Mobile Guardian Q Gundam: Resolution

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Title: Mobile Guardian Q Gundam: Resolution
Author: UltraMatt
Date Written: 6/23/2020
Continuity SSEU Earth 1337-A
Time Placement 30,003 AD and 30,005 AD
Synopsis Travelling through the newely opened vortex and following an ancient star map, the crew of Valkryie seek out to find answers on the origins of the Empire and the conflict they have been embroiled in. A final battle is about to be fought and the future will be decided...
Rating G
Additional Notes The fourth and final part of the Q Gundam Quartet.

At one of the Third Army outposts, several communication officers listen in as calls from the Valkyrie become fainter and fainter. One of the commanders demands for the officer to try and increase the quality of the call but is told that there is nothing that they can do. Where-ever they went, the Valkyrie is now on their own. The commander, however, mutters not if they can help it.

Back at the Imperial HomeWorld, there is a meeting of the Council, who note that they are doing everything they can to try and suppress the fact that The Prince and Princess have gone missing. They aren’t certain how long they can maintain this, though, a fact made more dire since the Prince not only took the royal flagship but also a great deal of the fleet in the process. They can only hope that they return soon, one of the commanders states, before the unrest starts to break out again.

The Valkyrie has ridden through the vortex, having emerged on the other side. As power slowly returns to the vessal, one of the officers tells the captain that they’ve lost complete contact with the Third Army forces. The captain grimly notes that they’re on their own and that whatever it is that is coming for them, they will have to deal with it as a team. When he asks Doc how he feels about this, Doc simply tells him that he has put up with so much by now that he doesn’t really care. The captain then asks about the status of Kid, who is sadly still in a coma. He’s worried about her as he isn’t sure what the cause of this would be. The captain suggests that maybe they’ll find the answer where they’re going but for now to look after the girl, which Doc agrees to do.

In the bay room, Lani is looking out of the large window, gazing at the stars as they pass by. Haruto walks in and asks Lani if she’s alright, giving her a little space. Lani says she is but is wondering if they’re doing the right thing. They entered the war to save everyone who was being oppressed by the Empire and now here they are, fleeting towards a location which they aren’t even sure what it’s suppose to be. She feels guilty as it was her who brought this information to them and she’s certain this has something to do with her. She feels that she has dragged the Valkyrie along for a ride that they have no certainty to in success. Haruto does admit that it is sort of her fault and that they have more or less abandoned their original plans, which upsets Lani and surprises her by how blunt he is. However, he feels that perhaps this will lead to a more important discovery and that out of whatever it is they find at the end of the map, it will help them in ending the Empire. The two find themselves drawn closer to the other but just as they’re about to kiss, they’re interrupted by Siras, who tells them to make sure that their mobile suits are in launch state. When Haruto balks at the chance that they’ll encounter anything out in this part of space, the ship is suddenly rocked by an explosion from the side of the ship. An announcement is sent across the ship that an Imperial Ship is attacking the Valkyrie, much the surprise of Haruto. Siras head for the bridge, while Haruto and Lani climb into their own mobile suits.

On the bridge of the Imperial Ship, the commander orders another blast hit across the broadside of the structure, trying to hit it in it’s engines to try and knock them out. One of the crew members then announces the launch of two mobile suits from the Valkyrie, which alarms the commander. While he knows his ship is larger then them and could normally destroy them in one hit, he also knows that being such small targets, they can still do a great deal of damage while easily avoiding the incoming attacks. As if on cue, Haruto and Lani’s mobile suits hit one of the ship’s guns, disabling it without taking a single hit in return. He then orders their own Mobile Suits to launch. The commander is suddenly interrupted by Dor, who had been placed on board the ship, who has another suggestion in addition.

Outside, Lani and Haruto spot the incoming Mobile Suits and engage them, trying to do their best to keep them away from the Valkyrie. Neither of them notice as a small object climbs through a gash in the hull of the ship.

