Mobile Guardian Q Gundam: Revelation

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Title: Mobile Guardian Q Gundam: Revelation
Author: UltraMatt
Date Written: 6/22/2020
Continuity SSEU Earth 1337-A
Time Placement 30,003 AD
Synopsis 3 years after being captured, Lani is freed and finds herself and the rest of the Valkyrie crew embroiled in political infighting and facing a new and deadlier Empire. However, a secret is about to be revealed, one which will change everything...
Rating G
Additional Notes The third part of the Q Gundam Quartet.

3 Years have passed.

In the imperial palace, the Emperor lays on his death bed, surrounded by his nobles and military officials. The doors open and a young woman and man enter. The young woman rushes to the emperor as as the officials leave the room. The man stands nearby, as the woman holds the old man’s hand as he trembles, breathing hard. The Emperor whispers to the girl, apologizing for what he has left her and to watch over the Golden Egg. With that, he breaths his last. Leaving the young woman to cry, as the young man silently leaves the room, smiling to himself.

A small vessel approaches an asteroid, landing not far from an imposing looking base. Two figures dressed completely in black exit the spacecraft and after disabling the security, slip into the building. One of the figures disables one of the guards, while the other makes their way silently along the way down the hall. One of the figures reminds the other that they only have so much time before the jamming signal is discovered, the other telling them that they know what they’re doing. Entering through one of the other doors, the figure discovers a large array of iron doors, each containing a cell. The figure carefully studies each door, before choosing one with a large security lock on it. Cursing the difficulty of this, the figure experimentally tries to figure out the code, before simply smashing the lock controls. Opening the door, the figure looks in and discovers a young woman, dressed in ragged clothes, sitting in a corner of the cell in the darkness. The woman looks up as the figure approaches and then removes his mask, revealing the familer features of Haruto. Haruto offers his hand to the woman, calling her Lani and tells her that he kept his promise. Lani is helped but nearly collapses from weakness, forcing Haruto to carry her out of the room. The other figure calls Haruto, warning him that their time is up, while Haruto responses that he has what they came for and that they need to go now. As alarms go off, Haruto makes a break for it with Lani, trying to get to the exit and back to the ship. However a group of guards run towards them. As one of them lifts their weapon to shoot, Lani grabs the gun from Haruto’s belt, shooting both men down, Haruto more then a little surprised by her aggressiveness. Haruto manages to race the rest of the way past, even as more guards try to stop them. Managing to get outside, Haruto is met by Siras, who quickly greets the still weak Lani and ushers the two back towards the ship. As the vessel takes off, the prison warden has several Mobile Suits scramble to intercept the small ship. However, as they are about to take off, the units are destroyed by a sudden blast of energy, as the Valkyrie slowly descends, the ship flying up into it’s bay. The large spaceship takes off into the night, as the prison struggles to put out the fires that have spread thanks to the attack.

On the ship, Doc does a medical check up on Lani, while Kid, now a junior officer, tells Lani how much she’s missed her and how they spent nearly three years trying to find where she had been taken. After Doc gives her a pass, Kid tells Lani on how they have a surprise for her and leads her back toward the bay area. There, Lani is amazed to discover a new Mobile Suit, the Q2 Gundam, standing there. She’s informed by a technician that they were able to salvage the undamaged original core of the Q Gundam, from which they were able to build the new mech and while it may not be as obscenely fast as the original, it has features which are a greater improvement from the older version. He also tells Lani how Haruto had insisted on having the machine built, as he was sure that she would return one day and wanted to have it made for her. She notices Haruto watching and is about to go over to talk to him, when there is announcement that they have arrived at their destination. Looking out the window, Lani looks in awe at the massive Third Army fleet, gathered around a series of disused artificial colonies.

