.

There was a flirtatious chuckle in Haruka’s voice as she said, “I’m sure if you join the Cooking Club, you would have a lot more fun.” As Makoto looked up at her, Haruka went on, “I’d love to have you cook for me sometime,” and winked. Makoto blushed fiercely. Her throat feeling a little dry from nervousness, she croaked out, “R-really?”

Haruka grinned and answered, “Yeah, of course! Michiru’s cooking is God Awful and besides,” she paused for a moment to build tension. She reached out and twirled one of Makoto’s loose hair strands between her fingers and said, “You’d be far more enjoyable to look at, wearing only an apron.”

Makoto actually made a tiny squeak, her face beet red.

Haruka chuckled softly, her deep, mysterious eyes never leaving Makoto’s ever so cute face. She let go of Makoto’s hair and straightened up a bit. “You could always join several clubs, you know. There’s no rule that says you can’t.”

Haruka turned to head back towards the staircase that led back downstairs and paused. She glanced back to see Makoto trying to fan her face to calm herself down and grinned.

Makoto watched as Haruka stepped up to her again. Mere inches away from one another, Makoto’s chest felt tight and heavy with excitement. Haruka softly commanded, “Do what you know will make you happy in the long run.” She leaned down and whispered in Makoto’s ear, “I always do.”

Before Makoto could react, Haruka’s lips were gingerly pressed to hers in the softest of kisses. It was over as quickly as it began. Makoto’s knees turned to jelly and she stumbled, leaning back against the chain link fence.

Haruka grinned wickedly at Makoto, enjoying the reaction she caused. “I’ll see you around,” she said before she turned and walked away.

Makoto speechlessly watched Haruka exit the rooftop. She touched her fingertips to her still tingling lips and nearly exploded with joy.

Makoto stood against the wall as energetic music played. She watched as the college students gyrated on the dancefloor and sighed wistfully. She missed the lingering looks several women glanced her way as she watched her friends enjoying themselves.

‘I knew I overdressed for the dance party,’ she thought bitterly to herself. Once Usagi had told her about the party that Mamoru’s college was hosting, she was eager to go. Perhaps overeager, as she then went about designing and sewing together the gorgeous black dress she was wearing. It was a very low cut, off shoulder strap black dress that flared fully out at the floor with a beautiful embroidered rose pattern. She loved how it pushed up her ample breasts to show them off and had twirled with delight when it was finally completed. All those weeks of work and effort to end up being a wallflower.

She sighed mournfully. Suddenly, Ami appeared! Makoto jumped, startled.

“You’re not looking very happy, Mako-chan,” Ami stated bluntly, wearing her cute vest and dress combo.

“A-ah, well, when you’re tall like me, no one ever asks you to dance. B-but I’m used to it,” Makoto admitted, embarrassed.

Breathily, Ami said, “Well, if you want, I would love to dance with you.”

Makoto smiled, took Ami’s offered hand in her own, and said, “Why not.” She pulled Ami onto the dance floor and the two girls began to twirl and dance beautifully. It’s as if the two of them were made for one another. When Makoto picked Ami up in a lift, it was as easy as pie. Makoto grinned happily as she twirled Ami, her skirt flaring out.

She was having the time of her life! She laughed gleefully as they came close together, stepping in perfect harmony as they held hands. The song ended to the cheers of the crowd. Makoto blushed as she realized that the crowd had been watching her dance with Ami. “W-well, that was really fun! Thanks, Ami!” As another song began to play, Ami said something that Makoto didn’t manage to hear. “What was that?” Makoto asked as she leaned down, Ami’s gentle hold on her forearms pulling her bit.

Ami closed her eyes, pursed her lips, and Makoto blushed fiercely as Ami went on tiptoe.

Suddenly, Makoto was pulled out of Ami’s grasp and spun around!

She came to a stop, her body pressed against the handsome, blonde figure that had whisked her away from her friend.

“H-haruka!” Makoto cried, stunned. Haruka smiled her devilishly handsome smile at Makoto that made her loins quiver.

“May I have this dance?” Haruka asked in her suave, debonair manner.

Breathless, her face flushing with excitement, Makoto nodded with a resounding, "Of course!"

Haruka grinned and Makoto nearly came all undone. Haruka held one of her firm strong hands at the small of Makoto's back whilst the other held onto Makoto's hand. As Haruka led Makoto into the first steps of their dance, Makoto became acutely aware of just how low cut her dress was, the fabric barely covering her ample breasts felt suddenly very tight across her nipples.

Makoto gazed up adoringly at Haruka as they danced to the beautiful music that played. She truly felt like a Princess that was swept off her feet by a handsome Prince. All Makoto could focus on was Haruka's charming smile, her sparkling blue-green eyes, and her wonderful scent of cologne. Everything else in the room, whether it was the other college students dancing, her friends watching them, and even Ami's glower of rage and jealousy was lost to her.

Makoto felt as light as a feather as Haruka twirled her. During one particular portion of the song, Haruka actually lifted Makoto into the air!

Makoto yelped and as she was brought down to Earth, she blushed fiercely and leaned her head against Haruka's collarbone, not wanting to be seen in just that moment.

Haruka chuckled softly at Makoto's absolutely adorable reaction. She laid one of her long pianist fingers beneath Makoto's chin and gently turned the brunette's face up so she could get a good look at her, asking, "What's wrong?"

Makoto bit her lip, finding herself incredibly embarrassed, face red. She licked her lips before answering in a throaty voice, "No one has ever… done that to me before. I was always too heavy to be lifted."

Haruka chuckled deeply and Makoto felt it in her bones. Her body trembled in response to the tingling in her loins.

Haruka gave Makoto a look over and after a quick glance around to the rest of the party, she asked, "Do want to get some fresh air with me?"

"S-sure! That would be great," Makoto responded, feeling relieved. 'Some fresh air will do me a lot of good,' she thought to herself. 'It will help me calm down.'

Smiling giddily, Makoto held onto Haruka's hand and gleefully followed her through the crowd of dancing college students. The words that Unazuki had told them earlier, about whoever danced together at the party would be sure to be soulmates, resurfaced in Makoto's mind. She giggled excitedly. They made their way to a side entrance and exited to find themselves in a rather secluded area of the campus grounds.

Makoto's heart skipped a beat as she thought she felt Haruka squeeze her hand before letting go. The brunette fanned herself and said, "Whew, it was really hot in there, wasn't it?"

Haruka chuckled that syrupy sweet chuckle that made Makoto want to fall to pieces and said, "Yeah. Dancing with you was quite the work out." Makoto blushed a bit, wondering if that was a joke at her expense. Any thoughts of being potentially insulted flew out of her brain as she watched Haruka remove her navy blue sports jacket, revealing the cool, white button down shirt beneath.

Makoto absentmindedly licked her lips before averting her gaze to look up at the late afternoon sky, her two hands clasped together in front of her.

For a moment, the two of them stared upwards at the slowly trailing clouds in the sky. The hint of a half moon was barely visible as the sun continued its way downward.

The thump of the muffled music coming from the dancefloor was like a soothing heartbeat. Makoto found herself daydreaming about dancing amongst the clouds.

"You know, Makoto…" Haruka said, breaking their comfortable silence.

"Hm?" was Makoto's half-distracted response.