In the Valkyrie, the ship is rocked by another explosion, while there are reports that the engines’ output has been reduced by 15%. Siras looks over the map that they have of the area and notices what seems to be some manner of rock or astroid field. He suggests to the Captain to lure the ship into the rocky field as a way to try and lose it. The captain agrees and radios Haruto and Lani to follow the Valkyrie, luring the mobile suits away with them. The Imperial ship and their Mobile Suits follow after the apparently fleeing Valkyrie, while Haruto and Lani attempt to try and keep out of shooting range. After a time, the first few stones of the field comes into sight.

On the Imperial Ship, the commander is warned by one of his officers about the dangers of entering asteroid field but not wanting to lose track of the Valkyrie, he ignores the pleas of his officers and forces them to continue onwards. As they enter the rock field, they are forced to slow down, even as their commander orders them to continue onward. One of the officers chimes in suddenly that they have lost track of the Valkyrie and while the Commander is distracted by this news, Haruto and Lani pull off out of sight. One of the other officers warn about a group of larger rocks right in their path, but this news comes too late for the ship, as it’s slow manuvierablity causes it to get hit in the side by the asteroid, forcing it to break off from the search and out of the asteroid belt. Meanwhile, the Valkyrie, which had gone underneath the asteroid field, slowly makes it way carefully along the length of the spacial phenomena.

Lani and Haruto return to the ship, only to find the crew in a grim state. As they return to the bridge, they learn that the attack by the Imperial Ship was great enough that the engines have been damaged badly, so much so that unless they are able to repair it soon, they will be dead in space. One of the crew members blames Lani for this, saying that if they hadn’t followed through with this plan, they would not be in this situation. Haruto jumps to Lani’s defense and nearly gets into a fist fight with him before the Captain breaks it up. The only thing that the Captain can think for them to do is try their best to create a makeshift repair until they can find some way to find a permeant solution. Just then, Kid suddenly walks into the room, almost in some manner of daze, the same symbol on her forehead. As they watch, she walks over to the navigation systems and puts in a set of coordinates, pointing to the end results on the screen, before collapsing to the ground. Doc rushes over to check up on her, while the rest of the crew stands there dumbfounded. Siras looks over the coordinates and tells the captain that while it’s off the route the original map has, it is not that far off that it would take them out of the way, although there is a risk that if they take it, they may put further strain on their engines. A few of the crew don’t want to take the risk, but Lani points out that this might be some sort of sign that they’re meant to do so, adding that she has a feeling that this is the right thing to do. The crew member from before balks at this and nearly gets into another fight but the Captain overrules them, deciding to go with Lani’s suggestion and take the risk. He then orders the rest of the crew back to their stations and to begin immediate departure for the set coordinates. He also tells Doc to look after Kid, with Lani going with to make sure she’s safe.

In one of the many corridors of the Valkyrie, Dor finishes listening in on the ship’s communications before transmission the information from back towards the Imperial Flagship, as well as the location of where they’re heading. Shutting down his communicator, he hides quickly as a crew member passes by. After he is alone once more, Dor steps back out, and looks over the footage he gathered, listening to the information once again. He reflects to himself on what just they expect to find out there.

Back at the imperial flagship, the Princess enters her brother’s quarters to find him reviewing the surviving footage from the archival data on Geocentas. She tries to alert him to the fact that Dor had sent them data on the Valkyrie’s new course, however, he seems uninterested. She admits after seeing the footage, she’s been starting to question the course of their role in the government. If what the First Emperor said was true, then that means that the whole history of their people, the whole history of their family is built on a lie. That the people they were always taught to look down on, to see as less than human are in fact the true inheritors of everything that they now have. Her brother silences her, refusing to believe such a thing. He feels that the footage is dangerous and that now, the only thing that they can do is make sure nobody sees it. Those people are his to rule and nobody else’s and he gets to decide however they are to be treated. He then asks his sister if she is actually loyal to them or to the family, with her stating that she is loyal to the family, though very shakily. He then tells her to come with him, as he wants to show her something. Following after him, he leads her to the launching bay, only for her to look on in awe and terror at what he shows her, him telling that this thing will be the final nail in the coffin of Third Army and anyone else which will try and get in their way.