Inside the main HQ of the Third Army, the new head of operations gives an update on their situation. While the death of the Emperor might seem like good news, they have already had reports of new crackdowns on political activity and what reports they have suggest that Prince Harkas is little better than his father when it comes to their plight. They have been told by one of their sources that a large scale party is going to be held to celebrate the ascension of the Emperor’s children to the government. A few leaders suggest using this chance to wipe out the noble families and government heads, mentioning how they're new Mobile Suits derived from the data they got on the Q Gundam can tip the scales in their favor. However, it is pointed out that while they might have a slight advantage, the sheer number of security would carry too high a risk. Instead, it is suggested that they send a message to the nobles, with the Valkyrie suggested to carry this out, something which the crew agrees to.

At large satellite orbiting one of the Core Worlds, the party has already begun. Prince Harkas mingles with several women, while admiring the new Mobile Suits which have been unveiled for the event. When one of the servants passes by, he trips her up, mocking her slightly, much to the amusement of the girls around him, but to the disgust of a few other nobles. Princess Arkis talks with a few other nobles and is soon interrupted by her brother, who introduces her to Maris Dor, one of the top Suit pilots tasked with demonstrating the new Suit Prototypes. When Arkis asks if there is any worries about further uprisings from the populace, Dor is cautious though Harkas points out rather haughty that the Third Army for the most part was left crippled three years ago and that they haven’t been active since then. The prince moves to a platform, from which he starts to make a speech on how he and his sister will bring a new golden age for the Empire, one of strength and order. Just as he finishes his speech, a series of flares are fired at the gigantic window behind the prince, forming the symbol of the Third Army in the process, after which, several TA Mobile Suits, including the Q2 Gundam fly over the Satellite, close enough to nearly sweep over the window. The prince scrambles away in fright, while the Princess calmly orders the new prototypes to launch, the prince adding the order to kill them all. Outside, Siras orders the small group to try and alter their course to make sure that don’t get too close to the satellite itself, so as not to get in range of it’s security lasers. However, just as he finishes these orders, one of the Mobile Units is hit by a blast from the approaching Empire forces. Siras orders them to break off and the small group splits itself away. Lani manages to dodge most of the attacks, though she finds it difficult to get used to the slower speeds of the Q2 compared to the original gundam. She suddenly feels as if she’s being followed and just barely manages to avoid getting hit by a shot from one of the new Prototypes, piloted by Maris Dor. The two get locked in an aerial fight and each are surprised by how the other seems to be evenly matched. One of the other TA pilots tries to intervene in the fight but only manages to throw Lani off her game and in turn causes her to get forced down towards the satellite itself. She crashes into the now empty party room, one of the Empire pilots following after her, aiming to destroy the now vulnerable Lani. However, Dor stops them at the last moment, with the two suddenly being forced to retreat when Haruto flies in, firing against them. Landing, Haruto helps Lani up, before retreating with the rest of the forces. As Siras guards the rear of the group, he seems to spot someone in the crowd looking out from windows of the satellite, however, he is forced to follow the rest as several Empire ships start to arrive.

Outside the Valkyrie, Lani is trying to practice-operate the Q2 Gundam but is struggling with the machine. She finds herself flashing back to her capture and the hell that she was put through by the Empire during her imprisonment, as well as her sensing Dor during the battle. Her frustration and fear seem to set off the unusual powers within her, causing the Q2 to malfunction and forcing Haruto to bring her back to the ship. The engineers try to work on repairing the Gundam, but realize that they’re going to have to do something to counteract the energies which she had unleashed. Lani retreats to her quarters, exhausted. Going over in her mind everything that had happened, she’s soon interrupted by Haruto, who is checking up on her. She tries to hide it but he recognizes that she’s still trying to recover from everything she’s been through and tells her that she isn’t alone in dealing with pressures of both the war and everything that they have lost. Lani takes out the key that she had been given by her mother years ago for control of the Q Gundam and wonders what the purpose of the machine was. Kid then arrives at the door, telling them that they have all been summoned to see the captain.