"I always thought you were pretty cute," Haruka admitted and went on, saying, "But when I saw you in the hall, I couldn't believe how gorgeous you looked." Makoto whirled her head around to see Haruka gazing at her, her eyes sparkling with a heavy intensity.

Makoto blushed and refuted Haruka's compliment, "You're just saying that to be nice. You're a flirt, Haruka Tenoh."

Haruka grinned a lopsided grin, "I may be a flirt, but I always mean what I say." The taller woman bit her lip as she slowly looked Makoto up and down, drinking in every curve of the brunette's shapely body.

Makoto flushed, feeling Haruka's eyes hungrily devouring her. She gulped.

"That's a wonderful dress you've got," Haruka went on. "It made you stand out more than anyone else. I'm surprised no one wanted to dance with you."

"A-ah, well, like I told Ami-chan, no one wants to dance with someone who is too tall…" she trailed off and blushed cutely as Haruka lifted Makoto's hand and kissed it. Makoto heard herself blather on, "And I made my dress because most stores I go to don't have gowns in my size."

Haruka lifted an eyebrow at that last statement as she entwined her fingers with Makoto's. "Oh? I think you're the perfect size and shape for me," she said, her eyes quickly glancing down at Makoto's exposed cleavage.

Makoto smiled happily at hearing those words.

"And what's this?" Makoto heard Haruka ask. Her heart stopped beating for a moment as Haruka traced her fingers around the large, gold and ruby choker that nestled around the base of Makoto's neck. Blushing faintly at Haruka's nearness, Makoto responded quickly, "It belonged to my mother. It's one of the only things I still have of hers."

Haruka nodded, though she didn't seem to be listening. She fingered the large ruby at the center of the choker before she lightly trailed her fingertips slowly down Makoto's collar. Makoto heard herself gasp ever so quietly at Haruka's touch. Haruka's fingers trailed over the tops of Makoto's mounds, ending over the little peaks of her dress, caused by her hardening nipples beneath the too tight fabric of her dress.

The quietest "Oh!" escaped Makoto's open lips as she breathed heavily, her body trembling.

Haruka leaned down and pressed her lips to Makoto's, molding her hand against Makoto's pillowy breast and holding tightly.

Makoto moaned softly into Haruka's kiss and found herself clinging to the taller woman's shirt. Their kisses grew more more passionate, more needy, a fierce battle of dominance as they explored one another's mouths with their tongues, gasping for air after each passionate kiss.

Makoto didn't notice as Haruka's free hand found the zipper on Makoto's back and slowly zipped open her dress. What she did notice, however, was when Haruka's warm, strong hand held onto Makoto's now bared breast.

She squeaked and broke their kisses, pulling back just a bit. "H-haruka!!" She hissed, "What if someone sees?" and tried to cover herself back up.

Haruka gently, but firmly, grabbed Makoto by her wrists and pinned her against the wall, exposing her large breasts with their rock hard nipples exposed to the world. "Let them see," was Haruka's throaty response before she bent her head and flicked her tongue across Makoto's protruding, hardened nipple.

Makoto cried out loudly as a jolt of wanton lust and excitement blew through her like a lightning bolt. It echoed off the nearby building as her pleasure built, Haruka's hot tongue flicking and licking first one nipple and then the other.

Makoto's cries of ecstasy was like music to Haruka's ears. She let go of Makoto's wrists and grabbed onto her breasts with both hands. Haruka licked her lips, said "Itadakimasu," and then had herself a feast.

The annual school festival at Juuban High was going swimmingly! The Maid Cafe that Makoto’s class was doing was one of the most popular events! Makoto, Minako, Usagi, and a couple of their other classmates were wearing specially made maid outfits just for the occasion!

Makoto let out a tired sigh, rubbing her forehead with the back of her hand. She was in the back of the classroom behind the screens set up to hide the finishing area they had set up. She put the finishing touches on an order of cheesecake and brought it out to serve to a couple of customers.

She overheard Rei, who was wearing her TA Girls School uniform, say, “I can’t believe how packed this place is!”

“It’s because everyone’s hoping that The Three Lights will come,” Minako said a bit dejectedly.

“Well I think it’s because of how amazing Mako-chan’s cakes are!” Ami responded, beaming up at Makoto from her seat across from Rei.

Makoto blushed faintly at the praise and smiled. “Thanks, Ami-chan.”

“Seriously, Mako-chan,” Rei said after another forkful of cake, “You could definitely become a professional baker. All of the pastries are absolutely divine.”

“Did someone say divine?” A lilting, sophisticated voice asked from the doorway. The girls turned and saw a couple of very familiar faces.

“Michiru-san! Haruka-san! Hotaru-chan!!” Usagi cried out as she went over to them. “Welcome welcome!” Minako cheerfully greeted them as Usagi brought them to a reserved cluster of desks for them to sit at.

“This is so exciting!” Hotaru exclaimed as she looked over the menu Makoto handed to her.

“When Minako told me that your class was doing a Maid Cafe, I just had to come,” Haruka said amiably, a charming grin on her face. Michiru gave Haruka a suspicious look before giving her head a toss and asking Minako, “So what do you recommend?”

As Minako gave her recommendations, Makoto busied herself with cleaning up a customer's used dishware.

Minako came over to where Makoto was preparing more dishes and said, "Haruka-tachi want orders of cheese cake, sparkle cream cookies, milk tea, chocolate parfait, and cherry pie."

Makoto scratched the back of her head, frowning slightly. "I think we might be out of the cookies, actually. If you and Usagi-chan don't mind getting the rest of their order ready, I can go quickly make up a new batch."

"Sure sure!" Minako answered before getting to work, preparing the dishes.

Makoto walked over to the group, where Usagi was excitedly telling them that a certain pop idol might be stopping by today! Makoto saw Haruka's eye roll of annoyance and giggled when the blonde caught her gaze and grinned sheepishly.

"I have to go make a new batch of the sparkle cream cookies," Makoto told them. "If you don't mind waiting a bit, I can make a new batch real quick. Otherwise, we can get you something else?"

"I can wait," Hotaru said quietly, her violet eyes sparkling with delight. Michiru smiled, saying, "We can always take the cookies home, as well." Haruka just nodded, her attention preoccupied by the others in the room.

"Okay! I'll get right on that," Makoto said cheerfully. As she headed out of the crowded classroom, she heard a soft voice call her name. She turned and saw Ami standing nearby.

"I heard you were going to make more cookies," Ami said, sounding oddly nervous. "I'd like to help, if you would let me."

"Sure, Ami-chan! It's always nice to have an extra pair of hands in the kitchen," Makoto cheerfully responded.

The two classmates exited the room and made their way down the stairs to the school's kitchen.

After getting out of the way if a handful of students who were carrying large bags of ice outside to their shaved ice stall, Makoto and Ami set about gathering all of the ingredients for their cookies.

Chatting about how the day was going, Makoto and Ami began to put together the dough for their cookies. When Makoto set down the bag of flour, a cloud of flour puffed out onto Makoto's maid apron, turning parts of her sleeves white. Makoto scowled but as Ami giggled cutely, Makoto found herself grinning as well. She did her best to brush off the flour as Ami worked on measuring out and mixing together the different dry ingredients.

Makoto then worked on the wet ingredients, melting the butter, cracking eggs, and measuring the liquids.