As the Valkyrie approaches the location indicated on the coordinates, Lani is making sure that Kid is alright. She seems fine, though she has little memory of what had happened and is feeling scared due to it. Lani gets a call to come to the bridge and tells Kid to stay in the medical area but she insists on coming with. As they return to the bridge, Haruto tells Lani that they’ve found something out there in space. Looking on the screen, at first they don’t seem to see anything, though the sensors are picking up an object directly in front of them. As they draw close through, the lights on the ship bounce off the hull of a massive spacecraft, apparently completely abandoned. The Captain realizes that they can use the ship to maybe find parts to repair the engines and orders a small boarding party to head over to see what they can find. Lani, Haruto and Siras volunteer, along with three of the engineers as well.

As the engineers prepare to head off across the way to the spaceship, one of them lags behind, having forgotten one of the tools needed for the task. Heading back towards the equipment lockers, he is suddenly ambushed and is knocked out, his body dragged away. As the other two crew members return to check up on their associate, their partner, now fully dressed in a spacesuit heads over to join them.

The small group slowly make their way through space towards the gigantic vessel. After struggling a bit to get the airlock open, they enter, only to find it pitch black. Using flares, they manage to get into one of the larger corridors and with some difficulty, one of the engineers manages to find what seems to be a power box and gets atmospheric controls and lights back on. They begin to explore the space around them, with Lani finding the entire place rather creepy, while Haruto gets a strange feeling from the place. Opening one of the doors, they discover a group of mummified corpses with signs of having been killed in a struggle. As they continue onward, they find what seems to be some sort of equipment storage bay and not only find the nessicary parts they need to repair the engines but also gear that they can use to upgrade the Q2 Gundam, something which makes Lani wonder just what this ship was originally suppose to be. The engineers stay behind to have the equipment sent back to the Valkyrie, while the others continue onward. The group eventually enters what seems to be the main bridge of the ship. Siras looks over the equipment and notes that it doesn’t seem that far off from Imperial technology, something which Haruto wonders how they’ve come this far and they still can’t escape anything made by the Empire. Lani, meanwhile, finds herself drawn to a large computer bank and looking over the controls notices a small slit on one of the displays. Taking out the key that her mother gave her before she had died, Lani inserts it and turns the key, only for the machine to suddenly come alive. Lani, Sira and Haruto watch as the display replays what seems to be a log from the ship. It reveals that the ship originally was launched as an Ark from a planet far far far away known as Quinox, with plans for the ship’s inhabitants to settle on a new world, to be named New Quinox. The crew was lead by the Royal Family, as well as the Keeper of the Flame and their Navigator. As the logs continue, they learn that the ship was attacked by a fleet of pirates, who killed several of the security forces on the ship and stole as much of the technology as they could, as well as forcibly detained almost the entire population of the ship, only the royal family escaping along with the one object they could take with them, the Q Gundam. The last entry is from the royal family’s leader, trying to broadcast back to the Ark and telling them to not give up hope and that someday they will get back to the world they were seeking. The group is silent, trying to take in all this information. Siras realizes, from the images on the screen and the similarities, that Lani and Haruto are both descendants of the original crew and that the pirates eventually would become the Empire, using the technology they stole from the Ark. Lani realizes that that is why her village was targetted, in an attempt to wipe out the last of the original crew, something which incenses Haruto, who remembers being hunted down as a child and having to watch his parents get killed by Empire soldiers. It’s at that point one of the engineers points a gun at the three, telling them that it would be very easy to kill them at this point. When Lani points out there are three of them and just one of him, the engineer tells them if they’re willing to take that chance, revealing himself to be in fact Maris Dor. He is disappointed in that this might be the end of the battle between him and Lani, as he had hoped for more of a challenge but that he has been given orders to make sure they never return to the ship. Haruto, already angry at what he has discovered, strikes out at Dor and much to everyone’s surprise, creates a flame from his hand, striking Mari’s gun hand. However, Maris is just slightly quicker and manages to fire the gun, striking Haruto in the shoulder. Lani goes to grab Haruto while Siras knocks the gun away from Dor, taking it and aiming for his forehead. Dor prepares himself for death but Lani suddenly orders Siras not to kill him. Haruto is furious with this, feeling the Imperials deserve every death but Lani feels that they can get more information out of him alive and doesn’t want anymore blood on their hands. Dor is silent but Lani thinks she sees a smile on his face as they lead him away.