At the Imperial Core World, the prince is demanding action against the Third Army, wondering why the Military had not tried to completely destroy them when they had the chance. The commanders point out that they had other worries at the time, but the prince will hear none of it. His sister suggests perhaps they could at the very least make some small effort against the Third Army, from which Dor steps forward, offering his services to help in the plan. He is interested in facing off against the Third Army’s flagship Mobile Suit once again. The prince takes him up on the offer and the commanders begin to formulate a plan. The princess retreats from the room and heads back towards her family’s personal office. She looks over the desk that was her father’s and picks up a photo of him and the family, thinking back to her past and remembering his warning to her about the Golden Egg. She is interrupted by the servant from before, who tells her that her brother is looking for her. The princess snaps at her for entering without permission but upon seeing the fear on the girl’s face, softens and tells her that she will go at once to see him.

On-board the Valkyrie, the captain reveals that the operation has been deemed a failure and that the Valkyrie taking the blunt of the blame for it. Haruto is angry, as it was the idea of the Third Army commanders to do the plan in the first place but the captain manages to calm Haruto, telling him that he is no more pleased then he is but that he has been put in a difficult position. They have been told that until further notice they are to be moored at Astroid AV1, one of the smaller communication stations for the Third Army. The engineers especially are angry as they just managed to add some improvements to the Q2 Gundam to improve it’s performance as well as better funnel the excess energy whenever Lani has any of her “moments”. However, Doc suggest this might have a boon of allowing the crew to rest for a bit after all the stress from their previous battles. With that, the captain orders everyone back to their stations.

Back at the Third Army HQ, one of the communicators picks up an encrypted notice from the Empire army about a plan to move half of their fleet away from the Outer Edges and towards one of the lesser Colonies. This piques the interest of several of the commanders and though a few warn them against it, fearing it to be another trap, they are overruled. The feelings of embarrassment from their previous effort to try and strike fear into the Empire has made them hungry for some sort of victory and so the Third Army plans a definitive strike against The Empire with all their forces. There is a suggestion by one to recall the Valkyrie back to help with the efforts but one of the commanders ignores the request, feeling that they do not need the ship nor the Q2 Gundam to win all their battles for them. The Commander gives out the order to start moving their forces out to intercept the fleet.

As the communications officer finishes sending out the message, he returns to Imperial Military’s command center, where the Prince and Princess supervise the plan to crush the Third Army. While the Prince starts to argue with his commanders, the princess notices an older man, one of her father’s oldest servants and goes over to him. She asks him about the Golden Egg and the servant suddenly becomes afraid, leading the princess away from the room, though one man notices and carefully follows after them as soon as he is sure nobody can see him do so. Outside the room, the servant tells the Princess that the Golden Egg is something for which is only for the eyes of the Imperial Leader and has been a secret passed down to each leader from the very beginning of the Empire and of which only a few know of the existence. The princess demands to know where it is, but he is uncertain about telling her, as after he had learned the secret, the Emperor was never the same again. However, he finds that he can trust her more than he can trust her brother and while he starts to tell her the name of where it is held (Geocentis), he is interrupted by the sound of an argument in the command center. The princess and the elders servant returns to the meeting room, not noticing the man from before, who carefully pulls out a Third Army communicator.

The Third Army fleet enters Imperial Space, only to discover no sign of enemy ships. As the truth slowly begins to sink in among the commanders, the Imperial Fleet comes into view beneath them and behind them, completely boxing them in. The Third Army tries to get it’s ships to fire upon the Imperial Vessel but find themselves too close together and so are unable to attack without hitting their own forces. The Imperials launch their Mobile Suits, which start to whittle down the Third Army ships defenses and though the Third Army sends out it’s own units to counterattack, they find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer numbers. One of the Third Army ships are destroyed and it’s destruction causes a chain reaction, taking out two others. The two remaining manage to blast their way out but one is heavily damaged, forcing it to flee in the other direction, even against the orders of the overall commander. Trying to raise the Valkyrie, they find their communications jammed and unable to do anything else, are forced to flee back towards their headquarters, not knowing where the other ship has gone to. The Prince is elated by what has happened and takes full credit, though the commanders find little satisfaction in the operation. Dor himself is unhappy, as the one soldier he had hoped to fight seemed to have never showed up and returns back to the commands ship. The princess is horrified by the sheer amount of death that she had just witnessed, especially when a corpse floats by the ship’s window and though her brother tries to paint it as nearly the remains of traitors, she still is unable to fully convince herself of the fact. She tells her brother that she has business elsewhere in the Empire and when he tries to press the case, she tells him that it involves their father’s legacy. Dor offers to go with the Princess, wanting to make sure she’s safe, which she happily agrees to. As she leaves, the Princes, suspicious of his sister, talks with a few of his aides.