Once that was done, Makoto went over to Ami and slowly poured the mixed wet ingredients into a small well in the middle of the dry ingredients in the large mixing bowl.

"Okay, Ami-chan, you continue working on the dough and I'll get the stuff ready for decorating the cookies," Makoto said. She felt so comfortable in a kitchen setting and baking with one of her best friends just made her so incredibly happy. Ami drank in the happiness that rolled off Makoto in waves and smiled chipperly, saying, "Sure thing, Mako-chan!"

Humming happily to herself, Makoto took out the various sprinkles and cookie cutters. She frowned as she looked through cabinet after cabinet.

"What's wrong?" Ami asked as she heard Makoto's annoyed grunt.

"Someone must have used up all the pearl sugar I needed. The colored sanding sugar is all gone, too." Makoto said as she straightened, hands propped on her hips.

"What are we going to do?" Ami asked, a hint of worry in her voice. Makoto shook her head and let out a tiny sigh. "It's fine, it's fine, don't worry Ami-chan. I just need to go to the basement supply room to get more." She smiled reassuringly to Ami and asked, "Can you stay here and continue working on making the cookies? I should be back before they're done baking." Ami nodded, a cheerful smile on her face, and said, "You can always count on me, Mako-chan!" Makoto grinned and said, "I know I can. Thanks Ami-chan! I'll be back soon!"

With a small wave, Makoto left the kitchen and hurried down the school hallway in the direction of the entrance to the basement. Turning a corner, she bumped into someone and fell onto her bottom.

"Ow! Hey, watch where you're going!" she growled, annoyed. "Whoa, sorry about that, Mako-chan," a deep, familiar voice said. Makoto looked up and saw Haruka offering her hand out to pick her up. She blushed in embarrassment and placed her hand in Haruka's. "Thank you," she muttered, not wanting to look Haruka in her eyes.

Haruka grinned and yanked Makoto up a bit too strongly. Makoto squeaked as she was pulled up as easily as a child, colliding into Haruka's firm, broad body. Looking up at Haruka, her body lightly pressed against the taller woman, Makoto stammered out a "I'm so sorry!" and stepped away.

The pounding of her rapidly beating heart drowned out Haruka's next words. Her blush fading a bit, she asked, "Sorry, what was that?"

Haruka chuckled deeply and repeated her question, "I said, where are you off to in such a hurry?"

"I have to go get some special sugars from the basement supply room," Makoto said, only mildly flustered. She blinked and asked a question of her own, "What're you doing here? Shouldn't you be with Michiru-san and Hotaru-chan?"

"Ah, yeah…," Haruka began, scratching the side of her neck as she averted her gaze for the moment. Makoto was surprised to see such an uncomfortable reaction from the normally super cool and suave woman. Haruka said, matter of factly, "Seiya arrived."

"Aaah," was Makoto's noise of understanding.

Grinning sheepishly, her hands in the pockets of her khaki slacks, Haruka asked, "Could I come with you? Anything is better than being in that room right now."

Makoto couldn't say no to the pleading in Haruka's eyes. She giggled and answered, saying, "Of course you can!"

"Oh thank Kami-sama, I'm saved," Haruka exclaimed softly as she began to walk beside Makoto. They headed down the fairly empty hallway and came upon a nondescript door. Makoto opened it with the key she had been given earlier in the morning and turned on the light to the stairs. As Haruka followed Makoto down the stairs, the now unlocked basement door closed with a loud thud. Makoto jumped ever so slightly at the sound and hoped Haruka hadn't noticed.

They arrived at the bottom of the stairs to an extremely large room. The fluorescent lights overhead were dimmer than expected, a few of them flickering uncomfortably. The lights gave off an eerie hum.

"Pretty creepy, huh?" Haruka asked. Makoto glanced at Haruka and smiled a small smile. "Yeah. I'm glad I'm not the only one freaked out." Striding forward into the room, Makoto looked for the signs that would lead them to the supply pantry for the school's kitchen.

Haruka leisurely followed Makoto further into the eerie confines of the basement, entering a small chamber packed full of bags of dried foods, barrels, and shelves on the wall cluttered with different jars and cans. As she took in her surroundings, Haruka said casually, with a flirtatious note in her voice, "You're looking fancy today~."

Makoto froze in her pursuit of trying to find the containers of special sugars amongst the items on one wall of shelves. She turned her head to look straight at Haruka and asked, "What?"

Haruka smiled and answered her as she looked her over, eyes lingering on Makoto's bosom, "That outfit looks amazing on you." She licked her lips as Makoto's face began to redden, "Though it would look even better on the floor."

Makoto turned to face Haruka, propping her hands on her hips. She tried to ignore the happy feeling that bloomed in her heart at Haruka's words and said, "It's not funny to tease me like that, Haruka-san. Saying those things to me when you don't mean them."

Haruka walked up to Makoto. Standing in front of her, just mere inches away, Haruka said softly, "I mean every word, Mako-chan. You're the hottest girl I know." With that, Haruka wrapped her arm around Makoto's waist, pulled her close, and kissed her deeply.

Makoto's knees turned to jelly as her body filled with an electric heat. Haruka broke their kiss and whispered in Makoto's ear, "You're sweeter than any sugar."

Makoto whimpered and crumpled onto a large sack of flour, her knees finally giving way. She gazed up at Haruka, breathing heavily, her face flushed.

Haruka looked at Makoto with a predatory glint in her eyes and licked her lips. "Will you give me more of your sugar?" Haruka asked, her voice hoarse with lust.

Makoto nodded and couldn't believe that heard herself whisper "Yes."

Haruka chuckled and knelt before Makoto, her knees on the cold cement floor. She leaned forward, reached beneath Makoto's frumpled dress, and clasped her hands on Makoto's pantyhose clad thighs. Haruka slid her hands upwards and then grunted in annoyance; Makoto's tied apron prevented her from getting beneath her pantyhose. She took one hand off of Makoto's hip and rubbed her fingers against Makoto's love mound.

Makoto gasped as Haruka applied pressure to her most secret of places. "H-haruka-san," Makoto cried out softly as she tried to keep her wits about her. "You don't have t-aaah~!" Makoto threw her head back as she moaned, all thoughts of trying to make a coherent sentence flying out the window.

"Let's get this off you." Makoto managed to hear Haruka's dangerously sexy words through her haze of lust and she whimpered, her panties and stockings dampening even further beneath Haruka's expert ministrations.

Ami Mizuno looked at her watch for what felt like the hundredth time. She bit her lip and checked on the baking cookies. She thought to herself, 'Where is she? The cookies are almost done and Mako-chan has yet to return.'

Ami fidgeted nervously. 'What if she was attacked by the enemy?' she worriedly thought to herself.

The egg timer dinged and Ami swiftly took the tray of cookies out of the oven and placed them on the counter to cool. She then hurriedly left the kitchen to see what had happened to Makoto.

Makoto Kino couldn't believe her luck. Her apron had been discarded, the top of her dress unbuttoned and lowered to reveal her ample bosom that had been straining against the too tight fabric, her skirt and petticoat hiked up around her hips, whilst her pantyhose were rolled down and bunched at her ankles. Haruka Tenoh was nestled between Makoto's shapely, creamy thighs as she eagerly licked up the mess Makoto had made.