Having returned to the Valkyrie, the crew watches as the ship fires it’s guns at what remains of the Ark, destroying it completely. They give it a final salute before turning to their stations, The captain checks to see how the engines are coming along, while Lani tries to talk to Haruto, who is still angry from earlier. Walking through the ship, lost in thought, she pauses at the launch bay to see the engineers upgrading the Q2 Gundam with the parts that they found, with one of the workers mentioning how it will make the Mobile Suit even more powerful on the battlefield. As the engines come back online and continue on their journey, Lani stops by the medical center, where she finds Kid talking with Doc about recent events. After a moment or two, Lani explains to Kid what they found out, with Kid feeling that it all makes sense now and oddly enough, finding the whole thing comforting. While this surprises Lani, Kid explains that it means that she does have some greater purpose to her life and that knowing this makes her feel less like she was just another child stuck in the streets. She also suggests to Lani to give Haruto some room and that he will calm down after some time. She jokes that since Lani is apparently the descendent of the Royal Family, it must make her their leader now, something which throws Lani off. Lani then decides she needs one other person she needs to talk to.

Entering the holding cell area, Lani approaches where Maris Dor is being held, asking the guards to give her a chance to speak to him. Though they are uncertain, they step away to let her to talk. She asks him what he expected to do, trying to take them on by himself and if he had planned to die in the process. He tells Lani that he is willing to sacrifice his life for those he care about, just as she is. He then tells her what she expects this new information to do and that they will never change. They are both born to their places in history and both of them were born for this war. No matter what happens, the ending will be the same for them: they will both die in battle. Lani tells him that if that is true, then she hopes her death will at least change people. She goes on to tell him that she might just be from a farming village but even she knows that we can make themselves better in the end. It’s only how hard they want it. Maris tells her that he cannot wait to see her in battle once again. Lani leaves Maris behind, the imperial pilot silently brooding over what she just told him.

The Captain orders everyone up to the bridge, waking Lani from a nap she was taking in her quarters. As she rushes down the hall, she bumps into Haruto. Lani apologizes to him if her decision upset him and that she understands the pain he’s going through but he apologizes for taking out his anger on the rest of them and also understands Lani’s decision. He then jokingly calls her his “queen”, which causes Lani to become flustered. Entering the bridge, Lani and Haruto are in awe of the sight of the planet before them, a green world with vast oceans, surrounded by two moons. The entire crew is so enraptured by the sight that they are unaware of Maris Dor breaking out of his cell and stealing a spacesuit, going out one of the airlocks. Lani wonders if they can make a landing on the planet, but the Captain feels that they should first make sure it’s safe to go down there and suggests they fire a camera-drone down to the surface to check out it’s state. Haruto puts an arm around Lani, who wonders if this is someplace that they can call home. Even Siras is impressed by it. As the officer is about to launch the probe, one of the other officers suddenly chimes in, stating that an Imperial ship has appeared, followed by another and another. As the Captain calls everyone to battle stations, it becomes clear that an entire fleet has arrived, along with, to the horror of the crew, the flagship, the ESS Imperial. The Captain orders the ship to be moved behind one of the moons, but as it starts to maneuver away, one of the ships fires a blast which hits one of the sides, punching a large hole in the hull and causing several of the technicians in the engine room to be blasted out into space. The Captain orders the Valkyrie to fire back and though they manage to hit one of the ships, another shot hits the same hole, this time cleaving part of the ship off and not only destroying the engines completely but sealing the launching bay in debris. The Valkyrie floats aimlessly, now at the mercy of the Mobile Suits which start to fly out from the ships. The captain has the ship continue to fire but the blast also has thrown the weapon system’s aiming gears out, causing each shot to miss the much smaller targets.

