Ultraman Lan: The Phantom Christmas Tree

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Title: Ultraman Lan: The Phantom Christmas Tree
Author: UltraMatt
Date Written: 12/01/2020
Continuity SSEU Earth 1338
Time Placement December, 2020
Synopsis Zalan and the GXG team deal with a mysterious christmas tree that appears in Tokyo!
Rating G
Additional Notes Part of the Ultraman Lan series

Ultraman Lan

Episode 25

“The Phantom Christmas Tree”

It’s nearly Christmas and as a result the members of GXG have been given a holiday break for the time being. Captain Chateaux is on the phone with her daughter Eliza, reminding her to be good or Santa won’t be able to visit, while Seijiro is busy trying to decide what to get his fiancee for the holiday. The deputy captain, Micheal, is using his time to look over the latest data coming in from the other branches across the globe, while enjoying a cup of coffee in the process. Daisuke himself is visiting family, though he keeps himself on call, much to their annoyance.

Meanwhile, Zalan is out helping Matsumi to shop for the holidays, having been roped into it by the other members of the team. He grows wistful, remembering his family back in his own universe, completely obvious to the younger woman’s attempts to try and get his opinion on a coffee set for the deputy captain. All of a sudden, he hears a strange singing like noise and looking up, sees what appears to be a gigantic shimmering Christmas tree but as soon as he alerts his teammate, it seems to vanish into thin air, Matsumi denying having seen anything.

That evening, the tree seems to reappear again and the team gets several calls on the matter. Though the sensors show nothing, the captain orders the group to investigate. Flying out in the Falcon and Hawk, Daisuke and Seijiro report having seen nothing. However, once again Zalan is able to see the strange Christmas Tree and this time witnesses it about to attack the two ships. Zalan tries to attack back using the Shooter but the shots seem to pass through it, instead striking at one of the ships, much to his horror. The tree then vanishes just a quickly.

Though Seijuro is able to escape unharmed, Zalan is put on probation, his holiday break suspended pending investigation. Back at the base, he’s sunk into a depression, wondering if his thoughts of his family back home and the holidays they celebrated are starting to affect him. His thoughts are interrupted by Matsumi, who comes in, trying to cheer him up. Zalan doesn’t at first listen to her but when she shows him the gift she got him, a novelty top which creates an illusion when spun, he suddenly realizes the truth about the christmas tree. He quickly contacts the captain with a plan.

The next morning, the GXG are waiting, with Zalan waiting on the ground for any sign of the mysterious tree. When it shimmers into view, he calls in to the headquarters. Utilizing the various calls that start to come in on the sight, Matsumi is able to use the GXG computers to pinpoint the real location, as it was simply a projection from another location. The team flies to the real spot and discover an alien ship, the Christmas Tree being simply an energy projection to hide it’s location. The vessel fires on the team but the GXG vessels are much faster and manage to bring the ship down. It explodes, revealing inside the gigantic form of Yule-Seijin. The alien attacks, using it’s pine needle like hide to fire lasers at the Falcon and Hawk, forcing them into the defensive. Realizing his teammates are in trouble, Zalan fires on the alien and draws it away from the team. However, his jeep gets caught in an ditch and is struck by the invader’s attack! However, at the last moment, Zalan transforms into Ultraman Lan and takes on Yule-Seijin. At first, Lan is able to keep the alien on it’s toes but when the monster unleashes a freezing blast, Lan gets caught in the attack and begins to freeze alive, his color timer going off. Just as it seems like all hope is lost, the Falcon attacks Yule-Seijin, distracting the monster, while the Hawk manages to fire a shot, breaking Lan free of the ice. Transforming into his Moon Form, Lan is able to destroy the creature with an Ultra Moon Howl attack. While the rest of team survey the remains, they are happily surprised to find Zalan still alive, though complaining about the cold, much to their amusement.

Back at HQ, the team is sharing some Christmas cake together, while Matsumi hands out presents. While everyone has become much more relaxed, Chateaux reminds Zalan that he is still under prohibition even after everything that had happened. When Zalan asks if there is anything he can do to make up for the mistake, she does suggest one idea that might make things easier.

At the captain’s house, the doorbell rings and Eliza opens it, only to be squeal in excitement as santa greets her! Zalan dressed as santa walks in, greeting the little girl, while the rest of the team watch from outside. Zalan, meanwhile, thinks to himself that while he is far away from his family, he knows that his team is just as much of his family as anyone else.