Haruka trailed her tongue upwards from Makoto's sopping wet secret garden, which she had been laboriously been kissing and tonguing for quite some time, and then flicked her tongue on Makoto's twitching rosebud.

Makoto cried out sharply before clasping her hands to her mouth to stifle more noises from escaping.

Haruka looked up, barely seeing Makoto's flush face over her large, pillowy mounds, and said, "I'm going to make you scream my name, Mako-chan. Don't you hide your cute voice from me." Makoto opened her eyes to see Haruka looking at her with an expression so intense she nearly fell to pieces all over again. She removed her hands and whispered a breathy "O-okay." "That's my girl," Haruka responded with a grin. Makoto whimpered piteously, wishing Haruka would continue to please her.

Haruka saw the look of wanting in Makoto's eyes and grinned mischievously.

Ami jumped as the basement door banged closed behind her. 'Why is it such a loud and heavy door?' she wondered briefly. She called out "Mako-chan?" as she walked down the stairs. Seeing that the basement lights had still been on, Ami came to the conclusion that her friend was still down here. As Ami arrived at the bottom of the stairs, she thought she heard a noise. "Mako-chan? Where are you?" she called, feeling a little unnerved by the eerie confines of the large basement.

As she made her way further into the large, confusing basement, she heard a high wail coming from a chamber further down. "That's Mako-chan's voice! Oh no, she must be hurt!" As Ami rushed towards the side room, a part of her wondered why Makoto hadn't contacted her on her communicator.

As Ami drew closer, she heard another loud moan, followed by breathy cries and panting. She reached her hand into the pocket of the skirt of her school uniform, where an interdimensional pocket was tucked into it, and pulled out her transformation wand. She turned the corner to the chamber...

and stopped dead in her tracks.

There in front of Ami was the most wonderful, and the most horrible, scene she had ever had to witness.

Makoto's face was flushed red, her green eyes closed and her mouth agape; the cries of pleasure, not pain, was what Ami had been hearing. Makoto's breasts were exposed, red bite marks and hickeys covered them. Ami felt her mouth go dry and she got a full view of Haruka's fingers thrusting deeply in and out of Makoto's nether regions, making the brunette shudder and moan with each thrust. Haruka's mouth was latched onto one of Makoto's rock hard nipples and Ami flushed as she saw that Haruka was looking directly at her. As Haruka bit down on Makoto's nippled, Makoto cried out a shrill, high pitched, "Haruka!!!"

Ami dropped her transformation wand and it clattered to the floor.

Makoto's eyes popped open at the sound and turned to see a blushing Ami standing several feet away from them, watching her getting fucked by Haruka.

"Ami-chan, it's not what it looks li---aaaahh!!!" Her last word was turned into a primal scream as her vaginal walls clamped down on the four fingers that Haruka had suddenly thrust into her, her sweet nectar gushing forth once more to coat the taller woman's hand.

Ami couldn't believe what she was seeing, what she was hearing. Haruka pulled at Makoto's nipple, her heavy breast being pulled upward before Haruka let go, letting the breast fall back down with a resounding plop. Makoto was lost in ecstacy as wave after wave of pleasure crashed through her trembling body.

The blonde turned to the blue-haired girl and asked, "Like what you see?"

Makoto's eyes flew open as she gasped, waking from her slumber. She blinked and came to, realizing she was in her bed and still wearing her clothes. She turned to look at the clock on her night stand and saw it was only 4:05 in the morning. She groaned softly, feeling more exhausted than ever. She turned around and saw that her bed did not have its usual occupant. She groaned again as she made herself sit up. Still a little dizzy from her night of drinking, she got up and walked to her bedroom door. She opened it a bit to look into the living room.

There slept her husband on the sofa, the tv still on. Motoki had his pants off, flaccid penis held in his hand and a turtle plushie on his chest as he slumbered as soundly as a babe. Makoto felt her stomach lurch and made a noise of disgust. She turned back to her bedroom and closed the door behind her to try and block out the gross images and memories of having caught her husband jacking off to turtles on more than one occasion.

Makoto disrobed, peeling off her sweaty ruffled garments. Finally fully nude, and too tired and cranky to put on a night gown or pair of pajamas, Makoto slid back into her cool bed.

She stared out into the distance as she tried to make sense of what she had been dreaming about, though many details of her dreams were already fading away.

'I know that Haruka-san was in them,' she thought to herself. Her loins quivered as she thought of the handsome blonde woman. Makoto bit her lip and cupped her loins with her hand. 'Yeah, this is not good,' she thought as she felt the heat emanating from her nether regions. 'I can't be lusting after someone who has a girlfriend,' she thought to herself as she began to rub herself, her body clearly ignoring what her brain was trying to tell her to do. The thought of being married herself never entered her brain as a possibility as to why it was wrong to be lusting after another person.

She quietly panted as her fingers got to work, expertly finding her most favorite of places. Her mind was filled with the fleeting images from her dream, her emotions quickly catching up to her confused brain. As the memories of what dream Haruka did to her resurfaced, Haruka's touch, her lips, her tongue, Makoto swiftly came undone.

She cried out "!" as her built up pleasure crashed through her like a dam breaking. She shuddered as the wave of pleasures flowed through her like a stormy river. Spent and gasping for breath, Makoto laid beneath her disheveled sheets, hand still tucked between her legs, heedless of the mess she had made on it. Her mind began to drift back into a deep slumber but before she fully lost consciousness, Ami's face resurfaced. Dream Ami's shocked expression turned into the real memory of Ami's soft, hungry lips pressed against her own.

Makoto shivered once more and fell back asleep.

A moonlit night, the stars twinkling like jewels overhead. Makoto leaned on the balcony railing and gazed at the serene lake below, a mirror to the brilliant, cloudless sky. Haruka walked up behind her and wrapped her arms around Makoto, resting her chin on top of Makoto's head, her long, wavy, Auburn hair out of its signature ponytail. Makoto sighed happily at Haruka's warm and loving embrace.

"So beautiful," Haruka said softly.

"Right? It's like a scene from a dream. The lake and the mountains look so amazing."

"I wasn't talking about the scenery."

Blushing, Makoto turned in Haruka's embrace to look up at her. Haruka smiled down at her, her eyes shining bright like the stars.

They kissed passionately as the light of the heavens shone on them.

"Come on, where is it?" Makoto asked, annoyed. She had been the last one to arrive at the Grand Imperial Theatre for their Sailor Guardian Christmas Spectacular. They had been rehearsing for weeks and tonight was the big night of their fundraiser. It was just her luck that Motoki had botched a catering order, so Makoto had ended up having to make the Whole Order all over again. She arrived at the theater as soon as possible and had quickly dressed.

Unfortunately, a loud crash from the stage, and Matsumi's cry of "Sorry!" had startled her when she was putting on her last earring and she had jumped, sending it flying. Makoto swore to herself as she clambered over the back of the sofa, reaching down into the darkness below to try and find her missing earring.

Haruka casually walked into the dressing room, having returned to put on the white jacket of her costume. She stopped and blinked at the view in front of her. 'Christmas came early for me,' she thought as she strode over to the wiggling derriere.

Haruka grinned and gave the skirt covered ass a firm and loud slap.

Makoto, having just grabbed onto her missing earring, squawked loudly and straightened. She whirled around to see a surprised Haruka and glared at her.