On the Imperial, the Prince mocks the weakness of his enemies, claiming that they will wipe out the Valkyrie and bring an end to any threat to his throne once and for all. The Princess suggests that they leave them be. If all they simply wish is to reach this planet, then so be it. They don’t need them for the Empire and that it might bring an end to the conflict that had plagued their people for so long. The Prince back-hands his sister, telling her that he is in charge now and that they are his property and that he will not let a single person leave his Empire. He then orders the weapons fire increased only to have the Imperial suddenly rocked by explosions. An Imperial Officer then reports that a small fleet of Third Army ships have suddenly appeared and have begun attacking their ships, something which the Prince finds impossible, as they had destroyed the rebel ships, only to be even more incensed when he discovers some of the ships to be of Imperial nature, suggesting some of his own military have turned against him.

Back on the Valkyrie, though shocked by this turn of events, the crew cheers on their rescuers, while Haruto and Lani rush down to the launch bay. They find the entire structure a total mess and even the mobile suits half buried in twisted metal. Lani, however, gets an idea and both climb into their suits. Lani warns the rest of the technicians to back away and starts to use the Gundam’s weapons against the damage, trying to blow out an exit hole from which they can get out to the battlefield. However, for all her attempts, the material proves to be too tough. Haruto decides then to try something and concentrate on his own power within, manages to project a blast of fire at the blockage, finally causing it to explode outward and pulling the two mobile suits into space.

The Q2 Gundam, now upgraded with even greater armor and weaponry, flies out into the middle of the battle and leads several of the mobile suits into battle against the Imperial suits, Haruto leading another group against the ships themselves. Now more used to his flame abilities, Haruto sweeps over one of the vessels along with several other TA units, taking out the command center of one of the ships and causing it to crash into another. When one of the Imperial suits tries to take Haruto from above, Siras in his unit flies in and takes it out, teaming up with him in taking out more of the ship guns, while Lani concentrates on the units itself, covered by the Valkrie and it’s fellow ship’s weapon systems.

The Prince watches this in anger and then is told that several of the Imperial Ships are moving into a retreat position. The Prince orders them shot down but his crew refuses to obey that order, feeling it to be a waste of manpower. The Prince then decides that he has to personally intervene in the matter.

Haruto notices several of the Mobile Suits retreating and tries to give chase, while telling Siras to watch his back for him. Lani suddenly has a strange feeling about things and warns Haruto, who distracted by the call, barely avoids a huge blast of energy which takes out several of the Imperial and Third Army suits in the process. Much to their shock, a huge Mobile Suit, built like an armored tank, comes into view. The Prince, piloting the suit known as the Albion, mocks their belief that they could even rise to his level and attacks the forces, moving out of the way of each of their attacks and in the process, disarming Siras’ suit, leaving him nearly defenseless. Haruto and Lani work to provide cover so Siras can retreat, but find that while their weapons are damaging him, they aren’t enough to cause anything but a mere annoyance. Lani tries to move into a better position to take out the Albeion’s propulsion, but gets too close and is struck by one of the armor’s arms, sending the Q2 Gundam spiraling out of control. This incenses Haruto, who once again funnels his fire ability through his mobile suit, apperently causing the machine to explode. However, as the smoke clears, to Haruto’s horror, he finds that he had merely destroyed an outer casing for the machine and the now smaller and slimmer Suit slams into Haruto, causing his Mobile Suit’s command center windows to crack and damaging his navigation view screens. Lani, now recovered, and with several other mobile suits, try to take the Albion from behind, but it’s speed is far above theirs and manages to get the two suits to collide with each other in their efforts to avoid the armor’s weaponry, while Lani tries to draw it off in a one on one attack, her ability to dodge the attacks of the much larger unit becoming more and more difficult. As the Prince finally gets the Q2 Gundam in his sights, he proclaims this to be the end of the uprising and the start of his absolute rule, when a shot rings out from the guns of the Imperial, hitting the Albion from behind and killing the Prince in the process as he cries out in disbelief.