On Astroid AV1, Lani is resting in one of the hallways when she overhears Haruto and Siras talking to one another. Haruto is wondering why Siras paused as they were retreating and Siras admits that the thought he saw his sister among the people on the satellite, something which Haruto feels is unrealistic, as they know she was captured to be hunted by the wealthy. None the less, it is bothering Siras. Lani is about to talk with them, when she’s called away by Kid, who wants to talk to her. Walking to one of the other rooms, Kid asks if Lani has been having any sort of strange dreams, which surprise Lani. Kid admits that lately, she’s been having dreams of a person wreathed in a green aura, which Lani admits is the same dream she has been having. Kid asks Lani about her past and Lani admits that while she knew about her parents, she knew nothing else about her family. The Q Gundam was all that was left of her home world and even that is gone now. She has lost everything because of the war and it has done nothing to bring her any closure. Kid also admits that she doesn’t remember much of her past, other then always wanting to see the stars, which is why she came on board the ship in the first place. Lani admits that she’s glad to know her and the two girls share a laugh together. They are interrupted by a commotion outside the room and go to check it, only to see several of the crew heading towards the communication rom. Following, they find out that a communication has been sent to them from one of the imperial agents, revealing the Princess to be heading to one of the more obscure and isolated locations in the Empire for something called the Golden Egg. While most of the crew dismisses this as nothing too useful (they’ve gotten communication before about all sorts of trips the royals make to see jewels and art installation), Lani suggests it might be something worth checking out, at least to give them something to do. The Captain reminds them that they are under strict orders to stay here and since they have yet to get any new communication from the Third Army commanders, he has no reason to leave the area. However, that doesn’t mean he can’t let some of his staff go and so Lani, Haruto and Siras volunteer to investigate this, taking one of the larger merchant vessels parked at the astroid to carry their Mobile Suits with. As the ship takes off, Kid wishes them a silent good luck.