Haruka stepped back, "Whoa, hey, sorry about that, Mako-chan! I thought you were someone else."

Makoto snorted as she got up from the sofa and began to put her earring in. "A likely story," she said, jokingly. "It's fine, don't worry about it."

Makoto looked around for her green scarf that would finish her outfit. She didn't notice Haruka's appraising look.

"Next time I'll see Setsuna, I'll have to thank her. If there's one thing she's good at, it's designing clothes," Haruka said.

"Why do you say that?" Makoto asked as she bent to pick up her deep green scarf that had fallen to the floor.

Haruka strode over to Makoto as she straightened and said softly, "Because, my dear, you look absolutely ravishing."

As Makoto flushed at the compliment, Haruka gingerly took the scarf from Makoto's weak hands. Haruka loved how Setsuna designed Makoto's costume to expose her well toned midriff, not to mention how Makoto's crop top clung to her ample bosom, showing it off for all the world to see.

Haruka licked her lips and said, "You look good enough to eat." She grabbed onto Makoto's shapely hips, pulled her close, and kissed her fiercely.

Makoto's cry of surprise was muffled by their kiss, her large breasts pressing into Haruka's broad chest as she was pulled close. After a moment, before her brain could even register what was going on, Haruka had the kiss and pulled back just a bit.

"A kiss for luck for tonight's performance," was Haruka's soft, dreamy whisper. Makoto's body trembled ever so slightly, the tips of her breasts, her hardening nipples, still brushing against Haruka's chest.

Makoto looked up at Haruka and nearly melted at the charming smile she was given. Haruka chuckled softly and elegantly wrapped the scarf around Makoto's neck, tying it in a beautiful, intricate knot.

Makoto blinked, feeling as though a spell had been broken. Blushing deeply, she stepped back from Haruka, though a part of her mind wailed at breaking physical contact with the older woman, and uttered a soft, "Thank you."

After a long day of going to various banks, waiting for hours, pleading her case to get a loan to start up her bakery, and ultimately getting rejected by each one, Makoto Kino was in no mood to cook dinner. This is how she found herself staring dejectedly at the premade dinner options at the local convenience store closest to her apartment.

She sigh wearily as she reached for a simple bento box.


Makoto blinked and turned to see who had called her name. There stood a tall man with windswept black hair, dreamy black eyes, and an easy smile. He was wearing a simple suit and tie combo, clearly a salaryman having just gotten off work . "Oh wow, it is you!" He grinned, saying excitedly, "It's been a long time, hasn't it, Kino-kun?"

Makoto studied the man before her. After a moment, her look of confusion was replaced with shock as realization dawned on her. Her heartbeat quickened in pace as she whispered out a "Nichogi-senpai?"

Fumio Nichogi, Makoto's first love, laughed and said, "Wow, I haven't heard that in a long time!" He grinned again, running his hand through his hair. "What have you been up to lately? Do you live around here? Do you have a boyfriend?"

Makoto was taken aback by his flurry of questions. She still couldn't believe it. After all those many years ago, the man she compared all of her crushes to, the man who first broke her heart and left her alone and dejected, was standing in front of her like a dream.

Her stomach growled as if in response to his questioning and she blushed, embarrassed. "I-I was actually going to get some dinner," she said, not really answering any of his questions.

"Yeah? Come on, let's get out of here and I'll treat you to a nice meal. Better than what you could get here," he said.

"Well, alright, Nichogi-senpai," Makoto heard herself say. Fumio chuckled as he led Makoto out of the convenience store and the two began to walk side by side on the sidewalk. "Please, call me Fumio. As sweet and nostalgic as it is to hear you call me senpai, there's no need for it. We're adults now!"

Makoto smiled as the weariness of the day seemed to melt away with every step she took. "Okay! Then you can call me Makoto," she said, feeling giddy.

They stopped at a crosswalk and he turned to her, his hands in his pants pockets, his briefcase tucked into the crook of his arm. "So, Makoto-chan, what are you in the mood for? Sushi? Steak? Noodles?"

"I'm not picky, Fumio-san. It doesn't matter where we go," she said as the light turned and they crossed the street.

He snapped the fingers of his free hand and said, "I know just the place. Let's go to Togoshi Ginza Shotengai!" Fumio had suggested the famous, longest, shopping street in Tokyo. It was packed to the brim with dozens upon dozens of different food stalls.

"Okay! It's been a while since I've gone," Makoto admitted.

"I've been cooped up all day at work and I figured we could take the time to stretch our legs while we get reacquainted with one another," he said, smiling handsomely.

Makoto giggled softly and said, "I would like that very much."

As the two arrived to the entrance of the long street, the smells of cooking foods and the cries of the vendors trying to get customer's attention filled Makoto's senses. They walked along and stopped here and there at different stalls, talking about their lives and what they had been up to since their time in middle school. Whenever Makoto offered to pay for her food, Fumio would shake his head and tell her it was his treat. By the third time, Makoto had stopped offering.

As the night wore on, Makoto couldn't have been happier. They were both pleasantly stuffed with menchi katsu croquettes, dango, okonomiyaki on a stick, and ebiyaki. Although feeling rather full, they had decided to stop for a quick dessert. Makoto carried her custard and whipped cream filled taiyaki while Fumio devoured his churro. Makoto giggled to see how quickly he ate it as they made their way down a path of the nearby park. The twinkling streetlights gave off a romantic feel as the two of them sat down on a bench together.

As Makoto took a bite of her fish shaped doughy treat, Fumio said, "For someone who was as rough and tumble as a yanki, you've filled out nicely. I'm impressed by how great you look."

Makoto choked on her treat as she heard his backhanded compliment. Her coughing caused the custard to explode out of the fish and glommed all over her lips. 'Oh god,' she thought as her face turned red in embarrassment, 'I'm a hideous mess!' She panicked and tried to get her handkerchief from her purse to wipe her mess. "Hey, relax, let me get that for you," Makoto heard Fumio say. Suddenly, he gripped her chin in his hand, turned her head towards him, and kissed her cream covered lips.

Makoto went absolutely still as Fumio kissed her deeply before licking her lips clean. "Delicious," he said as he pulled away a bit, still holding onto her. "I've been wanting to taste you since I saw you at the convenience store."

Makoto stammered, "W-what… I don't…" Her brain didn't seem to be able to form any coherent sentences at the moment. Fumio chuckled and kissed her again, long and hard.

Makoto's insides turned to mush, her body going weak. 'My senpai is kissing me!' her brain screamed at her as she dropped her taiyaki to the ground. She found herself gripping his suit jacket and kissing him back eagerly.

At Makoto's reciprocating, Fumio let go of her chin to wrap one arm around upper back, pulling her closer to him. His free hand made its way below Makoto's pale green blouse and grabbed onto her large breast. Makoto gasped at his touch, breaking their kiss to pant heavily, and she hastily whispered, "What if someone sees?"

"Don't worry," Fumio said as he nipped her long neck with his teeth. Makoto let out a tiny gasp when he did it, his hand digging almost painfully into her oversized breast, "People don't come down this way so late at night."

A part of her addled mind wondered at that before she was distracted by Fumio pinching her hardening nipple through her bra. She let out a tiny yelp before it was smothered by another one of his hot and greedy kisses.

