The Final Day

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_____, ____, 199X By Euri

_____, ____, 1994





The sky. It was nighttime, and thus, it was dark, but that still didn’t explain the blood-red hue to the sky. The strangely odd way the clouds had red shading to it was extremely disturbing to the people who looked up to see it. The citizens of Tokyo hurriedly went on their way, trying to get to their homes and away from the dangers of the outside world. One young girl, who was quickly being bypassed by the adults surrounding her, was staring up at the sky, a curious expression upon her face.

“Okaa-san,” she began, “Why’s the sky like that?” She turned to the woman beside her, innocence shining in her eyes. The older woman had a look of deep worry and concern on her face. “I..don’t know, Riki-chan.” She looked down at her youngest daughter and smiled, which faltered a bit. She began to usher her daughter away from the curb and down the sidewalk. “Come, let’s hurry. We have to pick up your nee-san Mio-chan from that concert she went to, and we don’t want to be late.” The two of them joined the river of humans that rushed on the sidewalk. Having traveled all the way from Miyagi, they were rather tired and wanted to get Mio Hakuyouno as soon as possible.

The two of them continued walking, the young girls’ mother holding her hand tightly. As they passed many shops, Riki stopped in front of the electronics store. “Riki-chan, what is it? We have to go, now.” Mitsunoka stopped and looked at what her daughter was staring at. The many televisions in the window of the shop were displaying the news. The gentleman on the news program was talking about an explosion at the nearest concert stadium.

Mitsunoka’s face paled, “That’s…that’s where your sister is.” She quickly scooped up her brown haired daughter and ran towards the concert hall. Her daughter held onto her tightly, fear in her eyes, “Okaa-san, what’s going on??”

“Nothing for you to worry your pretty little head over. Now be a good girl and hush while Mommy finds your sister.” Riki nodded and closed her eyes as she leaned against her mother. The nine year old found it odd that her mother seemed so worried about something, but she merely forgot about it as she began thinking about happier things.

Her eyes snapped open as she heard screams coming from around her. Her mother had stopped and placed her down beside her. They were in front of the stadium, and a large rush of people were headed towards them. “Mio-chan!!” Mitsunoka called out, trying to be heard above the roar of the crowd. Riki gripped her mother’s side tightly as the people swarmed past them.

She turned her head as she heard a blood curling scream. She watched as a person was devoured in black lightning. Tears sprung to her eyes as she watched a black crystal pop out of his head, and thick straps of black rope trapped him from the ground. In a flash, he had turned into a…a monster. Riki screamed out “Momma!” But her mother didn’t hear her. Suddenly, Mitsunoka pushed away her daughter, frantically moving into the crowd of people, searching for her eldest daughter.

Riki nearly broke down in utter fear as she kept hearing more and more screams. “Okaa-san!! Don’t leave me!!” She tried to push away against the crowd and was nearly trampled in the process. She cried as she moved off to the side of the road and leaned against a corner of a store.

“Riki-chan!” Riki turned to the voice and saw her raven-haired sister Mio. Riki smiled as her sister came over to her and then screamed out, loudly. Right before her very eyes, Mio was hit by the black lightning of death. Riki quickly got up and ran away, not wanting to see what horrendous creature her sister would turn into.

“Okaa-san! Where are you??” She stopped as she heard her voice being called out from behind her. She turned and saw a deranged monster, who was clearly once her mother. “Riki-chan, be a good girl and come play with Sailor Housewife!” Riki shook her head, tears streaming down her face. She heard the familiar crack of the black lightning and looked up. It crashed down into her and she screamed like she had never screamed before.


It burns! Momma, Poppa! It burns!!


Sailor Housewife merely shrugged and laughed maniacally as she went to join the other phages to continue creating havoc. Riki laid there on the cold, hard, ground, a softly shining, silvery blue, sailor crystal floated above her. She lifted her head with great effort to look at it, her brown eyes extremely vacant.

“It’s so…pretty.” She smiled, happy for the first time in years, and laid her head back down on the ground. She drifted off to a state of sleep as her body vanished in a flurry of golden lights.