Back on the Imperial, the Princess steps away from the weapons controls and looking over to her personal servant, then orders all units and ships to stand down and cease firing.

As the Imperial ships end their bombardment, it begins to sink in to everyone on board the Valkyrie that they’ve actually won. Everyone begins to celebrate their success, as all over the fleet the fighting ends. The Captain sinks in his chair, exhausted from the battle, while Kid watches from the medical bay with Doc, both of them relieved by this turn of events.

Haruto in his mobile suit radios both Siras and Lani that they’ve done it and tells Lani especially that they now have their whole future ahead of them. Lani is about to tell Haruto something when suddenly she becomes aware of something approaching her from high speed from behind. She’s barely able to dodge in the Q2 Gundam as Maris Dor speeds towards her’s in his own suit. He proclaims to Lani that their fight isn’t done and that it’s time for her to prove herself the heir to the future. Haruto is about to intervene when Lani tells him not to and that she’ll handle it herself. The two fly across each other, exchanging strikes, each just barely avoiding the other. Dor repeats to Lani that he believes that they were born for this fight, while Lani denies it and tells him that she will do anything to ensure that everyone she cares about has a brighter future. Dor manages to come from behind and grabs the Q2 Gundam, locking it with his own mobile suit. The two get caught in the gravity pull of the planet and are sent careening downward, the heat from the atmosphere tearing at the structure of both Mobile Suits. Lani manages to free herself and with effort, lands though damaging one of the Q2 Gundam’s legs in the process. Lani struggles to get the Mobile Suit to stand once again, only to see Dor in the same situation as her. Dor ignites his Suit’s Beam Saber and tells her that one of them will provide the dawn of a new age. Lani activates her own inner power, activating her Gundam’s own Beam Sword in the process. Dor charges towards Lani, while Lani charges towards Dor. The two pass by each other, their weapons flashing across their opponent’s structure and as they do so, the area is engulfed in an explosion of bright green light…

Two years later..

On the Imperial Homeworld, the Princess and Dor, now her consort, make their final arraignments with Third Army commanders. Siras watching nearby, sees the Princess’s personal servant, who spots him and runs towards him, hugging him tightly. Siras weeps to himself, finally having found his missing sister.

On New Quinox, Kid finishes opening a new medical center, telling Doc how uncertain she is about if she’ll be successful but he tells her that she’s already a great healer and that she has to believe in herself. They’re visited by the Captain, now a civilian, who is impressed by the new layout. Kid teased the captain, who’s name is actually Alvis, if he is jealous that he didn’t get chosen as the new leader of the planet but he feels that his leadership days are over and that it’s time for new blood to point the way towards the future. Doc agrees with this and then asks how their new government is doing. Before Alvis can answer, the sound of engines fill the air, Kid looking up in awe. Doc says that he feels that the future might actually be pretty bright after all.

Up near a large cliff face, Haruto looks out, watching as several ships begin to descend from the atmosphere, guided down by several smaller ships. Haruto is amazed by the number of people who actually accepted their offer of a new home world. Lani steps out, still a bit unsure of taking the role of “queen”, as she was just one person among many who helped to make this a possibility. Haruto reminds her that everyone else was more than happy to endorse her for the role. Lani laughs, saying she isn’t sure if that makes her feel any better but Haruto tells her that it makes him feel better and gives her a kiss, her returning it in kind. Putting her hand on her pregnant belly, Lani turns back to watch the colony vessels land, leaning against her husband. As the sun shines down on them, it reflects off the Q2 Gundam, now half buried in the ground behind them and partially wrecked.

The End