Makoto felt her body trembling as her excitement built inside of her. She couldn't believe that her senpai was doing this to her. Kissing her. Feeling her up. Making her want to explode. She and Motoki had only just started seeing each other, but nothing serious had happened yet. They had only been out on a couple of chaste dates but nothing had been made official. A part of her told herself that doing this with Fumio-san was okay because she wasn't officially Motoki's girlfriend. 'And besides,' she thought to herself as she was brought down onto the bench, Fumio pressing down onto her, both of his hands squeezing her ample breasts, her arms lazily wrapped around his neck, 'when else am I ever going to have this opportunity again?'

Fumio let out a strangled, throaty grunt as he pulled up from their kissing. He looked down at Makoto, her blouse having been torn open, buttons popping off into the dark of the night, her breasts pulled out of their confining bra and exposed to the cool, night air.

"Hey, Makoto-chan…"

"Y-yes, Fumio-kun?" was Makoto's delirious reply, her chest heaving with her haggard breathing.

He sat back onto the bench and asked, "Could you take care of something for me real quick?"

Dizzy with lust, Makoto struggled to sit up right and asked, "S-sure, what is…." She trailed off as she saw exactly what it was Fumio needed her help with.

He had taken out his penis from his trousers and it stood there at attention. It gave a little twitch and Makoto blushed. "Oh," she said in a small voice.

"Come on, Makoto-chan," he called to her coyly. He gave his member a slow pump with his hand. Makoto gulped as she saw the sparkle of wetness at the tip. "Don't you want a taste?"

Makoto was horrified to realize that she very much did want a taste. She slid off the bench and got to her knees in front of him, heedless of her pencil skirt getting filthy from the ground, and looked up at him. Her flushed face had an expression so cute, her eyes filled with so much wanting, that Fumio struggled to control himself. As Makoto took his member into her hand, she lowered her mouth onto him. "Shit, that feels so fucking good, Makoto-chan," she heard Fumio say as she wrapped her tongue around his twitching member, bobbing her head up and down as she sucked on him.

"That's it, be a good girl and make me cum," he commanded as he placed on hand at the back of her head, right beneath her ponytail.

Makoto nearly choked on him as he pulled her further onto him. Suddenly, it wasn't as fun anymore as he began to dictate the speed in which Makoto gave him a blow job, his hand gripping onto her head tightly.

She tried to pull away, struggling to breathe, but he wouldn't let up.

"Oh my God. I can't believe they're doing this in public." "Seriously, get a room!"

Makoto heard the two people call out to them as they walked by. Her belly dropped out of her and her blood ran cold. This wasn't fun anymore and she wanted to stop!

"Fucking hell yes, Makoto, fuck yes!" Fumio cried out loudly as the people hurried away, his member throbbing and twitching in Makoto's hot and steamy mouth. His own cream began to spurt forth, filling her mouth with its bitter taste. She pulled away with a gasp as she choked on it. He continued to explode his jizz all over her. Her face, her hair, her chest and her blouse were covered in him.

"That was amazing," Fumio exclaimed, exhausted, as Makoto choked and hacked, spitting out his sperm.

He looked down at her and frowned. "You're such a mess, Kino-kun. Clean yourself up already. You're filthy." He threw his handkerchief at her, hitting her in the face.

Makoto's rage boiled, stunned at his sudden change in attitude.

Fumio got to his feet, tucking himself back in and zipping up his pants. He picked up his briefcase and said coolly, "It was nice seeing you again." He looked down at Makoto, who still sat on the ground, absolutely stunned by what just happened, and grinned. "You'd better clean yourself before someone else comes by. See ya."

With that, Fumio Nichogi walked away from her, whistling a happy tune as if he didn't have a care in the world.

Makoto didn't know how long she sat on the ground as fury and shame went to war with one another.

It was only the crack of thunder loud overheard that brought her to her senses. She quickly did her best to clean off the now drying sperm from her body as she did her best not to let her emotions overwhelm her. She could barely function, her hands were shaking so much.

She managed to pick herself up and sat on the bench, thinking about what had just happened to her over and over again in her mind.

Not even the cold, early autumnal rain as it began to fall could move her from her seat.

She didn't know how long she sat there, holding onto her drawn up knees as she hunched over them, feeling dead on the inside.

"Mako-chan?" a familiar voice called softly from nearby. Makoto didn't stir.

"Mako-chan, are you okay? What's wrong?" Haruka asked as she came over to the prone woman. Holding her umbrella above the both of them, she gently reached out and touched Makoto's shoulder. She felt Makoto stiffen beneath her touch and quickly pulled away. Makoto looked up to see a concerned Haruka standing in front of her and said, weakly, as if she didn't believe who she was looking at, "Haru...ka..san?"

Haruka bit back a gasp of outrage as she saw the state Makoto was in. What looked like bruises in the shapes of fingers marred the tops of her breasts. Her blouse was torn apart, her chest exposed. The pain and anguish on Makoto's face, her wet hair and clothes were plastered to her skin, it was all too much for Haruka to bare. Fury and worry exploded within her as Haruka quietly, yet angrily, asked, "Who did this to you?"

Makoto burst into tears and flung herself at Haruka, clinging to her tightly. Haruka nearly stumbled at the unexpected action but quickly caught her feet and gently wrapped her arm around Makoto's waist as the shorter girl sobbed into her chest.

"Let me take you home, okay, Mako-chan?" Haruka asked. Makoto shook her head and said, as she rested her head on Haruka's collarbone, "I can't go home. Not tonight. Not after what happened." Haruka felt her heart begin to break as she heard the pain in Makoto's voice. When Makoto turned to look up at Haruka with green eyes so filled with pain, tears streaming down her cheeks, and said, "I don't want to be alone," Haruka's heart completely broke in two.

Haruka nodded and said, "Okay, Mako-chan. Let's go. I'll keep you company tonight." Haruka took off her jacket and as the sniffling Makoto put it on, Haruka wondered what she was getting herself into.

As Makoto wrapped Haruka's large jacket around her, the warm, familiar scent seemed to have a bit of a calming effect on her.

"There's a place nearby we can stay at for the night, if you want," Makoto heard Haruka offer, though she missed the nervousness in her voice. Makoto merely nodded as she stood beside Haruka, zipping up the jacket so others wouldn't see her destroyed blouse.

Haruka ever so gently placed her hand at the small of Makoto's back. Makoto stiffened just for the moment but relaxed at Haruka's soft, "It's alright. I've got you."

The two of them walked out of the opposite end of the park as the heavy rain continued to fall. All Makoto could hear as they walked down the sidewalk was the rain roaring down and the occasional boom of thunder and crack of lightning overhead. Haruka hurriedly brought the two of them down a narrow side street where they came upon the brightly lit entrance to a Love Hotel. 'I'm glad I remembered this was nearby,' Haruka thought as the two of them walked into the small lobby. Haruka eyed the available room choices and as she looked over at Makoto, this time getting a good look at her face because of the bright lighting, Haruka grimaced. 'Nothing fancy. Simple and comforting.' Haruka pressed the button for the room she chose, swiped her credit card, and took the room key that appeared in the slot which had opened up.

Haruka tightly held Makoto to her, the flesh of their nude bodies hot to the touch.