The Imperial shuttle lands on the planet Geocentas, a small jungle like planetoid. The Princess is more then a little taken aback by it, complaining about the insects, something which the masked Dor finds just a bit amusing. Lead by the elderly servant, the group makes their way along the foliage, only stopping once, when Dor thinks he hears something. Deciding it’s nothing, the three keep moving, just barely missing noticing Lani and the others following them. The Imperial Party approaches what appears to be a small disused building and the servant holds the door open for the Princess, not allowing Dor in as it can only be seen by a member of the Royal Family, which Dor reluctantly agrees to. Meanwhile, the three Valkyrie members searching for a way in from around the back, find a ventilator system and Lani, being the smallest of them, manages to crawl in. The princess finds herself in a room which seems to be complete insulated from all sound. In the center of the room is a large monitor with a single button. Silently, the princess presses the button, causing the the screen to come alive with the image of an old man, the first Emperor. The Emperor tells the Princess through the video that it has obviously become time for her to learn the truth and that of the Golden Egg. He warns her (the viewer) that such knowledge can be used to either destroy the Empire, make it greater then before or change nothing of its present state, the choice being left up to her. As he says this, part of the floor opens up a table rises from below, revealing a golden orb like object with a few imprints on it’s surface. The video then goes on tell the great and terrible secret of the Empire: All that is of their great family and it’s successes were constructed off the stolen technology and achievements of another, those who even now they suppress “for the good of the Empire”. The video then tells the now shaken princess that if she wishes to know more, then all she needs to do is activate the orb itself and learn the full truth of all that he has told her. Before she can do anything, Lani bursts down from the shaft, holding the princess at gunpoint. She threatens the princess, telling her that her family has done enough hurting others and that it is time for it to end. However, Lani finds that she can’t bring herself to kill the girl and instead goes for the orb. The Princess warns her that the orb won’t do her any good, as the Third Army has been decimated by their forces and that she has no where else to go. Lani doesn’t believe her at first but the Princess insists that she’s telling the truth. Lani decides maybe then that they should take the princess with them just in case, only for the building to suddenly be rocked by an attack from outside. Lani drops the orb in the process and rushes out, the princess doing the same, only to find several Imperial Mobile Suits attacking the area. From overhead, the Prince tells the princess that he came just in time to “save her” and that he will take care of the Third Army spies for her. Before the units can get in another shot, though, Haruto and Siras attack in their units, taking out one of the Mobile Suits and drawing the fire of another. Completely forgetting about the Golden Egg and seeing her friends in danger, Lani gets into the Q2 Gundam and joins the battle, destroying one of the other armors which had managed to get the drop on Haruto from behind. However, she’s soon attacked by Dor in his own Mobile Suit, which forces her back down from the air. Dor is happy to get the chance to once again take on Lani, seeing in her a fellow soldier and someone shaped by war itself, something she denies. The two engage in duel one on one, each of them evenly matched. Forced nearly into a corner, Lani manages to engage the new system on her own, without doing so purely based off her emotions and in the process, manages to fire an extra powerful burst from her beam rifle at Dor, who counteracts with his own attack, the two cancelling each out in a massive explosion and leaving the two suits partially damaged, with Dor’s managing somehow to weather through the worse of it. Dor is about to attack her once more, Lani desperately trying to defend herself when, suddenly, the System Core of the Gundam starts to react to the Golden Egg. As the Princess, Haruto, Siras, Dor, Lani and the Prince watch, the egg splits open and begins to send out a broadcast signal which hijacks the screens the Mobile units as well as the Valkyrie far away and the Prince’s ship, displaying a stellar map with coordinates to an unknown planet. At the same time, a burst of energy fires up through the atmosphere from the now open orb, the light warping space and creating a vortex in the fabric of space-time in the outer reaches of the Empire. On-board the Valkyrie, Kid collapses inside the medical bay, much to Doc’s distress, a strange circuit pattern appearing on her forehead. Taking advantage of the distraction, Lani, Haruto and Siras escape onboard their ship and though the Prince demands that they go after them, the commander refuses on the grounds of making sure the Princess is safe. Dor can only watch as Lani leaves then turns his attention to the Princess, who silently repeats to herself what the video had said before.

On-board the Valkyrie, Kid remains unconscious while the Captain studies the map before them. Lani repeats what she had overheard from the video in the room. He has gotten confirmation of the Third Army’s defeat and though the news has shattered the moral of his crew, the map seems to provide something of a hopeful clue as to a way to defeat the Empire. If indeed this planet is something which can change everything, then it might be in their best interest to follow the map to it’s intended destination. The Captain then turns to the rest of his crew and offers to allow anyone who isn’t interested in going on off to one of the neutral asteroids. The rest of the crew instead cheers on the Captain, with Lani, Haruto and Siras joining in. The Captain then orders a message sent out to what remains of the Third Army to tell them of their plans and orders the rest of the crew to their stations. Lani looks out at the forward screen at the sight of the gigantic vortex, Haruto walking over and taking her hand, while Siras stands nearby.

As the Valkyrie slowly enters the vortex, they are unaware of a much larger ship, a small fleet of them take off from the Imperial Homeworld. The Prince declares that if the map is true, then it might lead to even greater glory for the imperial throne, while the Princess simply watches on with her servant. Dor sits near his Mobile Suit, thinking over their last battle.

On the planet Geocentras, the Golden Egg sits among the ruins of the building that originally housed it, in utter silence.

The End