When they had first entered the spacious and opulent hotel room, Haruka had to gently coax and cajole Makoto into taking a shower. She had to undress Makoto herself when she saw how much the brunette's hands shook. Haruka had struggled at first to not look at Makoto in a sexual manner when she had begun peeling off her wet clothes but when she saw the large bruises on Makoto's voluptuous breasts, anger replaced any sort of sexual desire she might have had. Makoto had weakly clung to Haruka, not wanting her to leave. Haruka had sighed inwardly and quickly got undressed, joining Makoto in the shower. She washed Makoto's hair as the girl stood trembling beneath the stream of hot water. She gently, carefully, scrubbed Makoto's whole body clean with the loofah, ignoring how it felt when their wet, soapy bodies pressed together. She conditioned her hair and a long rinse, coupled with a moment of Makoto breaking down in tears and sobbing against her, Haruka turned off the water and helped Makoto out of the shower. Haruka plopped a smaller towel on top of Makoto's head before she wrapped a bigger towel around her body. For good measure, she put a very soft, terrycloth bathrobe on Makoto as well and cinched it tight about her waist. Makoto stood there in the middle of the bathroom as her long, wet hair dripped water onto the floor. Haruka sighed, quickly dried herself off with another towel, and put the second bathrobe on.

She led Makoto out of the bathing room and gently set her down on the plush sofa at one end of the room. She dried off Makoto's hair, idly talking about how she always kept hers short, never wanting to have to deal with how long it takes to dry long hair, and how much of a hassle it is to take care of it. When she mentioned what she looked like when she wore a long wig one time, she saw a ghost of a smile flutter onto Makoto's face.

"They have sleepwear provided for us," Haruka had said as she got from the sofa and went to the dresser to rifle through it. "I think a good night's sleep would do a lot of good right now." Haruka heard a quiet rustling of fabric and a low, heavy wumpf. She turned, two sets of pajamas in her hands, and felt her breath catch in her throat.

Makoto stood in the middle of the room. Her bathrobe and towels were discarded onto the floor. Her emerald green eyes gazed at Haruka; they were filled with both pain and longing.

"Haruka-san, help me forget what's happened to me tonight. Please. I need you."

Haruka's mouth went bone dry. The pajamas fell to the floor as she rushed over to Makoto. She gulped, standing in front of the shorter woman and whispered, struggling to contain herself, "You don't know what you're asking."

Makoto reached up to cup Haruka's face with both hands and stepped closer, the tips of her breasts pressing into Haruka's bathrobe covered body. "I do. I've wanted you for such a long time. Please, Haruka-san. Won't you make me forget?"

Haruka did her best to make Makoto forget as their naked bodies writhed together on the large bed. Kissing, squeezing, nibbling, Haruka did every trick in the book to please Makoto. She listened closely to Makoto's body, knowing every sign, hearing every gasp and cry and moan, pleasing her countless times throughout that dark night.

"Kanpai!!!" With a flurry of clinking drinking glasses, the crowd of girls cheered as they toasted for the millionth time that night. Makoto laughed at a joke Minako told her, and grinned happily.

It had become a yearly tradition, to have both Minako and Makoto's birthdays celebrated on the same day at Crown Parlor. No one knew how it had started, and Makoto always thought it was kind of weird, since Minako's birthday was November 22nd and hers was December 5th, but after all of these years of doing it, she didn't really mind anymore. All of their friends came each year and so they've had to rent out the largest room possible.

"Setsuna's at it again, I see," Haruka commented as she walked up to stand beside Makoto. The two of them stood by the far wall of the large, private room that had been rented out for the occasion. Haruka offered Makoto a new drink and Makoto took it with a smile, thanking the taller woman.

"To great friends," Haruka said, holding out her glass of champagne. Makoto clinked her glass to Haruka's and responded, "To wonderful memories." They each drank down their glass in one long chug, as had become tradition for them to do so every year.

Makoto giggled as she set her now empty glass on the nearby table. "It never gets old, does it?" she asked Haruka. Haruka chuckled and replied, "Never. I could watch this every night."

The two of them looked at the commotion in the center of the room. Once again, Setsuna was throwing a drunken fit about why wasn't her birthday being celebrated, too??? It's October 29th! Right in the middle! As Setsuna continued ranting and flailing her arms about like an angry baboon, Haruka shook her head and chuckled. Makoto watched as Michiru and Minako attempted to calm down Setsuna but even she saw that it would take quite some time for them to do so.

"Hey," Haruka called softly to Makoto, barely audible over the sound of the music playing. "Hm?" was Makoto's interested response. Haruka jerked her thumb towards the door and said, "I left your birthday present in the office. Do you want to go with me to get it?" Makoto smiled, a twinkling in her eyes, and she answered with an eager, "Sure!"

It had started several years back, politely enough. A compliment, a flower, a small token. Haruka always had given something extra special to Makoto on her birthday celebration. However, after that one year when Makoto drugged up the courage to kiss Haruka under the mistletoe, things started to get more intimate between the two. A chaste kiss one year turned into a deep, passionate kiss the next, until it was full blown making out. Last year's had been one of Makoto's favorites as she had gotten fingered by Haruka in an empty, single person karaoke booth. Grinning like a child in a candy store, Makoto eagerly followed Haruka to the office, wondering what she had in store for her this time around.

As Haruka locked the office door behind them, Makoto leaned against the office desk and smiled. "Well? What do you have for me this year?" Makoto asked, feeling bravely excited.

Haruka grinned and swiftly strode over to Makoto as she threw off her fancy jacket onto the nearby armchair. Makoto enjoyed the view of the sheer, button down blouse that Haruka wore before she was swept up in Haruka's tight embrace, their lips hungrily pressing into one another's. Makoto moaned into their kiss as Haruka struggled to lift up the many layers of Makoto's long dress. Makoto couldn't help Haruka, unfortunately, because she was in the middle of undoing her belt.

Haruka broke their kiss and growled as she finally got to Makoto's lace panties. "I thought I was supposed to be giving you a gift, Mako-chan," Haruka said as she eyed the view of Makoto's clean shaved mound barely hidden by her thin panties. Makoto giggled and said, "I thought I would surprise you."

Haruka lifted up Makoto by her ass and placed her on the edge of the desk. She kissed her fiercely as pulled down her panties and plunged her fingers into Makoto's already soaking wet nether regions. Makoto clung to Haruka, her arms around her upper back, and buried her face to her collarbone to stifle her cries of pleasure. "None of that now, Mako-chan. I want to hear you," Haruka said in her husky, throaty voice as she increased her pace.

"Oh Haruka~," Makoto gasped as she dug her nails into Haruka's back. Haruka hissed at the slight pain and bit down on the top of Makoto's breast through her dress. Makoto cried out at the onslaught of pain and pleasure and her orgasm crashed through her. She drew Haruka tightly against her and held on, as Haruka kept pumping her fingers in and out of her already aching vagina. "That's my girl," Haruka whispered as Makoto rode her orgasm out. As Makoto finally came down from her high, Haruka withdrew her hand and stepped back.

Panting, holding onto the edge of the desk, Makoto softly said, "Thank you, Haruka-san. That was wonderful."

"Oh I'm not done yet, Mako-chan. That was only just your warm up." Haruka reached into her duffel bag she had hidden in the room earlier that night and took out a formidable looking, double sided dildo. She took off her pants, revealing the harness she wore. Makoto watched, enthralled, as Haruka attached the dildo to her harness, the smaller end of it going inside of her.

"Mako-chan, I would like you to meet Mr. Frankenboner. He's been dying to meet you."

Makoto clasped her hands to her mouth to try and prevent her laughter. She failed.

"Oh my gods, you named it Mr. Frankenboner?" Makoto asked through her fit of giggles.

Haruka nodded and walked back over to Makoto as she sat on the desk, trying to compose herself.

"Ahem. Well it's very nice to meet you, Mr. Frankenboner," Makoto said as she tried to hold back another giggle.

Haruka spread Makoto's thighs open and as she placed the tip of Mr. Frankenboner's large head at the opening of Makoto's aching vagina. Makoto's eyes went wide. "Wait a minute, Haruka! It's too big, it's not going to fit!"

Haruka grinned wickedly and slammed her hips forward, thrusting Mr. Frankenboner deep into Makoto. Makoto cried out at the far too large intrusion before her quickly learned to accommodate it.

Haruka held onto Makoto's wide hips, digging in for extra purchase, as she repeatedly pounded into her. She enjoyed the view of Makoto's voluminous breasts bouncing with every thrust. She loved listening to the sounds she made Makoto make.

Makoto couldn't tell if Haruka had pressed a button or a switch or what but all of a sudden Mr. Frankenboner began to vibrate at an intense speed, tripling her increase of pleasure at an alarming rate.

"Oh~ Haruka!!" Makoto cried out as she held onto Haruka's strong upper arms. Haruka leaned down on top of Makoto and locked their lips together. Makoto's loud cry was muffled by their kiss as her pelvis bucked upwards to meet with each of Haruka's thrust.

"The fuck is this?"

Makoto turned to see where the unexpected voice came from. Her mouth agape slightly as she panted and moaned, Haruka nibbling on her neck. Makoto saw Elios standing in the corner of the office. She asked sensibly, "Haven't you ever seen two women fucking before?"

Elios slowly rubbed his chin as he came over to get a closer view. "I have. Millions of times. I'm just surprised to see who you're doing it with." Makoto answered him with a loud moan as Haruka bit down hard on Makoto's flailing breast as she began to quicken her speed.

"W-who were you expecting?" Makoto managed to ask between her cries of pleasure, as if she were having just a regular, normal conversation.

Elios snapped his fingers and two figures appeared in Makoto's full view. Makoto watched as this new, nude Makoto hoisted up an equally nude Ami against the wall and fucked her with her own dildo.

Makoto blushed deep red and she watched them go at it. Her own sexual desires mounted a hundred fold.

Elios grinned, seeing her reaction. "I thought you might like that." He glanced at Haruka and shook his head, plainly grossed out a bit. "How about if I make this a little more interesting for you. See how you like it." He snapped his fingers again and several things changed at the same time.

Haruka's vibrating Mr. Frankenboner turned into an actual penis. Hot and throbbing and ever so filling. Makoto was flipped over onto the top of the desk. Rather than her breasts being crushed against the desk, she found Ami beneath her instead.

As Haruka fucked her senseless, Makoto locked her lips with Ami's. The petite woman wrapped her arms around Makoto, pulling her down onto her. Makoto couldn't believe how soft Ami's body felt against her, trembling and hot and slick. Ami cried out as she broke their passionate kissing. She reached up to cup Makoto's cheek in her hand and asked, pleadingly, "Can you make love to me too, Mako-chan?" Makoto very nearly came undone. She couldn't handle just how cute Ami was.

"Well, you don't want to keep the lady waiting," Helios said calmly from somewhere over behind Makoto. "That would be rude." She heard him snap his fingers again and felt an unbelievable change. She groaned loudly as she found herself fucking Ami just like Haruka was fucking her. Was it a very realistic dildo? Or had he given her a penis as well? She couldn't tell, she couldn't even focus on the hows and whys of it.

All Makoto could pay attention to was whenever Haruka pounded into her, she was then forced to pound into Ami and it was the greatest feeling she had ever felt. Being filled to the brim with every painfully deep and hard thrust from Haruka only heightened her pleasure as she found herself equally filling the writhing Ami beneath her.

It was too much for Makoto to handle. She shouted out incoherently and, as if by some sort of magical cue, Haruka exploded her seed deep into her, so much of it causing to gush out in globs with every throbbing twitch of her member. At the same time, Makoto felt Ami squeeze down around her, her own fountain of liquid gushing out at the same time.

"Yeah, that's it. That's the good stuff."

In that moment, Makoto Kino ceased to exist. All that was left of her was her ecstacy.

Makoto awoke. Her chest was heaving for breath. She felt like she had just run a marathon. Her body was sweat soaked and trembling as she laid sprawled out on her queen sized bed. A part of her mind noted that, surprise surprise, she was alone again. The rest of her mind tried its best to play back the events of her dreams.

She couldn't believe how real they all felt.

Her face was flushed, the excitement she felt in her loins was still palpable.

Still dizzy with lust, and barely fully awake, Makoto rolled onto her stomach to reach for her cellphone on her nightstand.

She bit her lip as she opened Snapchat, her heart pounding rapidly in her chest. She rolled onto her side and held up her phone, adjusting it so she could get the absolute most perfect angle as she posed.

She took the picture and stared at it for several long minutes. The photo showed her smiling at the camera, her breasts out in full view, her perky, lightly hardened nipples peeking out from the sheet she had barely attempted to cover herself with. The early morning light streamed through the partially opened blinds, giving her an almost angelic light. What was also very much clearly visible was that her free hand was nestled in between her legs, giving off the impression that she was busy pleasuring herself.

Blushing fiercely, Makoto typed the message 'Can't stop thinking about you. Wish you were here. <3' onto the image before clicking to go to the next screen. Her thumb hovered over the names on her contacts list.

Her loins throbbed, the deep ache reminding her of all she experienced in her dreams, the good and the bad. She clicked on Haruka's name and hit send.

She tossed her phone aside and hastily grabbed her pillow to her, squeezing it tightly and she squealed into it, kicking the bed with her flailing legs. 'I can't believe I sent it to her!!!' Makoto thought excitedly, with only a trace of guilt. She was happy knowing that Haruka would only see the picture for several seconds and then it would be gone forever.

She giggled happily and came down from the rush of endorphins from having done something so naughty.

She let out a deep sigh and wondered where Motoki was. 'I swear, if he's still on that couch…' she thought to herself, annoyed at having remembered what she saw last night.

Makoto got up from her bed and put on her long bathrobe, stepped into her slippers, and walked out of the bedroom.

Thankfully, the tv was off and the couch was empty. She heard the shower running and grinned. 'Maybe I'll actually have some fun this morning,' she thought to herself as she entered the bathroom.

She stepped out of her slippers, dropped her robe to the floor, and entered the shower.

Motoki's yelp of surprise was quickly silenced as Makoto pinned her husband to the cold, wet wall, her mouth locked on his, her hot, curvaceous body pressing against him.

Makoto and Motoki thoroughly enjoyed themselves that morning. So much so that the events and contents of Makoto's dreams from the night melted away from her memory.

Later on, as Makoto was getting dressed for the day and Motoki was preparing them brunch, Makoto saw she had a notification on her phone. She looked at it and her face paled. She suddenly found it hard to breathe as her heart plummeted into her stomach.

'Haruka took a screenshot!'

"Oh shit..."